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Rebak Island Resort in Langkawi

TAJ Resort Langkawi Malaysia
The Rebak Island Resort in Langkawi is one of the best romantic vacations I have had in a very long time and this beautiful place is also located on one of the 99 islands that make up Langkawi.

The resort is also managed by the famous TAJ Hotel group on this 390 acre privately owned island here in Langkawi Island, Malaysia. I had the pleasure of visiting this amazing place over one weekend in August 2010 and here is my story.

Rebak Island Resort Review

Firstly, we traveled to Langkawi via AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur and on arrival at the Langkawi International Airport, the staff were there to greet us and usher us to the resort.

I had no clue to what was ahead as I only knew of the Rebak not too long ago. Our friendly driver sent us to the Rebak jetty which was a five minute drive from the airport.

There, a speedboat which could seat 20-30 people was ready for departure. After a 15 minute boat ride to Pulau Rebak, we arrived at the Rebak Marina jetty.

Arrival monument

The arrival was perfectly timed as one of the duty managers was there to greet us. After welcoming us and being served a couple of cold towels, I quickly asked her if there was any other resort on this island her instant reply was that this was the only one here.

A electric golf buggy was our transport to the main reception which took about 5 minutes from the Rebak Marina.These environmental friendly buggies are used throughout the island and is the only mode of transport. There are no cars or bikes here.

Lobby of Rebak Island Resort
Rebak Island Resort main lobby area

Swimming Pool Rebak Island Resort
Swimming pool view from the beach

From the main reception building, you could see the sea and also the beautifully landscaped swimming pool. A lovely welcome drink was served together with some cold towels while we went through the check in procedure.

Immediately after that, it was lunch ready for us at the resort restaurant. For the record, we had such great food that I would have to do an article just on the food. Watch out for this later. 

Beach at Rebak Island Resort Langkawi
Rebak island main beach

Right after our lunch, I could not hesitate but venture off to the beach for a quick look around and let me just tell you, it did not disappoint at all. 

The blue skies dominated the scene while deck chairs were laid out along the main beach of the island here with a lush green backdrop of tropical trees.

As I started to photograph this natural beauty, everything began to look even better through my lens view and in my mind, I told myself that I would be spending a lot of time on the beach during my stay here.

Beach at Rebak Island TAJ Hotel
 Rebak island beach

Deck chairs laid in a row

TAJ Hotel Rebak Island Resort
My favorite postcard picture for this trip

Pool bar at the main swimming pool

The swimming pool here is one of those popular places where most of the guest love to hang out. A pool bar is located at one end while the entire pool is of one depth at only five feet deep.

A circular child pool connects the main pool while deck chairs are lined up towards the garden area.

View of the swimming pool

Kayak activities

As for activities, there are quite a number to participate in. There is Kayaking, Cycling, Archery, Volleyball, Gym, Nature Walks, Bird Watching, Fishing and Monitor Lizard Feeding.

These activities are around the main resort while there are other activities that can be arranged to be done outside the resort like water sports, town visit and the general Langkawi tourist site visits. Personally I took part in most of the local activities available at the resort during my stay here.

I would also recommend for you to try the resort nature walks and if you are a bird lover, go for some bird watching here. There are a number of hornbills to be sighted around the resort grounds.

Activities at Rebak Island Resort
Archery, wasn't too easy if you ask me

Fitness Center Rebak Island Resort

Restaurant Rebak Island Resort
Lunch setting in the outdoor area of the restaurant

Rebak Island Resort Restaurant

As there is currently one main restaurant called the Senari Restaurant, they cater to all your meals from breakfast till supper.

Eating here was one really great experience as the head chef was very creative and talented in the local fusion dishes. Apart from the main menu, we were also treated to some of the up and coming dishes which will be introduced to the existing menu.

Langkawi Senari Restaurant
Senari Restaurant

The Senari Restaurant is tastefully designed with seating located inside and also on the patio. Table settings were very neat while the service from the staff here was exceptional during out meals.

Throughout our stay here, we would regularly dine on the patio and watch the beautiful lush surroundings.

