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Travel Links from Malaysia Asia

Malaysia Travel Links

Travel Links from Malaysia Asia
Submitting a travel blog - Please note that only travel blogs are considered to be listed here. You may post in the comments below if you wish to be listed. I appreciate a link-back to your blog. It may also take a while for me to update this list so please be patient and thank you again. Spammers, you know the drill.  

Update March 2015 - Unfortunately, there have been too many 'Broken Links' in this directory and I am sorry to inform everyone that all the links here have been removed. If you want to visit a travel blog below, just Google the name of the person or blog in this travel bloggers list. Again, this list was created in 2010, so that was ages ago. 
Pulau Redang Malaysia Photo
Redang Island in Malaysia
Lonely Planet Travel Bloggers
(These are bloggers that carry the 'Lonely Planet Featured Blogger' badge on their website. This program ran from 2008 to 2012)

A Lady in London (20-something Californian living in London)
A Traveler' Library (By Travel Writer Vera Marie)
A View To A Thrill (Worldwide Budget Travel by Renee King)
Africa Attraction (Africa)
Alpaca Suitcase
Barefoot Link (Australian girl in West Java)
Bne Hot or Not (Decisive guide on Brisbane, Australia)
Cheap Weekend Breaks (Cheap weekends around Europe)
Coconut Radio (LP author based in French Polynesia)
Dairio De A Bordo (Spanish Travel)
Destination Anywhere (SSHiksa)
Ever The Nomad
First Time Travel (Claire writes about the Phillipines)
Free Wheelings (Travel/Adventure - Alaska)
Funnekotter (Sold everything to travel Europe)
G is for Ghana (Ghana guide and blog)
GloboTreks Travels
Grand Cycle Tour (Aussie couple cycling around the world)
Happy Time Blog
Hole in the doughnut (Amazing world rravels by Barbara Weibel)
I am Koh Chang (Everything good and bad about Koh Chang island in Thailand)
I moved to Africa (Living in Africa)
Indian Bazaars (Traditional bazaars around India)
Inside the Travel Lab (Unusual travels from around the world)
Just Wandering (Budget Travel Philippines, Southeast Asia, Australia)
Latortugaviajera (Living in Spain)
Lets Do Something Different (Traveling with Children)
LexParadise (Malaysian writes about South Korea)
Madafan (Discovering Madagascar)
Maitravelsite (Worldwide Travel)
Matthew Ted (Southeast Asian/Thailand)
Mel Hot or Not (Decisive guide on Melbourne, Australia)
My Bella Vita (Southern Italy Travel, Calabria)
My Little Nomads (Travel guide for families RTW)
Pat Rina does the Globe (Round the world honeymoon)
Photito (Travel journalist confession)
Roasted Bugs and Sticky Rice (Traveling with a sense of humor)
Send The Bugger Back (Buggers travelogue)
Sophies World (Travel with Kids/Solo with Anne-Sophie Redisch)
Sunset Mood (Travels around Indonesia and Asia)
Teach Travel Play (Teaching to Adventure in South Korea)
The Planet D  (Dave and Deb explore the world)
The Sundowner's List (Unconventional travel for students)
Trans America Journey (Overland journey throughout entire America)
Travel with Den Den (Europe Travel)
Travelocafe - Traveling on a shoestring
Todds Wanderings (General Travel)
Two Backpackers
Uncommon Travel 
Unpopped Collar
Vagobond (Morocco and world travels)
Velvet Escape (Worldwide Travel with Keith Jenkins)
Wild Junket (Adventures around the world with Nellie Huang)
Women On The Road (Inspiration, information and advice for women who love to travel solo)

World Travel Bloggers
Travel bloggers around the world.... or not...
Personal Travel Blogs

