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This section for Malaysia Travel Links has been closed as I no longer accept travel blog links here. You can head over to my new Malaysia Travel Links Page, which only accepts personal travel blogs.

The reason for this is that from 2008 to 2010, travel blog links were very popular, and link exchanges were big back then. However, over the last 10 years, much has changed for this. 

Nowadays, more people are resorting to guest postings, versus link exchanges, as this proves more viable for the travel blog. But since the last 10 years, I have also moved away from the personal travel blogging and more of the informative blogging. 

Who is Malaysia Asia?

Malaysia Asia is a personal travel blog run by seasoned traveler David Hogan Jr, and I absolutely enjoy traveling and featuring places of interest around Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Almost 95% of the content you see in this travel blog has been personally written, photographed and visited by me.

I have been traveling since 1987, and have visited quite a number of places around the world from a very young age when digital cameras were the future and good old film was all we had.

With over 30 years of traveling, I can easily say that I have visited all four continents, and since 2016, I have put more focus on Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

Malaysia Asia DavidWriter attempting to 'eat' a Rafflesia Flower is Sarawak Borneo (Please do not do this)

Where is Malaysia Asia Featured?
  • Malaysia Asia was a Google Page Rank 4 site (Page Rank is no longer used).
  • Malaysia Asia has a Domain Authority of 46 (As of November 2018), and a Page Authority of 46. 
  • Multiple award winning travel blog, with awards from tourism boards, and not those online awards.
  • Featured in multiple international travel websites and portals including CNN Travel, Yahoo Travel, Wall Street Journal and more.
  • Malaysia Asia is a pure independent travel blog and information site.
  • Malaysia Asia was one of the Top 40 World Travel Bloggers recognized by Lonely Planet from 2008 to 2013. 

The travel links section was removed here due to restrictions made by Google on too many outgoing links. Hence, they have been moved to the new page, just listing down the many travel bloggers from around the world. 

Nowadays, there has been a surge in travel bloggers around the world as many people think by having a travel blog, they can score free press trips, familiarization trips and get sponsored by hotels, airlines and brands. 

This has put a bad name to the travel bloggers industry, where those who worked really hard in the early days are getting a bad name because of many bad apples out there. 

So, now you know the main reason why I removed the Malaysia travel links page. It is to deter overnight bloggers from contacting me to have their links listed for the backlinks. 

Malaysia Asia

Blogging since 2007, but writing online since 1997. I belong to the 1st generation of worldwide bloggers, which is of course old-school. Since 2008, I created Malaysia Asia and this travel, flood, gadget and lifestyle blog has won numerous physical awards from tourism boards around Malaysia. (Not those online awards). After 12 years of blogging, I have semi-retired and now blog about things I like, do product reviews and enjoy life. My work has been featured in Lonely Planet, CNN Travel, Yahoo Travel, Wall Street Journal, and many other international publications. Find out more about me and thank you.


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