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Malaysia Airlines New Name?

Word in the aviation industry is buzzing with news about the Malaysia Airlines New Name, which is currently being discussed as of 10 March 2016. There has been no speculated date set for this to happen, but for now, many are awaiting news of the new name for Malaysia Airlines. 

All this was in line with the tragedies that happened and the new chief executive officer was optimistic that things would improve, and it could start with the renaming of Malaysia Airlines. Christoph Müller told German Financial Newspaper Handelsblatt in an interview that he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The CEO was quoted stating;
“I would say there’s no longer a danger to the life of the company, but the patient has many serious illnesses all at once. I’m optimistic: it’s going to work.” 
Since taking over, Christoph Muller has taken multiple measures to re-brand the trouble-ridden Malaysia Airlines, where in September 2015, he launched a new company and he also said the airline might get a new name, quoting; 
“A final decision hasn’t been made. I would say the name has to reference Malaysia. Our reason for existing is to be Malaysia’s national airline and we want that to remain so.”
From 2001 through 2014, Malaysia Airlines suffered RM8.4 billion in net adjusted losses from the years 2001 to 2014, from years of mismanagement and staggering on the edge of bankruptcy when the government decided to carry out a major restructuring, including hiring Christoph Muller as the CEO.

A new name for Malaysia Airlines soon? 
In the Handelsblatt interview, Müller had also shifted the airline’s focus from the once profitable European-Australian routes to emerging economies in Asia, with a major focus on China. Müller believes Malaysia, with its large Mandarin and Cantonese-speaking populations, was an ideal vacation spot for China’s burgeoning middle class, the report said. Muller quoted; 
“We’ve created a new company, our employees have new contracts and there’s a completely new management,” Müller said. “Fundamentally, more is new than old and we will offer our passengers a noticeably new product over the next 18 months.”
For now, much of the industry will be busy with chatter and a lot of rumours in regards to the Malaysia Airline new name but until it is officially announced, any name you hear is just speculation. 

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