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Where To Flyboard in Malaysia

Malaysia Flyboarding

Having been around for a while now, many have asked me where to Flyboard in Malaysia and to date, there is only one place where you can do flyboarding in Malaysia, which is at Marina Putrajaya, in Putrajaya.

This very interesting water sport which is a unique trend around the world has been around in Malaysia since 2014 and operated by only one company here.

Where To Flyboard in Malaysia

Flyboard in Putrajaya
Flyboard in Putrajaya, Malaysia
So for those who want to try Flyboarding in Malaysia, you can simply head to Marina Putrajaya in Precinct 5 or just next to the Pullman Resort Putrajaya.

Prices range from RM350 to RM650 per person, depending on the introductory or regular flyboard session which is around 30 minutes, including the training time. Some promotion websites are also offering group packages with discounts too.

Originally, Flyboarding was introduced to the world in 2011 and only caught up the following year when it was commercialised.

Malaysia was one of the lucky countries in Southeast Asia to be the first to offer this new water sport. This sport is huge in Dubai and other parts of the United States, Thailand, and Bali. 

JetLev or Water JetPack, another kind of experience similar to Flyboarding
Another unique experience is the JetLev or Water JetPack which is similar to Flyboarding but you wear a backpack that lifts you off the water, just like in the photo above.

Currently, this type of sport is not available in Malaysia to date. Perhaps someone will bring this Water JetPack experience to Malaysia soon but the key element to offering these kinds of services is the safety of the public.

Strict laws need to be enforced for motorized water-sports in Malaysia, meaning, these activities should be conducted away from the general public as it is a safety and noise hazard.

Already in Malaysia, there have been many Jet Ski accidents that happened around Penang and Langkawi. 

Flyboarding around the world - Image from Miami Beach Flyboard
More information on Flyboarding in Malaysia: http://www.oxbold.com/flyboardmalaysia.htm
Oxbold is the pioneer and only company in Malaysia offering this unique experience and adventure.

Flyboard Malaysia Address:
Marina Putrajaya, No.1,
Jalan P5/5, Presint 5, 62200 Putrajaya,
Time: Mon-Sun 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM
Telephone: +6019 6638 336

*Main Image Credit to Flyboard Malaysia

How a Flyboard works - Image from midatlanticflyboard.com
How does Flyboarding work?

In general, you need a jet ski to power the fly board as seen in the image above. So wherever you move around the water surface, your jet ski follows.

You should take precautions for the controls as it is very sensitive. For example, lifting your toes will tilt you backward and so on, therefore you have to keep an eye for the jet ski.

Other places where you can flyboard in Southeast Asia;
• Turi Beach Resort (reservations@turibeach.com), Batam Island, Indonesia.
• Pattaya, Thailand
• Phuket, Thailand
• Ko Samui, Thailand
• Tanjong Benoa, Nusadua, Bali, Indonesia (Price Rp. 650,000)


To date (March 2016), there are no other places around Malaysia offering this and you no longer have to ask where to Flyboard in Malaysia as you can do it in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Even tourists are heading here to try this simply due to world popularity.

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