Aelfi Closet (Life, Travel, Photography - Malaysia)
Ariff Shah (Malaysian Life in Moscow, Russia)
Backpacking Chica (Backpacking solo around the world)
Bangkok Tour Blog (Asia/Bangkok)
CJ Go Travel (Mum, Wife and Traveler around SEA)
Cumi and Ciki (Malaysia Food and Travel)
DeeNice Goes To Spain (Spain/Europe)
Ebony Law Diva Traveling the World
Have Shoes Will Travel (Worldwide Traveler)
First Time Traveler (Great for 1st Time Travelers)
Forty-Two (Asia Traveler)
Gringa Espanola (Travel tales and other follies)
Global Nomads (Travel around the world)
Hop & Jaunt : Traveling Designers
Intentional Stones (Family Travel)
J-Travel (Malaysia and SEA, Travel and Food)
Korea Diva (Teaching and working in South Korea)
Leo's Travel Journal (Asia/Southeast Asia)
Malaysia-Travel Here In My Home (Malaysia/Singapore)
Mizz Sharon (Australia-New Zealand)

Our Travelations (Married couple traveling)
Places and Foods (Malaysia and around the world)
Song About Jen (Travels around Southeast Asia)
Sophie's World (Family Travel/Kids)
Spicy Mother (Singapore travel, gossip and lifestyle)
The Longest Way Home (TLWH) (Round the world traveler)
Travel Sights with Lilliy (USA and Turkey)
Travelerfolio (Singapore and Worldwide)
Travelholica (From Brazil to the World)
Traveling On A Shoestring (Tips for traveling the world on a shoestring budget)
Turbineman's Work Travel (Around Malaysia and Borneo)

When The Bug Bites The Girl (Malaysia/Southeast Asia)

Travel Blogs 2016

Travel Links by Countries

Alaska Travel Expert (Everything Alaska)
Backpacking Around Asia with Flipnomad
Barefoot in the Sand (South Africa/Cape Town)
Blog Trippers - The Best Travel Blog Posts (Worldwide Blogs)
Cyprus Holidays (Around Cyprus)
Greek Islands - MyGreekTrip (Greece)
Malaysia Holidays
NederFun - Travel Information on the Netherlands 
New York Youth Hostels
Pinay Traveller (Insights of a Filipina Traveller)

Travel Pakistan (Pakistan travel)
Tours Of Africa (All about Africa)
Vietnam Responsible Travel (Vietnam)

Travel Blogs

Photography Travel

Lechua Photography
Photojournalist (By Tan Geng Hui)

This is an update for March 2015. Over the years, many of the travel bloggers above have either moved on, have new domains or stopped blogging therefore I had to remove all the links here as it is tedious to keep checking for dead or broken links for each and every one here. 

A lof of travel bloggers have also moved from wordpress or blogspot to proper domain names. So if anyone wants to check out some of the travel blogs here, simply Google their name or blog for more information. 

Otherwise, if you would still like to add you name, please go ahead and add it in the comment form below for Travel Links from Malaysia Asia. Thank you very much. 


Rebecca Yale said...

Thanks for the wonderful list! I have added a bunch to my following! I am a fellow travel blogger who will be leaving in 2 weeks for a 5-month trip around Africa, India, China, Singapore and Borneo. I am a female photographer traveling alone so my blog is part adventure/part solo traveler/part photographer/writings about endangered species and climate change.


Thanks again!

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Rebecca, thank you very much and I will also add you into the list here. Good luck on your trips and look forward to seeing some lovely pics.


fufu said...

why my name is not up there... well just kidding :) yeah will check out some of the blogs you mentioned here... thanks :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Fufu, no problems, just include your link here and when I update, I will add it on.


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Laura said...

Hi David,
Thanks for updating my blog listing - http://www.travelocafe.com/. Sorry to be a pain in the a** but the new link is broken (there is an extra character at the end of the URL or something). Could you have a look for me? Thanks a lot!

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CathJ said...

This is awesome.. will take time to check all out all the list... best!!

Thank you bro.. :D

nateniale said...

Hi! I'm also a fellow LP travel blogger. Love your site - lots of great information. Been to your site to check out some of the places before I went there! Here's my blog, hope you can add it in your list. Thanks!


nonick said...
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Adamlai said...

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