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Malaysia Live Band Music Festival - MMF2015

Malaysia Live Band Music Festival - MMF2015

For the live band music lover, this 8th March, the Malaysia Live Band Music Festival or MMF2015 will take place at the Sunway Surf Pool in Sunway Lagoon, Petaling Jaya for the first time. A total of 20 Malaysian live bands will be performing in this inaugural one day music festival which promises an evening of great music. 

In Malaysia, live bands are commonly found in bars, clubs and pubs throughout the country but now, for the first time, you can catch some of the best live bands in Malaysia performing back-to-back in one venue. This is not your Battle of the Bands event, more of a music festival carnival that will guarantee music lovers a wide genre of live music.

Malaysia My Music Festival
My Music Festival 2015
Branded as My Music Festival 2015, this live band music festival will showcase prominent musicians and live bands which include well known artist like The Blues Gang, Kyoto Protocol, Headwind, Joe Flizzow with a special appearance from Smokie - a rock band from the UK which brought you the evergreen hit "Living Next Door To Alice".

Below are the list of Malaysian Live Bands and Artist performing for MMF2015. 

• Joe Flizzow
Malaysia's top rapper, producer and songwriter and also a pioneer in the hip-hop music scene, Joe is also a respected influencer in the Asian hip-hop industry. Starting his career with Too Phat with numerous album and hits, Joe Flizzow went solo in 2009 and is active in the music industry with Kartel Records dealing in song writing, publishing, talent management and lifestyle products.

More Joe Flizzow on Facebook.

Joe Flizzow My Music Festival
Joe Flizzow
• Alleycats
Formed in 1969, the alleycats have come a long way in the Malaysian music industry appearing on television, radio and national events and becoming a household name in local music. They have an amazing track record with numerous albums over the last 40 years and still going strong. Malaysians will know who they are!

More Alleycats Malaysia on Wikipedia

Alleycats My Music Festival

• Kyoto Protocol
Formed in 2008, the band has had amazing response over the years and in 2011, Kyoto Protocol received a nomination for 'Best New Artist' from Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) in Malaysia following the success of their EP which was cheekily entitled "An Album" in the same year. They have also performed at various music festivals including the Future Music Festival Asia and Good Vibes Festival. They released a new album in January 2015 titled "Catch These Men" and are on a nationwide tour this year.

More Kyoto Protocol Band on Facebook.

Kyoto Protocol My Music Festival
Kyoto Protocol

• Blues Gang
One of Malaysia's pioneer and most recognized rock-blues live bands, the Blues Gang has come a long way since 1978 and having a total of 9 albums in their history to date. They are currently still in the live band circuit performing at selected bars and clubs around the Klang Valley. They have also been on television and appeared at many festivals, concerts and events including the inaugural Miri Country Music Festival in 2014.

More Blues Gang on Facebook.

Blues Gang My Music Festival
Blues Gang

• Heavy Machine
Coming from the days of the 80's are one of Kuala Lumpur's top live performing bands to date. Heavy Machine has been in the live music scene for over 30 years bringing entertainment in bars, clubs and pubs with their wide genre of music ranging from Top 40 Hits to Latin, Jazz and even Malay music. A band that is sure to entertain wherever they perform.

More: Heavy Machine Band Malaysia on Facebook.

Heavy Machine My Music Festival
Heavy Machine 

• The Union
Branded as the only 80's Live Band in Malaysia, The Union actually consist of 2 popular local pub and club bands called S.W.V.2 and Big Game creating the perfect combination of live retro music. These guys know their 80s music so if you are an 80s music fan, this is the act to watch.  

More: The Union Band Malaysia on YouTube.

The Union Band My Music Festival
The Union, 80s Live Band from Malaysia

• Hydra
No stranger in the pub and club scene in Malaysia, Hydra has come a long way in the nightlife entertainment with local and regional performances from Singapore to Cambodia. Hydra has also released singles and working on a debut album while they were also one of the nominees for the VIMA Awards 2014. Hydra also performed at the WAG Music Festival 2014 in Kuching, Sarawak.

Hydra on Facebook.

Hydra My Music Festival

• JunkOFunc
A project band conceptualized in 2008 has seen JunkOFunc perform at many events and festivals where they also took stage at the 2014 Borneo Jazz Festival. The massive band consist of highly talented musicians which play a very interesting genre of jazz, funk and soul music with a lively upbeat to suite festival goers. Definitely a band to watch if you like those genres of music.

More JunkOFunc on Facebook.
JunkOFunc My Music Festival

• Enterprise
One of the interesting bands to check out, Enterprise Band from Subang Jaya has been around for a number of years but it is their unique genre and style of music that keeps people on their feet. A mixture of disco, electronic, guitars, drums and that Brit-Mod-Electro-Glam is sure to have you either nodding your head or jumping around with their upbeat genre of music. 

