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Central Festival Mall in Hatyai

Central Festival Mall Hatyai
The Central Festival Hatyai mall which opened in December 2013 is a new dimension of the first shopping complex in central Hatyai, Songkla. 

Holding the position of the largest shopping mall in Southern Thailand, this mall with an area of 250,000 square meters offers shopper over 250 fashion brand-named stores and a variety of famous restaurants.

Central Festival Mall in Hatyai 

This mall which is centrally situated in the middle of Hat Yai can be conveniently accessed. The mall is 3 minutes away from the train station, 15 minutes away from the airport and a mere 1 minute walk from the bus terminal.

The shopping complex which costs 6 billion Baht is expected to draw a crowd of one million people from the province of Songkla, 2.5 million people from six nearby provinces as well as 3.5 million local and foreign tourists.

The outstanding modern architecture of this mall is inspired by the shape of a crystals with refraction of lights in prisms which combines with modern graphics. 

The design provides a modern and atmospheric blend of lights and colors within the complex.

                                         Central Festive Mall Hat Yai, Thailand

The interior of the shopping complex has a unique combination of local culture and modern design. Through the mall, there are crescent-shaped kites which is a symbol of the South of Thailand that adds a soft touch to the shopping complex. 

There is also a sculpture mimicking the beautiful Mermaid that sits on the rocks of Samila Beach in the mall.

Not only that, the mall is ready to fulfill and entertain its customers with modernization goods and services. 

The mall has 10 movie theaters of international standard and 1 IMAX 3D theater. It also consist an Ice- skating arena which is also the first in Southern Thailand as well as a conventional hall.

Central Festival Hatyai Artist Impression
Central Festive Mall in HatYai, Artist Impression - Image from SkyscraperCity.com
The Central Festival Hatyai offers special privileges for tourist. Tourist can get up to 70% discount with an additional up to 6% tax refund. 

Besides that, the mall provides interpreter service of English, Malay and Chinese, shipping service as well as free hotel delivery service with a minimum of 10, 000 Baht purchase. 

This mall which is the first and only lifestyle shopping complex in Hatyai is open daily. 

Central Festival Mall Hatyai 
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 10.30 AM to 9.00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 AM to 9.30 PM 

You can also visit the official website for more information on the Central Festive Mall in HatYai. The article and photographs are by: Nivashia Vignes on behalf of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and a freelance travel writer for Malaysia Asia.

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