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Four Seasons Beachfront Villas Langkawi Review

Langkawi Four Seasons Beachfront Villas
The Four Seasons Beachfront Villas in Langkawi Island is one of the most exclusive and romantic holiday getaways you can have in Malaysia.

These stand-alone one-bedroom luxury villas are each facing the Andaman Sea with absolutely no distractions other than the white sand beach here at Tanjung Rhu in Langkawi.

Four Seasons Beachfront Villas Langkawi Review

Langkawi Four Seasons BeachFour Seasons Langkawi private beach

These beachfront villas are so unique, the distance from your villa to the sea is less than a hundred meters over the white sand beach.

When you step out on the beach and look around, all you see is pure privacy here. No other resorts are spotted within the vicinity of the private stretch of beach here.

Private Pool Four Seasons LangkawiRoyal Villa Private Pool

Each of the beachfront villas has a secluded garden path that leads you into the individual units. There is a 12 square meter private pool at each of the beach villas, and when I walked in, I was amazed at the detailed finishing for everything here.

A dining table for four and an oversized daybed lay in the veranda of the beach villa. At the private pool, a pair of deckchairs faces the sea, where you can enjoy a suntan in privacy.

Beach Villa Room Four Seasons LangkawiBeach Villa main living room

Beachfront villas come with a super king-sized bed in the main living room facing the huge wood and glass sliding doors that open up to an amazing view of the Andaman Sea.

There is a 42-inch plasma TV in each villa, complete with a DVD player, mini-bar, espresso machine and tasteful decorations. Every detail here is well-taken care of, so you need not worry.

Four Seasons Langkawi Royal Villa Room PhotoKing Sized Bed in living room

Walking further in, I noticed a huge writing desk in a fairly large area and a walk-in wardrobe the size of my home living room which is every woman's dream from what I am told.

There is also something for the kids, which is a sandcastle making kit. Around the back, there is your own private spa treatment room where the masseurs will visit you for your spa treatment on request.

Bathroom of Four Seasons LangkawiBeach Villa marble bathroom sinks

The full marble bathrooms are gorgeous, where guests are given a choice to have showers indoors or even outdoors via a door from the main bathroom.

On the other end lies a terrazzo tub that can fit a family of four inside. In general, the sheer size of this bathroom will put a big smile on your face.

Some guest even claims the bathrooms at the beach villas are about the size of their homes which I do believe after stepping inside here.

Outdoor Bathroom Four Seasons LangkawiIndoor and outdoor rain showers

Each section of the bathroom is tastefully designed with top-of-the-line products and materials. Even the rain shower is amazing.

I had two baths as I needed to experience them both. After having my shower inside, I simply opened the doors and stepped outside for shower number two in seclusion.

From the main living room of the beach villa, you can simply slide open the huge wooden and glass doors to open up your living room with an amazing view.

Watching the Langkawi sunset from the beach villas would be really romantic. Another plus point here is that you can order the in-villa dining menu of an Asian Steamboat or a Barbecue set at your veranda.

If you have children, I would easily recommend staying at the beach villas as the amenities are simply amazing.

Four Seasons Langkawi Royal Villa veranda and private pool

A private pool, your own beachfront, private dining, extremely spacious at 2,369 square feet, and you have an option of getting two beds with additional bed on request.

But for newlywed couples, honeymooners and those seeking a luxury romantic getaway, the Four Seasons Beachfront Villas is the place to stay.

You will not regret it as this is one of the places in Malaysia that is definitely worth the experience though it would put a huge dent in your credit card. When they say luxury does not come cheap, they are referring to the Four Seasons.

There have been many reviews of the resort, and every one of them is positive, so I had a full-on experience here to justify this and kill my curiosity.

I would definitely stay here again for another romantic holiday, but for anyone interested, you should know that the prices here are above average compared to the normal resorts.

