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Treetop Chalets at Malibest Resort in Langkawi Island

Malibest Resort Treetop Chalets
Malibest Resort which is located along Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach) in Langkawi Island has unique Tree Top Chalets, just 4 units on the beach overlooking the beautiful Andaman sea. This is the only resort on the island that offers you tree top living on a beach.

I could not help but stop to take a closer look at these chalet units while on one of my many trips here. Always seeing them only made me more curious just as other beach goers look in awe when they passed by.

Treetop Chalets at Malibest Resort LangkawiMalibest Resort Langkawi - Treetop Chalets

Run by a local Malay family, the Malibest Resort is a very basic hotel judging from what I saw. Technically I did not stay here but from the information I have gathered from friends and websites, the resort is pretty much on a 50-50 rating.

What do I mean by that? Well, simply meaning it is neither here nor there. I am guessing for the average backpackers, the this Resort could meet their lifestyle but then again, for those expecting a 3 star rating, this place would not meet your fancy as this is a pure budget friendly place.

Langkawi Treetop ChaletsSingle tree top chalet on the beach

Overall, the Malibest Resort with the Treetop Chalets are very different compared to the neighboring resorts, motels and hotels located along Pantai Cenang in Langkawi. So what does different actually mean? I would safely say if you are a bunch of teenagers looking for a getaway and a party in Langkawi, this is your place. Also if you do not mind living conditions of all sorts, try this place but don't expect any luxury service here.

Personally for me, I have stayed from the worst to the best resorts and hotels so I do not have a problem with places like these which are un-starred (no star ratings). To me, the experience counts and of course I would not recommend this to a honeymooning couple but to friends who just want to chill out, drink and have a place to sleep.

Photo of Pantai Cenang Pantai Cenang Beach outside the resort

The main beach, Pantai Cenang is just below the treetop chalets and is the premier beach of Langkawi. It stretches for a few kilometers and numerous entertainment outlets, restaurants and bars are found here. So location wise, it is almost perfect for the budget seekers.

Finally, if you do choose to try out the Treetop Chalets at Malibest Resort, please do book ahead as they seem to be always occupied and just accept the conditions they are in. Remember this is a local run business and not a 3 star hotel. They also have the normal concrete rooms which are priced about RM100 to RM130 ($28 - $37) per night.

Sunset at LangkawiSunset at Langkawi Island

Just for the record, there are no Duty Free Shops on a large scale along Pantai Cenang, so you need to do your Langkawi Duty Free Shopping in Kuah Town as there is a much better selection there.

Prices for the Treetop Chalets in Langkawi are averaging from RM200.00 to RM300.00 per unit for 2 persons. It is also encouraged to book early to avoid disappointment. For more information, please contact the resort. 

Malibest Resort
Pantai Cenang, Mukim Kedawang,
Kedah Darul Aman.

Malibest Telephone : 04-9558222 / 9558202
Fax : 04-9552822
Email : malibestlgk@yahoo.com.my
Website: http://malibestresort.com/

Peak Season for Langkawi Island 

The peak season for Langkawi is from June till August and then October till January. Rainy Season in Langkawi is from August till about early October. However, there will be occasional showers throughout the year but not a Monsoon. It's more of a tropical rain. Note that in December till the first week of January is the super peak season and during the Chinese New Year, it can get fully booked. 

Best Time to visit Langkawi

The best time to visit would depend on how you like your islands. If you like the crowds with lots of activity, then it would be best to go during Nov - Jan. If you like the peace and quiet, March-May is a good time. The average temperature on the island is around 25 to 32 degrees Celsius.

Apart from the usual places to stay here, there are some luxurious resorts like the Rebak Island Resort and the super luxury Four Seasons Beachfront Villas in Langkawi. just to name a couple, and there are many more which opened over the last few years and more opening in 2015 and 2016.

For the beach and island lover, if you are heading to Pantai Cenang and want something unique and to remember for the rest of your life, I would highly recommend to try out this place as it is the only hotel or resort offering Treetop Chalets in Langkawi Island.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunset!

Tree top living? Nice idea. Thanks for sharing.

yoon see said...

Hello! Happy weekends.
Wow! I really loving this idea.
Hope that I will have the opportunity to visit...

Ken Wooi said...

the chalets are something interesting.. would love to stay a night there for once.. =)


Malaysia Asia said...

Mei - I need to try it as well. There's another one like this is Sarawak too.

Yoon See - Thanks YS, happy weekend to you too and happy merdeka!

Ken - They are, I guess for on night it would a great experience. Anyway RM200.00 is not too bad.

Stanley said...

Nice! I even spotted the aircon fans units hanging outside. Means we still get the basic comforst lol Got internet anot? HAha

Malaysia Asia said...

Stanley, You wish! If they had a flat screen TV, that would be a bonus. Internet? Well, only if you had a 3G phone I guess.

May said...

back to the nature .. very nice

Anonymous said...

Updated: I just talked to the receptionist of Malibest Resort in Langkawi +(604) 9558222 and they offered me 150 Malaysian Ringit (50 USD 5.2.2011) per night per room without breakfast without sea front. They have no restaurant and do not offer any food.

However, it is a great experience to try it out for few days i think. Back to the roots. Happy holidays.