Penang Floral Festival History Archive

Pesta Bunga Pulau Pinang

This article features all the Penang Floral Festival history archives that have taken place since 1990. There was not much information available; therefore, I took the initiative to compile the info here.

As Penang is one of the most visited states in Malaysia for tourism, the botanical gardens are also one of the popular places to visit.

Penang Floral Festival History Archive

Known in Malay as Pesta Bunga Penang, it was also taken to an international level by renaming this the Penang International Flora Festival.

However, in recent years, there has not been much publicity shared. One of the reasons could be that this entire horticulture event focused more on orchids and bonsai plants, where people wanted a well-balanced exhibition.

Penang Floria
The scene at one of the Penang Flower Festivals.

However, the organisers have always been neutral and offered a bit of everything for all visitors. There has been international participation from countries in the Southeast Asia region.

How long has the Penang Flower Festival been around?

The Penang Flower Festival has been done since 1990, which is a very long time for a horticulture exhibition or festival.

The only difference is that it was never given good media coverage throughout the years, and in selected years, Tourism Malaysia would include it in the tourism calendar.

I've personally been giving Royal Floria Putrajaya good coverage for many years now. Hopefully, someone from Penang will see my contribution and invite me to do media coverage for Penang.

My research and work over the years have given many ordinary people a better understanding of several horticulture events held around Malaysia.

Floral Fest Penang
The 2015 Penang Floral Fest. 

Penang Flora Festival in Years

Below is a list of years that the flower event took place, but there is not enough information before 2003. But at least we know how long this event has been happening.

Pesta Bunga Pulau Pinang
Penang  Floral Festival 2012 Poster.

For those who want to know more about the other floral festivals in Malaysia, you can also read about Royal Floria Putrajaya, which I do a lot of coverage on.

The next event is scheduled from the end of August till the first week of September at Putrajaya.


There you have it, a complete list of the Penang Floral Festival history archive I have compiled and shared here for everyone.

For the organisers, please contact me with any additional information missing from the above, and I will gladly edit it. Also, please contact me for any coverage of upcoming events related to horticulture.

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