I could not help but notice that most of the guest also choose to dine here for the stunning views of the Senari Straits that divide the main Langkawi island with Rebak Island. 

Bar at Rebak Island Resort
Minum Minum Bar 

Rebak Island Resort Bar

A bar called Minum Munim Bar (Drink in Malay) is also located in the main lobby area with a fantastic collection of spirits which are beautifully decorated.

A live duo band performs evergreen numbers nightly too. The Rebak Lepak Bar located on the beach side in front of the main lobby area. This beach bar is only opened from 12 noon to 8 pm daily.

Picture of Rebak Island Resort
One of the beautiful moments at Rebak Island Resort

During my stay here, I did manage to speak to some of the guest here, and to my surprise one couple had been staying here for eight full days without leaving the resort.

One of the main reasons cited was the fact that this resort was isolated away from the commercial side of Langkawi and it was peaceful and serene here as compared to the main island.

They also intended to stay for at least two weeks just absorbing in the nature and beauty offered. I could see why some of them choose to stay here for such long periods. I would if given the chance, really. 

Picture of Rebak Island Resort
Rebak seaview rooms at night

Staying here was a wonderful experience for us as it was complete with a spa, nature walks and one can just do absolutely nothing but relax without the distraction of other beach-goers like at the usual commercial resorts and hotels.

One good thing here is that there are no children screaming and running berserk or families shouting at the top of their voices. This is something I always look forward to when I am on vacation.

This is a private island and a private resort that caters to honeymooners, couples, families or the single traveler. If you are looking for a very lively place to stay, then this is not for you.

I would consider this place a perfect quiet retreat especially for those who work in the city and deal with crowds, traffic and the works as you will get none of that here.

Address of Rebak Island Resort 
P.O. Box 125,
Kuah Langkawi,
Kedah Darul Aman,
Rebak Telephone Number: 604-966 5566
Fax : 604-966 9973
Email: rmresv.malaysia@tajhotels.com

GPS Coordinates for Rebak Island:
Latitude 06 deg 17.6 min N
Longitude 99 deg 41.7 min E

I have to admit, this was indeed one of the better experiences staying on a resort as it was absolutely private and away from the main island. I would like to thank the management and staff for this wonderful experience here.

For anyone wanting a luxurious time with privacy, you have the option of staying at the Rebak Island Resort in Langkawi. This is also located on a private island with no other hotel or resort. 

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Camemberu said…
Wow! This place looks great! Shortlisting it for my holiday!
Malaysia Asia said…
Thanks Cememberu, again it's a perfect place to just relax and do nothing. Let me know when you make it there.

Anonymous said…
I am currently organizing a list of the top 150 travel blogs for students and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about you and your blog (I couldn't find a contact form) Please e-mail me at alexisbrett@gmail.com and include the title of your blog in the e-mail, thanks!
Caz Makepeace said…
Looks and sounds divine! I wish I was there now
Malaysia Asia said…
Thanks Caz.. I too wish I could go back for a week and not worry about any travels or blogs :) Just chill out by the pool or beach.
Lily Riani said…
am going to langkawi in december, will KIV this place.
Christian said…
Looks great, but I'm trying to decode if "live duo performs evergreen numbers" menas you liked the music or not!
Malaysia Asia said…
Hey Lily, good to know you're headed there. For the record, the Rebak Island Resort is perfect if you are planning one of those trips to simply relax.

Malaysia Asia said…
Christian, good point. Well, to be very honest, I am not a evergreen person so was not up my ally. I personally prefer some jazz numbers. The band was not too bad if you ask me.

CathJ said…
Rebak Island.. new for me.. :D

nice pic..
Malaysia Asia said…
Cath, thanks. If you want a nice quiet place for your family, this is it.

Nice posting. Thanks for sharing such a nice article. Liked the post. keep it up.
Malaysia Asia said…
Thank you BHinL, I will try to keep posting various interesting places around Malaysia. Also watch out for my followup article on the Rebak Island Resort in Langkawi.

Awesome and a very helpfull blog.

Thank you