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Canopy Walk at Rainforest Discovery Centre RDC Sabah

RDC Canopy Walk at Rainforest Discovery Centre
The Canopy Walk at Rainforest Discovery Centre RDC in Sabah is one of the most unique canopy walks or skywalks I have been on.

This mega steel structure is located along the Rainforest Discovery Trail at the RDC in Sepilok, Sabah. Experiencing this canopy walk was memorable as I have experienced several other canopy walks around Malaysia.

RDC Canopy Walk SignCanopy Walk signage at the Rainforest Discovery Trail

Getting to the Canopy Walk at the RDC is relatively simple. Once you arrive at the Rainforest Discovery Centre in Sepilok, you purchase tickets and make your way to the Rainforest Discovery Trail, where the Skywalk or Canopy Walkway is deep inside.

With the support of Sabah Tourism, I visited the RDC in Dec 2009 to explore the wonders of Eco-tourism that Sandakan and Sabah offer.

Canopy Walk Tower at RDCMain Tower of the RDC Canopy Walk.

The Rainforest Discovery Walk at the RDC takes about one to two hours, and halfway through your walk, you will see signage that directs you to the unique steel canopy walk.

Once you follow the path, you will come to a green steel tower that stands about five storeys tall.

RDC Bristlehead Tower RDC Bristlehead Tower

This is the central tower for the canopy walk here, and it is called the Bristlehead Tower, named after the rare Borneo Bristlehead Bird.

Climbing up the tower is relatively easy as the stairs spiral up to the fourth level, where the steel canopy walk starts. Going up one more level takes you to a lookout area of the Bristlehead Tower.

Canopy Walk at Rainforest Discovery CentreView from one section of the treetop walk.

This magnificent steel canopy walk is a whopping 147-meter-long structure. Every part is made from steel and designed for high traffic.

While conventional canopy walks are made from wood and ropes, you need not wait your turn to get on them.

The RDC canopy walk is also 28 meters above the rainforest floor and took five months to complete at the cost of RM2 million (US$588,000).

Canopy Walk RDC Video

Rainforest Discovery Centre Trogon TowerView of Trogon Tower.

Without hesitation, I was already up top exploring the surroundings of the fantastic canopy walk here, which totally blew my mind.

My guide - Ben, filled me with more information about this unique place where many Bird Watchers or Birders love to come here to see the rare birds that Sabah offers. It was also mentioned that most Birders come here at about 7am to get the best views.

Steel Canopy Walk Video Sabah

RDC Registered Birders of Sabah

For Bird-Watchers or Birders, you can contact the RDC Birders to go on sightings here or around Sepilok. You can get the information counter at the main Visitor's Building at the RDC.

Sepilok Common BirdsCommon birds of Sepilok, Sabah

Apart from the Borneo Bristlehead, one of the rarest birds in Sabah, there are over 250 species of birds to look out at in the RDC-Sepilok rainforest. Check out my birdwatching in Sabah guide for more info.

Some of the famous birds to see are Hornbills, Kingfishers, Broadbills, Woodpeckers and also Pittas. When I was at the canopy walk here, I managed to catch a couple of the smaller birds like the Red-naped Trogon and an Ashy Tailorbird.

Here is a list of the endemic birds of Sabah, where most of them are also sighted around the RDC and Sepilok area.

According to Ben, my guide, birdwatchers will have a field day here. Occasionally, you may even encounter an Orangutan or two around the canopy walk here.

Canopy Walk at RDC Sabah Video

I easily spent a good 45 minutes on top of the canopy walk admiring the surroundings of the Sepilok-Kabali Forest Reserve.

The sounds of birds chirping and insects completed the pure sounds of the rainforest. Walking all the way to the end of the canopy will lead you to another tower called the Trogon Tower, named after the Trogon Bird.

This is not an exit tower, but you can climb higher by another level to observe the area. After that, you need to walk back to the main Bristlehead Tower to exit back down.

Sepilok Trogon TowerTrogon Tower information

After leaving the canopy walk, we saw some major construction going on with the canopy walk. According to Ben, massive extension works are going on to make this canopy walk the longest in the world, with a total walkway of almost 1000 meters.

The entire skywalk will make a complete loop, ending where you started. There will also be a ticketing booth, a theatre with a covered area, and a souvenir shop.

Canopy Walk Rainforest Discovery CentreThe longest canopy walk in the world, totalling almost 1km long.

This amazing canopy walkway project is ongoing and should be completed by late 2010-2012 and is currently being built by a local company called Buildtech Enterprise.

The Canopy Walkway Phase II will be connected to the Bristlehead Tower once completed, and current costs for this phase are about RM3.1 million (USS$1 Million). Anyway, I will be attending the Borneo Bird Festival 2011 to see how much has progressed.

