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Malaysia Truly Asia Video by Yuna

This is the Malaysia Truly Asia Video 2014 by Yuna, and is the first official video to welcome the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 or VMY 2014.

This amazing video is about 7:15 long and showcases a very relaxed mood overall. Sung by Malaysian singer Yuna, her voice compliments the overall video which is beautiful and soothing.

The overall composition of the music is perfect with the influence of the Malaysia traditional instruments.

You get to hear the different musical instruments from the various people of Malaysia throughout the video. As for the footage, it is well balanced with what Malaysia has to offer in terms of tourism hence Malaysia Truly Asia.

Malaysia Truly Asia Video

I do hope that after watching this video, it will convince first timers to visit Malaysia in 2014. Just for the record, I was formerly from the television and video production industry before moving towards travel writing and personally I think this is one of the best videos produced to date.

There have been many good commercials in the past like the Tourism Malaysia Commercial 2013 which was shot around Malaysia namely in Sabah and Sarawak Borneo too.

Tourism Malaysia Video for 2013 

Malaysia Truly Asia Song Lyrics 2014
Lyrics for Malaysia Turly Asia Song 2014

If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to ask me here of via email as I would be happy to assist in any way possible.

I currently travel all around Malaysia for my work therefore I would be up-to-date on a number of tourism products around Malaysia.

I hope you visit Malaysia in the future, and also that you enjoyed watching this Malaysia Truly Asia Video by Yuna.  


Khai said...

Nice video David! Thanks for highlighting it :)

Malaysia Asia said...

You're welcome Khai :) Hope you like it as I do. And hope many others like it too. Happy New Year 2014!

Cliff Jones said...

Thank you for sharing this video. I found your link from your posting on MySpace and clicked on it.

I have to say the video does make me want to visit Malaysia especially your beautiful rainforest.

Jeanette Todd said...

Whoa! This is great! Now this video makes me want to go to Malaysia this year. Thanks for sharing.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Cliff. I hope you do make it to Malaysia this year! :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Haya Jeanette, you're most welcome and I do hope that you make it here and if you do, let me know.

Glad to see that you guys are liking this too.

Unknown said...

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Wayne Wilson said...

I just love Malaysia! Lots of things to do and many cultures to learn about. I wish I could visit the country this year.