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My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia Overview

My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia Review

After the inaugural My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia took place at the Sunway Surf Pool in Selangor on the 8th March 2015, Malaysians and foreigners managed to be introduced to the many vibrant music genres offered by the 21 live bands and musicians who played here live on stage for the first time in such a large scale. 

Visitors and fans came as early as 4pm to catch some of the acts that started at 5pm right till almost midnight for MMF 2015. As there were 21 bands and musicians performing, each of them were given 15 minutes on stage to perform their best stuff. Hats off to the organizers (Ox Entertainment) who painstakingly organized this inaugural event where they decided to go with a double stage which made things so much smoother and easy for the many musicians here.

Crowd at My Music Festival 2015
Crowd at My Music Festival 2015
Even though some rain came at about 5.30pm, this did not stop the crowd as they wanted to see the many different bands playing throughout the evening. When it got a little heavier, crowds moved into the shelter area and were back out the minute the rain stopped. 

Around the music festival, there was food, drinks, souvenirs and a VIP area and the crowd was seen moving around these places. A special area was also dedicated to those who preferred alcohol. Television crew, photographers and the mainstream media was treated to a front row area for their coverage while satellite TV station Astro was in the house to record this event. 

Dotters' Division Band Malaysia
Dotters' Division, the only all-girl band at MMF2015
Dotters Division playing live on stage at MMF2015

My Music Festival 2015 started with the only all-girl band called Dotters' Division who gave an amazing performance at 5pm. They played popular tunes which got the crowd moving and also singing along. We also noticed that many of the visitors were very impressed with the opening act who were lively and full of energy doing interesting cover numbers.

Paperplane Pursuit My Music Festival Malaysia
Paperplane Pursuit with an exciting performance
Paperplane Pursuit live on stage 

Paperplane Pursuit was the next act up where they opened concert style with the lead singer walking onto the stage just before the song started. A local Malaysian band who has been around for a number of years, they pretty much knew how to please a concert crowd. Another very lively act which played pop-rock songs and the crowd loved it so much that the lead singer jumped down from the stage to sing with the crowd in the front row. 

9 Lives Band Malaysia
9 Lives Band live on stage
9 Lives performing at MMF 2015

9 Lives Band was the next act where they are an entertainment live band who performs around Malaysia and Southeast Asia. At MMF2015, they opened with popular energetic song 'Where is the Love' by the Black Eyed Peas which got the crowd moving and swaying. No doubt that the 9 Lives are used to the stage as they interacted well with the early crowd. 

Coca D Monday Band My Music Festival Malaysia
Coca D Monday on stage
Coca D Monday was a surprise as this huge outfit played local Malaysian reggae music complete with horns. In general, reggae music has always been stereotyped over the years but after listening to Coca D Monday, they totally gave a different angle on reggae music.

Coca D Monday performing live

My Music Festival 2015 saw many walks of life coming in at different times throughout the evening. From just walking around the festival area, I couldn't help but notice many foreigners who came to attend this event. As it went later into the evening, the crowd grew with the intensity of the music performances. 

Below are the many other Malaysian bands that went on stage for MMF 2015 all the way to midnight. Many of the bands performed their best songs while those with albums played their hit songs. 

Fazz Live at My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
Fazz pose for a photo before doing their unique pop, blues and swing numbers
Jumero My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
Jumero performing live on stage - Image from MyMusicFestival
Back2Basixx 2015 My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
Back2Basixx on stage - Image from MyMusicFestival
JaggFuzzBeats My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
JaggFuzzBeats performing live - Image from MyMusicFestival
Heavy Machine Live at My Music Festival 2015 malaysia
Heavy Machine always entertaining with their versatile ensemble on stage
Heavy Machine plays live at MMF 2015

Strollers 2 and Vijay David My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
Vijay David and The Strollers 2 showing their amazing vocal skills
The Strollers 2 and Vijay David were a force to reckon with as they have been in the music industry for many decades now and at the festival, they choose to sing some powerful classic rock numbers from Led Zeppelin that shared many high vocals and amazing guitar and drum solos. Classic rock fans were seen enjoying and singing along to the numbers too. 

Enterprise Band Live at My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
Enterprise - One of the impressive bands that played electronica pop ala 80s style
Enterprise Live at MMF 2015

Among the bands that I (the writer) was impressed with was Enterprise, a local electronica-pop band that somehow influenced the 80's Electronic tunes into their numbers. When Enterprise took stage, I had no clue on what they were going to play as I had never heard them before. But when Ismail (lead singer) started with the keyboards and then guitar, Kreftwerk and A Flock of Seagulls came to mind. 

I could see that the crowd was equally impressed or stunned when they played live here. I looked around to see many paying close attention to the band as this was obviously something not usually heard. To me, the MMF 2015 was an excellent platform to showcase talents like these and I hope that more musicians will come out or be given the chance to perform at events like this. 

