Sarawak Longhouse Pictures in B&W

Sarawak Longhouse Pictures in B&W. In the many years of visiting the Iban Longhouse along the Lemanak River in remote Sarawak Borneo, I wanted to feature life in a common longhouse in black and white pictures. The Ibans are the largest tribe in Sarawak and many still live in traditional homes like these. In any one longhouse, there can be from 10 to 50 families living there. What fascinates me is how simple a life they live here without the bothers of modern technologies. Enjoy the pictures and if you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Thank you ~ David Jr

Dogs on a longboat - the main transport of the Iban people in Sarawak

Longboats parked outside the longhouse

Some of the interesting ceiling designs of the Iban people

 Iban Shaman shows his collection of tattoos

Iban lady weaving baskets

 An elderly lady weaves while her grandson plays with something

Intricate designs made from bamboo on the wall of a home

 Iban man and woman in traditional costume

Iban ladies prepare to play the traditional instruments

Iban kids looking at me

Two Iban elderly men have a chat and smoke

An old Iban man sits in the corridor of the longhouse

Iban lady doing the Ngajat Kenyalang (Hornbill Dance)

My friend Eric takes a picture of the Iban headmen and lady of the longhouse

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I hope you enjoyed the pictures above as they were taken over a duration of two years on my many visits to the Lemanak River in Sarawak. Usually I would post in color but this time around I wanted to share this series of the Sarawak Longhouse Pictures in Black and White.