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Glass Cliff Walk at Yunyang Chongqing

Yunyang Chongqing Glass Cliff Walk

A very interesting attraction known as the Glass Cliff Walk or Glass Plank Road ( 绝壁栈道) will surely impress anyone who loves a little bit of outdoor adrenaline.

This fascinating structure is located along the Longgang National Geological Park in Chongqing and opened in 2012.

Currently, the national park is undergoing completion to be one of the premier tourism destinations and this is one of the much talked about things to do in Chongqing.

Yunyang Chongqing Glass Cliff Walk

This spectacular wooden and glass cliff walk takes visitors through 3200 meters (10,500 feet) walk along the cliffs here where portions of the walkway have glass bottoms allowing visitors to see below.

The walkway is a mere 1 meter (3.2 feet) wide and glass which is 3 inches thick, which is what keeps you from falling below!

Are you up for it? Just take a look at the amazing glass walkway in the photos below.

Chongqing Glass Cliff Plank Walk
Visitors walking along the glass cliff walk. In the distance, you can see two of the resting gazebos, one straight ahead while the other is on the far left.  
Chongqing Glass Cliff Walk China
Many areas have stairs leading up the walkway. There is a lot of walking to do here, so come prepared with a pair of good walking shoes, not slippers. 
Glass Cliff Walk Chongqing Photo
The sections of glass where you can see below. Note this photo was taken during the midst of a heavy tourist season, hence the glass was dirty. There are two main sections where you walk through the glass and wood walkway here too. 
There are a few sections to this walk where each section has its own Chinese name, which of course is also in English for the tourists.

For instance, the first part of the cliff walk is called the Hand-in-Hand Plank Walk and the second part is Moon Cave Plank Walk.

One of the main reasons it is called 'Hand-in-Hand Plank Walk' is because if your loved one is too scared to make that walk, the partner will take his or her hand to complete the journey here. This is also a direct translation from Chinese.

Yunyang Glass Cliff Walk
Spectacular views from the Glass Cliff Walk. Note this photo was taken in May 2015 and the weather was not favorable then. It looks so much better in spring or autumn. 
Yunyang Moon Cave Chongqing
The Moon Cave is seen from a distance
Yunyang Moon Cave

Along the way, you will pass the famous Yunyang Moon Cave which serves at one of the exit points through this cave.

In the distance, you will also see various Chinese styled gazebos that serve as resting or stopping points of the Glass Cliff Walk here.

Again, this walk will test your fear of heights and is a must to attempt for anyone seeking some adventure.

Yunyang Longgang National Park Chongqing
The beautiful view of the Yunyang Longgang National Park
This glass and wood walkway eventually leads you to the Longgang Heavenly Pit which is another amazing attraction at the national park.

From here, you can exit at Longgang Heavenly Pit Tourist Center. There are facilities like toilets, souvenirs, and the main tourist center. Note that you need a translator here at all costs.

Cliff Walk in Chongqing China
A view of one of the sections of the cliff walk
Just to be clear, this is one of the three glass cliffs walks in China as there are another two more similar ones which are Guigu Cliff Path on Tianmen Mountain and the Glass Trail at Zhangjiajie, which are also a must experience.

However, the one here is combined with wood and glass and sections of the walk have glass bottoms while it is interconnected to other tourist attractions in the Yunyang Longgang National Park.

Qingshui Mirror Lake Longgang National Park
View of the Qingshui Mirror Lake from the cliff walk. This photo is zoomed 60x.
While walking, apart from seeing the scenery, you will most see a beautiful river below which is part of the Qingshui Mirror Lake.

This is also where you can book a traditional river cruise to see the stunning mirror effect on the lake.

The boats will also pass the glass walkway so if you look up, you will see the structure which is hundreds of meters above you.

Longgang National Park Chongqing
A sign showing the various places at the Longgang National Park 
For photographers, this is an amazing place for photography, especially from March-April and October-November.

Try to get here as early as possible and avoid peak weekends or holidays as the place will be filled with local tourists.

There is a minimal entrance fee here and the standard access point here is being dropped off at one end, walk the walkway and exit at the other end.

Promotional park tickets allow you to visit multiple locations around here and you can get them from the tourist information centers.

Glass Cliff Walk Information

Just to remind anyone wanting to visit this place, there is quite a bit of walking to do while there are quite a number of steps leading up to the main walkway.

Do take note that this place is not disabled-friendly. A tip is to bring a couple bottles of water, wear comfortable walking shoes and pace yourself.

Don't try to hurry your walk as you will most likely be out of breath halfway. You probably need to spend a minimum of half a day here as the trip to the national park is about 4 to 5 hours from Chongqing city via bus.

As for what else to do around the Yunyang Longgang National Park, you can also check out the stunning Cloud Bridge and Glass Skywalk which is one of the world-class attractions that recently opened in May 2015.


Overall, Chongqing offers countless tourism attractions all over the province and to get here, AirAsia X flies directly to Chongqing from Kuala Lumpur (4 x Weekly) and also from Bangkok, Thailand.

So the next time you visit the Longgang National Geological Park, make sure you at least try the Glass Cliff Walk or Plank Road here as it will definitely be something to remember. 

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