Penang Floral Festival

Floral Festival Penang

The Penang Floral Festival will be held at the Penang Botanic Gardens, just out of Geroge Town, from 30 May to 7 June 2015.

For the flower and garden fans, this ongoing festival showcases Malaysia's massive variety of local and hybrid orchids, which is a big hit for orchid lovers.

Penang Floral Festival

In total, the will be over 800 orchids on display and among them are some really rare and unique species that attract orchid lovers from all over the world.

Booths are set up for sales and information, where many orchid traders from all over Malaysia will participate here for the Penang Flora Fest.

Apparently, the Penang Floral Festival started in 1990 and was organised by a third party to attract orchid and flower lovers. The event focused mainly on various types of orchids, namely hybrids, workshops, seminars, and displays.

It has been a very local event that did not get national attention and, over the years, remained the main Penang flower and garden festival. 

Floral Flower Festival in Penang
Lilli's on display.

Orchids in Malaysia
Various orchids are seen.

Penang Flower Festival 2015
Cats Tail and Orchids.

Flower event in Penang
Lovely colours at the flower events in Penang.

Among some of the unique orchids to see here are the Malaysian jungle orchids, which are always very unique and different.

Other flower species are also showcased, while landscape designers will also be there to display their beautiful designs for home and corporate landscaping. 

Penang Flora Event Information:
Date: 30 May to 7 June
Open: 9.00 am to 7.00 pm
Admission: Free

Flower Garden Festival in Malaysia
Even guys are seen taking photos at floral events.

Flower and Garden Festival Penang
Beautiful flowers are available.

Penang Floral Festival 2015
Penang Botanical Gardens or Taman Botani, 
Jalan Kebun Bunga 10150, 
Penang Island

Malaysia Slipper Orchid
The beautiful Slipper Orchid.


Just so you know, I was once an orchid collector about 20 years ago. I enjoyed collecting the many unique jungle species of orchids; my favourite is still the Slipper Orchid.

I usually got them on my travels around Malaysia, and the most challenging part was getting them to grow in the city. I no longer collect orchids nowadays. 

For avid flower and garden lovers, there is also the biggest horticulture event called Royal Floria Putrajaya, which will take place in Putrajaya during the same time as the Penang event.

Those in the central and south regions can catch the Putrajaya Floria Festival, and for those heading up north, you can see the Penang Floral Festival there. 

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