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Container City Miri

Miri Container City

The all-new Container City in Miri is definitely a place worth checking out for not only locals but also for anyone who is visiting this amazing resort city. Located in North Yu Seng Road in the main city, this is one of the most happening places in Miri now.

The name Container City Miri also may sound like a lifestyle bazaar, but in actual fact, it is a food haven that operates from refurbished containers.

Yes, those old shipping containers have been converted into kitchens at this exciting new place here in Miri, Sarawak.

Container City in Miri Sarawak
Entrance to Miri Container City

Miri Container City

This food bazaar concept is something totally new and never before seen in Sarawak. There was once a container bazaar in Petaling Jaya, but that concept stopped and we never saw it again.

In Miri, this container concept brings a whole new world of excitement not only to Mirians but those who are coming from Brunei, Sabah or even from Malaysia and other countries like Singapore, Indonesia and China.

Opened in October 2017, Container City Miri has been receiving raving reviews from visitors to Miri, namely from Malaysians, Singaporeans and Bruneians. Among all the restaurants here, the Tusan Ice Cream is probably the most popular.

However, the balance of choices are well thought off and caters to almost everyone. Note that the food here is all pork-free, and there is no alcohol served here.

What the place looks like from the main entrance

What to Eat in Container City Miri? 

There is well-balanced food and drink selection available here, and visitors have the choice from over 14 different vendors. Choices include mostly local food, but there is a burger joint on the first level and a seafood container at the back section. 

Halal Food at Container City Miri - For Muslim visitors, you are in luck as there are a couple of local Malay and Indonesia choices available. Overall, Container City in Miri does not serve any pork. Some of the Malay vendors offer Halal food too. 

The food at Container City Miri - There are several containers that provide proper meals, and you can choose from Only Mee which serves noodles, Sebenak which serves all kinds of prawns, Madness Delicious which serves a good mix of local Malay dishes, and Lalapan Selera Kampung for some popular Indonesian dishes. 

Coffee and Dessert at Container City Miri - Coffee lovers will be pleased to know there is a container called The Brew Crew that serves cafe-style coffee. And for dessert lovers, the famous Tusan Ice Cream is available there. Frozen Yogurt is sold at a container called Pretty Pink while there is a Juice Jungle selling all kinds of juices. 

Seafood at Container City Miri - One of the favourites here is Captain's Catch, which serves couple or group seafood meals that are reasonably priced. This is highly popular among couples.

Container Food Court in Miri
What it looks like inside Container City

Miri Container City Photos

Below are random photos taken at Container City Miri when I visited here on the 12th May 2018. They show almost all of the container restaurants that are available here.

A majority are on the ground level while on the upper level, there are a few more, plus seating options as well. This place is suitable for singles, couples, families or even large groups.

Miri Brew Crew Coffee
The Brew Crew

Miri Halal Food
Lalapan Selera Kampung (Halal Food)

Container City Miri Tusan Ice Cream
Customers buying the famous Tusan Ice Cream

Container City Miri Noodles Only Mee
Only Mee, serving noodles

Halal Food Container City Miri
Sebenak, one of the container restaurants serving Halal food at Container City Miri

Container City Miri Sebenak Restaurant
Halal menu at Sebenak Container City Miri

Eggtaste Container City Miri
Egg Taste, serving desserts

Container City Miri Dessert
Juice Jungle, healthy option for drinks

Container City Miri Cheese and Chong
Cheese and Chong, for cheese lovers

Container City Miri Burger Western Food
On the first floor, a container selling burgers and western food

Miri Madness Delicious
Madness Delicious, serving local food

Menu for Container City Miri
The menu at Madness Delicious

Miri Halal Restaurant
Berbara, serving western, fusion and local food

Miri Seafood Captain's Catch
Captain's Catch, serving awesome seafood in Miri

Seafood Restaurant Container City Miri
Seafood menu at Captain's Catch in Miri

Miri Tusan Ice Cream
Tusan Ice Cream container, famous in Miri

Ais Krim Tusan
Tusan Ice Cream, I ordered a small cup

Pretty Pink, serving frozen yoghurt at Container City Miri 

Miri Container City Photo
What Container City in Miri looks like from outside

Where is Container City Miri?

Container City is located along Jalan North Yu Seng, in the main city area of Miri. A prominent landmark is the famous Restaurant Muara Lalapan or just further down from the corner Ming Cafe. 

If you are stating in the city area, you can easily walk there from your hotel. If you stay out of Miri city area, you can take a taxi or Grab to Container City Miri. 

Map to Miri Container City

How to go to Container City Miri? 

If you are staying in Miri City centre, just walk there as mentioned above. If you are driving in from Brunei or Sabah, it is located on the main street of Jalan North Yu Seng.

Just use Waze or Google Maps and search for Container City Miri.

If you are staying at the Pullman Hotel Miri, it is only a 10-minute walk there. If you stay at Everly ParkCity Hotel or the Miri Marriott Resort and Spa, you need to take a taxi there.

Other general hotels in the city are only a short walking distance.

A larger map of Miri showing where the Container City Miri is located

Container City Miri Information
Address: Lot 2225, North Yu Seng Road Miri, Sarawak 98000
Telephone: 011-3120 3352 / 019-888 2366
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/containercitymyy/
Business Hours: 10.00 AM to 12.00 AM
Open: 7 Days a week

Some of the murals seen on the upper level of Container City Miri

Miri Container Bazaar
View of Container City in Miri


For the traveller or businessman visiting Miri, be sure to take some time to experience this unique eatery. It is also recommended to visit during dinner as the place looks beautiful when lit up with lights at night. 

For those wanting a peaceful and quiet time here, it is best to visit the Container City Miri before lunch or just after the lunch hour as the place is nice and quiet.

For me, I visited this place around 5.00 pm, and there were already a few tables occupied.

You can also read my other article on what are the things to do in Miri, if you are a first time visitor here, as I have generally identified most of the attractions in and around Miri.