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SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park

Genting SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park

The SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park in Resorts World Genting will be opening its doors by the end of 2018. This is also the upgrade from the previous indoor theme park which was located at the First World area. 

In line with the all-new 20th Century Fox World theme park that is also scheduled to open by end of 2018 or early 2019, the SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park will provide visitors with a whole new experience in family entertainment.

SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park Genting

Genting Indoor Theme Park
What the First World Indoor Theme Park used to look like

Currently, there is no official media statement on this indoor theme park, which I speculate that the news should be out by the mid of 2018.

Resorts World has been tight-lipped about both massive projects since announcing it in 2013, and there are no photos inside the indoor park. 

Genting closed the previous First World indoor theme park in April 2017 for renovations of the new SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park, and currently, a few attractions are already available to visitors.

What can we expect from the newly renovated and revamped Genting indoor theme park? This is a question that I was thinking about before writing this article. 

Well, from the main promotional poster, we can see the Eiffel Tower, a Merry-Go-Round and a Ferris Wheel. There are also two Dodgem Cars which means that all of these will be available at SkyTropolis Genting. 

One more thing stood out which is the Art Decor motive or design that is directly over the word SkyTropolis. It looks like a classic Broadway theme from the Great Gatsby era. I wonder if this element will be included in the overall theme. 

But, it is the background of the poster that totally intrigues me, where Steampunk gears make up the overall image. Does this mean that the master theme of the indoor park will be Steampunk related? Or a mix between Art Decor and Steampunk? 

If it is, then it will be awesome as the genre of Steampunk is something very niche in Malaysia, with not many people knowing what it is all about. I think this will bring a whole new perspective to themed entertainment.

SkyAvenue Genting, photo taken in April 2018

What is the SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park?

It is an indoor theme park that caters to just about everyone, from young to old and especially families. Due to the cool climate of Genting Highlands, there are many who like to be inside the resort where the temperature is controlled. 

News reports from other sites claim that there are currently six attractions that have opened and a balance of 18 attractions that will open in June 2018. This brings the total of attractions to a whopping 24 inside the SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park. 

You can expect indoor roller coasters, fun rids for kids, themed shopping for everyone and of course, a carnival atmosphere that will keep visitors entertained wherever they explore here. 

The 6 Attractions at SkyTropolis Theme Park
  • Stormy Voyage - A massive indoor swinging ship. 
  • Copper Express - An open-top classic train ride experience. 
  • Space Cadet - A controllable ride that spins from bottom to top.
  • Jumping Spurs - Mini jumping tower for children and kids. 
  • Ride 'Em Round - A classic merry go round ride for all ages.
  • Whirly Bugs - Gigantic bugs spin kids on a carousel.
Where is the SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park? 

This indoor theme park will be located inside Genting Highlands and at Level 2 of the First World Plaza. You can access SkyTropolis from three main entrances which are;
  1. Level 2 of SkyAvenue Genting
  2. Level 2 of Sky Casino
  3. Escalator from First World Hotel
For anyone taking the Awana Skyway cable car up to Resorts World, your final stop will be at level 4 of SkyAvenue Genting. From there, you can just walk down two floors to find the entrance to SkyTropolis. 

Genting SkyTropolis Theme Park
Ripley's at SkyAvenue Genting

What else is around SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park? 

As Resorts World promises a world of lifestyle and entertainment, you can expect to find many other unique attractions at SkyAvenue Genting. They are;

First World Plaza
  • Play Time Video Games Park - Level 4, First World Plaza
  • SnowWorld - Level 2, First World Plaza
  • Genting Bowl - Level 3, First World Plaza
Malaysia 20th Century Fox World Studio Store
The opening of the 20th Century Fox World Studio Store in Genting Malaysia on April 2018

SkyAvenue Genting
  • 20th Century Fox World Studio Store - Level 2, SkyAvenue Genting
  • Jurassic Research Center - Level 4, SkyAvenue Genting
  • Ripley's Believe It Or Not - Level 4, SkyAvenue Genting
  • Zombie Outbreak - Level 4, SkyAvenue Genting
  • Jungle Gym - Level 4, SkyAvenue Genting
  • Sky Symphony - Level 1, SkyAvenue Genting
  • Bona Cinemas - Level 1 & 2, SkyAvenue Genting
Genting Grand
  • Vision City Video Game Park - Level 1, Genting Grand
Latest Photo 20th Century Fox World Theme Park Malaysia
The 20th Century Fox World Theme Park, photo taken in late April 2018


With an entertainment history of 50 years, Resorts World Genting is no stranger to the tourism industry.

Over the last five decades, millions of visitors have experienced Malaysia's premier entertainment and hospitality destination and keep coming back.

On average, Resorts World Genting receives around 60,000 visitors daily, which includes locals and foreigners. A whopping total of 13,000 employees are hired to keep this amazing place running tip-top. 

With the news of the first 20th Century Fox World Theme Park opening, many are eager to see and experience this attraction. Tourist from around the world is also keen on making a return visit to Malaysia's most popular tourist destination. 

Resorts World Genting is located 6000 feet at Genting Highlands and is also known as the coolest tourism destination here in Malaysia.

The full opening of the SkyTropolis Indoor Theme Park at the end of 2018 will also compliment the overall tourism experience here. 

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