Blues Gang Live at My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
Legendary Blues Gang take stage and give the audience some awesome blues and rock music
Alleycats live at My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
Datuk David Arumugam gets the crowd to sing along at My Music Festival
Among all the bands that performed at the festival, I would easily say that Malaysian legends, The Alleycats - stole the show with their ever popular nostalgic hits. Even after all these years, they are still rocking it and judging from the crowd of young and old, they were singing along and waving their hands in the air. Kudos to the Alleycats for all these decades of great live music! 

Alleycats Live at My Music Festival 2015

Joe Flizzow Live at My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
Malaysian Rap Superstar Joe Flizzow gets the crowd all hyped up with his rap tunes
Joe Flizzow sings Havoc at MMF2015

Rap was always an African American thing but evolved over the years and taken to a commercial level with musicians like Linkin Park and Eminem. But in Malaysia we once had Too Phat which brought us local Malay rap hits and since Joe Flizzow went solo, he has brought Malay Rap to an even higher level.

Joe nailed it at this event when he sang some of his famous rap songs and ending with his most popular hit 'Havoc'. The tune even got me singing along, so you can imagine the overall influence it had on the crowd. Well done Joe Flizzow!  

JuncOFunc performing at My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
JunkOFunc dazzles the crowd with their amazing music
After a stunning performance at the Borneo Jazz Festival 2014, JunkOFunc makes another powerful impression here at the MMF with their huge group playing funky numbers complete with horns and vocals. JunkOFunc is one of the up and coming bands to look out for in the club and bar scene in Malaysia too while they are very entertaining to watch live on stage. 

Union Band at My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
The Union impressed the crowds with their 80's numbers
If you grew up in the 80's, this is the band you should watch live. The Union swears by only playing 80's numbers at their live shows or performances. Well, I have seen them play before and I know for a fact that these guys are pretty good, in fact, the best band in Malaysia that delivers awesome 80's music. At the festival, The Union played some amazing numbers from Queen, Simple Minds, Def Leppard and even Big Country and the crowd simply loved them! 

The Union at MMF2015 Video

The highlight of the evening - Smokie

Smokie Live in Malaysia Photos
Smokie live on stage during the MMF 2015
The highlight of My Music Festival 2015 was no other than Smokie, legendary UK rock band who has spent almost half a century making and playing music. They took stage at about 10pm and performed their various hits over the years.

The crowd was seen cheering, clapping and singing along to the numbers that Smokie played until their last song which got the crowd all hyped up and then said 'Thank you and Goodnight Malaysia' while walking off stage.

Smokie sings Have you Ever Seen The Rain in Malaysia

While the roaring crowd wanted to hear the world-famous hit 'Living Next Door To Alice', they chanted 'Alice...Alice...Alice' and 'Smokie...Smokie....Smokie...." over and over until the MC came out to ask if everyone wanted Smokie to perform that song. 

Smokie then re-appeared on stage and played CCR's 'Have you ever seen the rain' before giving the ultimate number to the audience here and the roars were at peak when they strum the beginning of 'Alice' on their guitars and the rest was pretty much what the crowd wanted - to chant the infamous chorus. You know what I mean....

Smokie performing Living Next Door To Alice at My Music Festival 2015

And the music continues below.... 

Hydra Live at My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
Hydra does some heavy metal numbers for the audience 
After a 30 minute performance by Smokie and a very happy audience, one of Malaysia's powerful rock bands - Hydra, took stage and opened with U2's "I still haven't found what I'm looking for' before taking the set to some hard core heavy metal numbers from Metallica. The crowd was seen singing along and loving every second of it. 

Kyoto Protocol Live at My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia
Action packed and full of energy, Kyoto Protocol rocks the crowd
Last on the play list for MMF2015 was no other than popular Malaysian rock band - Kyoto Protocol who came onstage all fired up and giving one amazing and high-energy performance. They delivered songs from their albums which were in English and also in Malay. Filled with adrenaline, Kyoto Protocol were seen jumping around the stage throughout their performance which was an amazing act to close the music festival.

Kyoto Protocol live on stage to end the festival

Overall, the Malaysian Live Band Music Festival saw a few thousand locals and foreigners attend despite the rain in the evening and many were asking if there was going to be another festival next year. According to the organizers, if things work out well, there could be even one at the end of this year but we will have to wait for the official announcement from Ox Entertainment which is a subsidiary of Memories Events Group who brought this together.  

Finally, you can also get more information from the My Music Festival Facebook Page for upcoming news and for those who missed this event, fear not as an even better one is being planned for the next one. You can also see my initial article highlighting each of the musicians and bands in Malaysia Live Band Music Festival Performers.

Crowd at MMF 2015
A music fan takes a photo at the festival
MMF 2015 is supported by Malaysia Major Events (MME), a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia. In conjunction with the Malaysia Year of Festivals 2015 or MyFest 2015 celebrations, MMF2015 is pleased to showcase the best in Malaysian Live Band entertainment in one venue. 

The videos and photographs were taken by Malaysia Asia and Malaysia Travel News. I am an amateur videographer therefore please excuse the quality of the video as I recently got into video production. Any comments or feedback about My Music Festival 2015 Malaysia Overview, please feel free to leave them in the comment form. 

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