Bakheng Hill at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Bakheng Hill is located just opposite the main Angkor Wat temple here in Siem Reap. Usually this place is visited after everything else here and most tourist come here to see the famous Angkor Wat Sunset. On my last visit here in 2007, I saw elephants being used to ferry people at the entrance area. You are bound to see this as you head to the hill. These elephant rides were conducted by well trained elephants and keeping the tourist very happy. Did I try it? Nope.

Heading to Bakheng Hill

To view the sunset here, you start with a good old trek for about 500-700 meters uphill as seen in the picture above.( I trust the place is still the same after 4 years) Again, take your time and go early instead of racing there the last minute. There will be lots of pot holes along the way up so be careful and wear some good trekking shoes.

Climbing Bakheng hill to view the sunset

A reminder that this place is not a romantic place to bring your wife or girlfriend to view the sunset as there will be thousands of tourist cramming the viewing spot. So, if you are not into sunsets, you should just give this place a miss. However if you enjoy taking pictures, then it would be alright to venture up here. But then again, if you see the sky being very hazy, just forget this trip. I've searched google for some Bakheng Hill Sunsets and there are not many successful ones.

Dissapointed tourist leaving Bakheng Hill

In our case, we made it all the way up to Bakheng Hill but only to be dissapointed with the weather on that day. It was a very cloudy day while there was absolutely no sun in the sunset here. So, it was just a trip up there watching sweaty foreign tourists, getting a good workout on the legs and not forgetting the extra loud mainland China tourist. Well, if you are adventurous enough, you should try this place in the mornings as it is much more peaceful and quiet. There is another temple here which is great for some photography of Angkor Wat.

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I need to really make another trip back here again even if it is for just 2-3 days. Last I heard from a friend who visited this place in July 2010, much has changed while prices have increased. The tour buses have conquered the area with mainstream tourism while they laid metal staircases to climb up the Angkor Wat Temple. I only hope they did not do much changes here at Bakheng Hill at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.