Canopy Walk in Batang Ai, Sarawak

Sarawak Canopy WalkA unique Canopy Walk in Batang Ai, Sarawak is located just behind the one of a kind Longhouse Hilton in this beautiful national park. Guest of the hotel would usually make a trip here as part of the many activities so if you plan on visiting this canopy walk, you should make your booking to spend a night here.

The journey to the Canopy Walk or Skywalk is also quite interesting with fascinating encounters of rainforest flora and fauna along the way. On reaching the start point, it looks pretty steady and non frightening. But this is only the beginning with still a long way to go, that is about 130 meters in length of the total canopy walk.

Canopy Walk in Batang
Starting point of the canopy walk

At the highest point, the canopy walk is about 30 meters (100 feet) above ground level. For those with a fear of heights, please take note - do not look down. And the general rule of the canopy walk is that you should walk one by one with a gap of about 3 meters front and back. At any one time, each flight of the canopy walk can take up to two or three people. But check with your local guide when walking.

Canopy walk lookout point to the Batang Ai Lake

The Batang Ai canopy walk is slightly different from most other canopy walks as it is divided at one point where you see the Batang Ai Lake on the right and a lush rainforest on your left. There is also a nice lookout point at one part of the the canopy stations. This is where they connect from one tree to another.

At the end of the canopy walk, it is a steep climb down. Some of the wooden stairs are worn and one must be careful. I hope that the management has looked into repairing this as it is one of the interesting experiences for anyone staying here.

Sarawak SkywalkEnd of the road. Can you see me in in the picture?

For those who are into these kind of outdoor adventures, you can also check out my story on the Canopy Walk at Mulu Park in Sarawak as this is one of the best in Sarawak. There are a few of these kind of Skywalks in the rainforest which is gaining popularity among nature lovers too. Overall in Malaysia, there are numerous canopy walk which can be found in every state here.

If you are heading to Sabah, you can also find my article about the Canopy Walk at RDC in Sabah which is quite a unique experience due to the structure being made entirely from metal. This is also an awesome bird watchers paradise here. 

Anyway, if you wish to visit this interesting place, you would have to stay here at the Hilton Longhouse in Batang Ai as the journey here from Kuching takes about 4-5 hours by van or car and this is only one way. There are traditional Iban longhouse visits, jungle trekking and town visits apart from the jungle Canopy Walk here in Batang Ai, Sarawak.