Price for the Beachfront Villa a Four Seasons Langkawi - From RM5,800 (US$1,900) a night

In-Villa Spa Treatments;
  • Tranquil Reflections - 2 Hours
  • Romantic Harmony (per couple) - 2 Hours
  • Rhu Heritage - 2 Hours
  • Tutti Frutti Delight (for kids)
Four Seasons Resort Langkawi Address
Jalan Tanjung Rhu
07000 Langkawi
Kedah Darul Aman
Telephone - 60 (4) 950 8888
Fax - 60 (4) 950 8899

Map To The Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi


Overall, this is one of the most luxurious resorts on the entire island regarding privacy, sophistication and beauty.

The huge walls surrounding the resort prevents curious visitors from strolling in, while only the well-heeled are seen on the premises.

If you really want to impress your fiance or have that absolutely luxurious honeymoon, you can try staying at one of the beachfront villas as it will be an experience to remember.

I hope you enjoyed my Four Seasons Beachfront Villas Langkawi review, and please also note that a lot has changed since writing this.

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kitkat said…
i heard that this place is a good place for a honeymoon....it does seem nice..
wayangtimes said…
OMG seems like a nice place that i can consider for my honeymoon! it is sooo nice. but price wise is really quite expensive wor... sianz...
Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Kitkat, thank you for your visit and yes, it is the perfect place for a honeymoon. Peaceful and quiet but just highly priced. The staff call you by name here too.

Wayangtimes, you should try this place. At least for a minimum 2 nights. Simply amazing! And I'm sure you can easily cover the cost ;)

Malaysia Asia
Stripped Steph said…
Been wanting to go there, but the price is so expensive!!!!
Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Steph, I think it is reasonable for luxury class as the service and privacy you are getting is awesome. Just ask Mike to book a night or two, shouldn't cost more than SG$1,600. (excluding airfare, food)

foongpc said…
Wow! This place looks good! But unfortunately out of my budget! : (
shloke said…
Whoah! A private beach??? That's AWESOME! Imagine strolling along the white sandy beach with my gal :) ROMANTIC!
Malaysia Asia said…
Foong, it is great and yes, the budget is super high. you need at least RM2-3k to enjoy here.

Shloke, when I was there, there was hardly anyone around. 3 times, I have been there and it was always quiet. Occasionally you see a couple walking around.

Anonymous said…
I do not quite like the property...

If you take notice of the items placed in the bedroom, you would discover items from Ikea... Not something I would like to find in a room / resort that charges over a grand a night...

In addition, the cement factory is an eyesore - regardless of what is being said or excuses made, it is still a cement factory and that is that...


Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Leo, I understand your personal point of view and respect it. Honestly, 9 out of 10 cannot be wrong. By the way, have you stayed at the Datai or Andaman as well?

Nicholas Leong said…
That is one big ouch to the wallet.
Anonymous said…
agreed JR, this is definitely one of the best places for a getaway. However, the cement factory does remain an eyesore, that is LaFarge by the way.
if they are giving u the beachfront for RM1663 per nite i reckon that its very cheap. they're giving u special rates?
Anonymous said…
Hi there..

I've stayed at both the Datai and Andaman.

I prefer the Datai due to its seclusion :)

By the way, the Andaman is now/going to be soon, a Starwood Luxury Collection hotel; in addition to the Sheraton and Westin on the Island.
CathJ said…
Beautiful.. Wanted to come here.. ^_^
Malaysia Asia said…
Leo, that's awesome. The Datai is so much more relaxing compared to the Andaman.

Cath, you should try it. Experience it once in a lifetime.

Joanne Lee said…
Wow. This place is a beauty! And I thought Berjaya was nice. This one is nicer! But of course the price is very NICE too. RM5800 per night.. WOW!
Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Joanne, yes it is amazing. Well, they really do want the crowd that doesn't mind parting with that kind of money. That is one of the reasons you do not see much locals staying there. Nice... indeed.

Mark said…
wow,really beautiful place it is,can imagine be there on beach spend some peaceful time away from city
Malaysia Asia said…
Mark, yes I can..... at a price too. But at lease once in our lifetime, we should try some super luxury resort.