My conclusion to the Canopy Walk at RDC: A must-visit! For adults, children, birdwatchers and nature lovers. To view the rare birds, go as early as 7am or late in the evenings. Bring your zoom lens if you have one. If you are visiting the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, make it a point to stop over here as it is only five minutes away by car.

Not advisable for those with wheelchairs or weak legs as you need to climb upstairs for four storeys before getting on to the canopy walk.

Getting to RDC Sepilok:
  • Located just out of Sandakan, RDC Sepilok is about 23 kilometres from the city. Getting to RDC Sepilok is fairly simple as it takes about 30-40 minutes by car or van. (Self-drive or tour company)
  • The public bus service from Labuk Bus Company departs from the Sandakan Town Council at RM2.10 (US$0.60) one way, but the bus stops at the junction of the main road. You then need to walk about 1.5km.
  • Taxi service from Sandakan is available with a return trip costing about RM100.00 (US$29). Do negotiate with your taxi about the prices.
  • Getting to Sepilok from Kota Kinabalu (KK) is also possible. A bus ride would take about 7-8 hours from KK to Sandakan and cost around RM30-50 (US$9-$15). Visit this site for Kota Kinabalu-Sandakan bus fares and tickets.
  • A better option is to fly to Sandakan as there are direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Airasia offers some cheap tickets if you book early. Malaysia Airlines also has some reasonable ticket prices if you want to compare.
Getting to the Canopy Walk at RDC via car or bus:
  1. Drive along Jalan Labuk from Sandakan Town
  2. Turn left at the Mile 14 roundabout (with a giant Orangutan statue)
  3. Drive along until you see the large, pictorial RDC sign and turn right
  4. Drive for about 500m to the RDC car park
Rainforest Discovery Centre MapMap of RDC

Tickets/Entrance Fees for the RDC:
  • Adults: RM10 (US$3)
  • Children (5-17 yrs) RM5 (US$1.50)
  • Children (Under 5 yrs) Free
Opening Hours for the RDC:
  • Daily8 am - 10pm
  • Birders start as early as 7am
What to bring
Bring mosquito or insect repellent, a poncho or an umbrella if it rains as the walkways are not covered. Bring some snacks and bottled water as well. A pair of binoculars is a must if you want to see birds.

Wear proper shoes here, as some of the walkways can be slippery. You may want to bring some snacks if you have kids, as there is no food available except for a kiosk that sells drinks and some local snacks and closes at around 5pm.

* Remember to practice Responsible Tourism wherever you are.

Address for the Rainforest Discovery Center RDC:
Rainforest Discovery Centre,
PO Box 1407, 90715 Sandakan,
Sabah, Malaysia.
Telephone: 60 089 533780 / 781

Map to Rainforest Discovery Center RDC

View RDC Rainforest Discovery Center Sepilok in a larger map

If you are an avid birdwatcher and want to explore the unique birds of Sabah Borneo, this is one of the places you should visit, as it is currently the main event area for the Borneo Bird Festival.

What is also fascinating here is that you get to be on the largest metal-framed Canopy Walk at the Rainforest Discovery Center in Sabah.

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Malaysia Asia said…
Hi Sumandak, apparently it has been here for a few years but not many people know about this. Probably needs more exposure.

Kelvin said…
Happy 2010 for u and ur family too^^
Malaysia Asia said…
Thank you Kelvin.

Unknown said…
Thanks for the comment david...happy new year to you to...may this year bring you happiness and prosperous life..
eunice said…
hello David! Happy New Year!

I love the rainforest and hope there are more such reserved areas in the world, if only people stop the deforestation.

How's ur holiday in SG? Is it a last min trip? Seems like there are more tourists in the city than the locals during Christmas! lol...
Malaysia Asia said…
Notfadil, thank you and to you too.

Eunice, totally agree with your statement.

Sg was great, I was there from 24th till 27th and Orchard was absolutely madness.

Robo said…
Oh! I LOVE the Green very much! I will spent my day there if I'm visit this area...
Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Robo, this is one of the few places with beautiful greenery all over. If you love nature, this IS the place to visit.

I love the rainforests because it is refrigerator water filters which sucks up water from the ground which enables the trees to cool down the environment. And not only has that, these trees also acted as water catchments and carbon stores. According to the guide at RDC, a good size tree can store at least 2-tonnes of carbon. So in fact planting trees helps in reducing carbon from the environment.

Best Regards,
superwilson said…
Never really tour Sabah before, might be going this year
junsern said…
will go if i have the chance. looks really good...
Malaysia Asia said…
Honeymoon B&B - We need more trees planted and that's a fact.

Wilson, that's great to know! Let me know where you end up. I'll be going again next 2 weeks :)

Junsern - If yever the chance pops up, take it and go. Sabah is an eye opener if you ask me. Especially for those from Semenanjung side.

Anonymous said…
hi all, come visit Sandakan again! Let me know if you need assistance! There are others attraction in Sandakan!