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Langkawi Cable Car Ride

Cable Car Ride Langkawi
The very unique Langkawi Cable Car is one of the must-visit places when you are on holiday in Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

I had the opportunity of visiting this unique design cable car ride which is located in the Oriental Village at the foot of Gunung Machinchang (Mount Machinchang or Mat Chincang).

Getting to Langkawi Cable Car is fairly easy as it is only a 30 minute drive from Kuah Town, and for my journey here, I rented a car to move around Langkawi Island.

Langkawi Cable Car Gondolas - Modern looking design

Langkawi Cable Car Ride Review

Arriving at Langkawi Cable Car, you will first enter the Oriental Village. There is a car park outside and upon walking in, you are greeted by lush oriental gardens and a number of souvenir shops and cafes.

There are sign boards then lead you to the main ticket counter for the Langkawi Cable Car, and you can find an escalator that takes you to the upper level or Base Station where you board the cable cars for your exciting journey.

Photo of Langkawi Cable Car
Langkawi Cable Car view
As you get on board the cable car gondola, you need to be careful as they do not stop for you. When they reach the boarding area, they will come to a slow movement where you make your way on board.

So if you have children, please see to them when boarding the gondolas. Once your cable car ascends, you start to see the beautiful view around you, and this is when you can also start taking photos.

Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh
Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls view from cable car gondola
From the cable car, you will also see the island's famous Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls (Seven Wells Waterfalls) below which is another interesting site to visit in Langkawi.

Lush tropical rainforest surround the waterfalls as your cable car climbs to the first station or Middle Station.

Here, you can disembark and explore the area, and you also have the option of trekking up to the Top Station from here, which is a 20 minute trek. Upon reaching the top station you will be amazed and the beautiful views of Langkawi Island.

View of Langkawi Island
View of Langkawi from Cable Car Station
There are various activities one can do here like trekking from station to station, exploring the entire top station and there are also stalls selling snacks, drinks and souvenirs, while there are also toilets available.

From the top station, you can access the curve hanging bridge, which offers additional stunning views of the island at a height of 708 meters above sea level.

This is one of the very popular place where everyone goes to get their photos taken, and honestly, the best time to do this is in the mornings.

Langkawi Cable Car Top Station
Top observation deck of Langkawi Cable Car Station
At the top tower, there is an observation deck where you can get some of the best views of Langkawi Island, provided is it a good clear day. You can even see some of the islands of Thailand from here id the weather is nice and clear.

Cleverly designed to look like a landing station from a sci-fi movie, the circular lookout point is two level and at the lower level, there is a snack shop selling drinks and ice cream. The top level is a 360 degrees view point.

Langkawi Curved Hanging Bridge

Langkawi Curve Bridge Mat Cincang
The unique hanging curved bridge at Langkawi Cable Car
The latest addition to the Langkawi Cable Car is the unique curved platform pedestrian bridge that is 125 meters long, and a very popular place.

This award winning bridge was opened to the public in 2005, and has some stunning views of the island and rainforest below.

The trick is to come here as early as possible to get some of the best photos, and avoid the rainy season. At times, they may close the bridge for safety reasons, so do enquire before buying your cable car ticket.

Jambatan Bengkok Langkawi
Langkawi Curved Hanging Bridge
This unique curved hanging bridge is also linked from the Top Station to the Machinchang Mountain range where you access it from a staircase connected from the main area.

You would expect it to be moving but it is actually very sturdy and solid and is a highly popular place for tourist to take pictures.

Suspended curve bridge in LangkawiLangkawi hanging suspended curve bridge

There have been talks of adding more features to make your trip up the mountain more interesting and some of them include Paragliding and Bungee Jumping.

No confirmation has been mentioned to date, but honestly, I do not think both activities will ever happen here in Langkawi.

If you are the adventurous type, you have an option of trekking all the way to the top station from the Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) area as there is a 2.5 kilometer trek build specially for this.

Nature lovers would enjoy this trek up to Machinchang Mountain as there are various flora and fauna to be seen along the way. You will possibly need a nature guide for this, and they can be found from your local tour companies.

Mount Machinchang is part of the Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park of Langkawi Island, and is a protected area. 

Tips for visiting the Langkawi Cable Car:
  • Try to avoid weekends as it tends to get crowded
  • Bring along a cardigan as it can get chilly up top
  • Wear sports/trekking shoes if you want to explore
  • Self drive from Kuah - 30 minutes
  • Self drive from Langkawi Airport - 15 minutes
Opening hours of Langkawi Cable Car:
  • Mon-Thurs: 10am - 6pm
  • Wednesday: 12pm - 6pm
  • Weekends: 9.30am - 7pm
Langkawi Cable Car Ticket Prices/Fares: Visit the Panorama Langkawi website.

*Malaysian residents get a ticket discount upon showing MyKad

GPS Coordinates to Langkawi Cable Car and Oriental Village Park:
Lat: N06º 22.2276 Lon: E99º 40.3123

Map to Langkawi Cable Car

View Langkawi Cable Car in a larger map


Anyone heading to Langkawi Island should make it a point to visit the Langkawi Cable Car, also known as Panorama Langkawi .

This is also one of the most popular attractions on the island, and is family friendly. Plus how many times do you get a change to go up a mountain when you travel? 


shloke said...

David, the first picture is BEAUTIFUL! Love the mackerel blue sky.

There is a hidden location at one of the top platform to observe the beautiful sunset. Remember to look for a small wooden signboard indicating the best location to spot the sunset. Weekend is the best time!

I missed out the hanging bridge experience during my last visit. The bridge was closed for two months due to repair works.


Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Mylo, I saw that sign but I had to leave by 3pm. I got up around noon and had to go elsewhere (4 Seasons) after this visit. Thanks for the tip man.


Anonymous said...

New blog layout? Nice.

I was supposed to travel to Langkawi but cancelled and went to Phuket instead.

Malaysia Asia said...

Mei, yes a new layout and thank you. Wanted a proper look for it. I guess there is always next year for Langkawi, right?


Nikel Khor said...

langkawi...free duty island..

J2Kfm said...

aiyo so wasted. we went up and within half an hour or so, the sky darkened. and it started to rain. we were forced to evacuate without even having the chance to walk on the hanging bridge.


Malaysia Asia said...

Nikel, sure is!

Robo, such a waste. Did you go again on another day?


Shenandoah bed and breakfast said...

Langkawi is a mellow destination with a relaxed kind of lifestyle. I have been there once. This Langkawi Cable Car ride will exalt and entice you as you would you would feel like a bird, flying without wings! You would love to have a bird’s eye view of the spectacular lush landmass, the cragged mountains and the specks of blue from there!


Malaysia Asia said...

Shenandoah bed and breakfast, thanks and you should make another visit there again. This time for the Eco-Tourism spots.


Air Jordan said...

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Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Air Jordan. I do my best to promote Malaysia and the region to everyone and I hope that more people will visit my site. All the best to you too and thank you again for dropping by Malaysia Asia


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

the skybridge is closed again. it's pretty disappointing.

Malaysia Asia said...

Ahh yes Nicole, I just got back from Langkawi this evening.

Take Note those heading to Langkawi these few weeks -

The Cable Car and Sky Bridge is closed from 16th Aug till 7th September 2010 for maintainence works of the cables as they have been a little loose. I got this info from the locals in Kuah town today.


Daria said...

What is the entrance fee now? Is this stunning bridge open?