Enterprise Band My Music Festival

• Fazz
Fazz is an independent musical band from Southeast Asia and performs a very unique mix of pop, blues and swing by infusing colors of vaudeville and cabaret-ish elements into their music and shows. Fazz consists of four musicians – Kevin (Vocal), Grace (Keys), Farouque (D.Bass) and Jone (Drums) who work together to bring entertainment on stage using the date of 1940s concept as their genre of music. Very interesting band for music lovers. 

Additional: Listen to more Fazz

Fazz Band My Music Festival

• Back2Basixx
Winners of HELP University College Talent Contest and appearing on radio shows, Back2Basixx are 5 talented musicians and singers who have influences of Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, All 4 One and the Temptations. They have performed at various gigs, clubs and charities in Kuala Lumpur while their unplugged style of music will surely get you singing along.  

Back2Basixx My Music Festival

• Coca D Monday
Playing their own written songs, Coca D Monday states that their genre of music is "Simple Fresh Reggae", in a Malaysian style. A must listen if you love reggae music, Coca D Monday has been around since 2009 and have 4 singles out to date. The Malaysian reggae band is also heavily influenced by Bob Marley, Inner Circle and UB40 so you know what you can expect from them, lots of swaying and jah-mming!

Coca D Monday My Music Festival
Coca D Monday

• JaggFuzzBeats
Two boys from Shah Alam make up JaggFuzzBeats who play an interesting genre of indie-rock. While they literally sound Indie, some claim that they are more folk-infused harmonies with introspective lyricism and intricate instrumentation. Something very different and unique to listen too. Currently JaggFuzzBeats has three singles to date. This is one of the more unique bands and I cannot wait to see them live. 

Listen to JaggFuzzBeats on Soundcloud. 

JaggFuzzBeats My Music Festival

• Jumero
Two brothers and a neighbour friend make up Jumero, a Malaysian band that won the R.AGE Open Mic competition in 2012. Jumero had also recently performed at Urbanscapes 2014 in Genting Highland and since then, the band has been actively performing locally in Malaysia at Penang, Pulau Redang and around Kuala Lumpur. Soon to be performing on stage for MME2015! 

Jumero My Music Festival

• Froya
With a combination of Indie, folk, pop and electronica, Froya has moved up fast in the ranks of many musicians with her many appearances at TEDxKL, Penang Island Jazz Festival 2012, Urbanscapes 2012, Singapore Baybeats Festivals 2013, and Festival Belia Putrajaya. Froya (Michelle) has even opened for international artists like Jo Hamilton (UK), Wye Oak (Maryland, US), Gabriel Lynch, Charlie Lim (Aus) and was featured at SHOUT! Awards show 2013. All that in just four years since her humble beginnings.

More on Froya Facebook.

Froya My Music Festival

• 9 Lives
Among some of the power show live bands in Malaysia, The 9 Lives Band are on one of the most active and entertaining bands in the industry to date. They comprised of some of the most seasoned local musicians, and have been performing at various bars, clubs and events around Malaysia and Southeast Asia since 1995. 9 Lives Band plays music genres from 60’s classics to today’s chart toppers which includes Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Fusion, Dance, R&B, Reggae, Jazz and Latin. In other words, "You name it, they've got it!".

More 9 Lives Band on Facebook

9 Lives Band My Music Festival Malaysia
9 Lives Band Malaysia

• Paperplane Pursuit
They started their career in 2006 as Stop Sunday then Silent Scream, they finally called themselves Paperplane Pursuit in 2009 where they have released three albums in total, 2014 being the most recent. This award winning trio plays electro pop music and is well accepted by all walks of life. They have been featured prominently on radio while getting some great airplay and I, the writer would like to see them perform at this music festival as they sound interesting.

More Paperplane Pursuit on Facebook.

Paperplane Pursuit My Music Festival Malaysia
Paperplane Pursuit

• Dotters' Division
An interesting all-girl band who initially wanted to be called 'Daughters Division' but thinking of the future and also Google, they decided to have a unique name so when you Google it, you will find them instantly. I like their mindset! Dotters' Division plays covers from all popular genres of music from gospel, funk, blues, rock and pop. I think I am going to like them performing on stage. 
Dotters Division My Music Festival Malaysia
Dotters Division

• A.P.U (Aseana Percussion Unit)
Aseana Percussion Unit or A.P.U is a total percussion unit first formed in 1998 when 4 guys got together with the thought of experimenting on blending the sounds and rhythms of different types of drums and percussion. The group has since then grown and now has 11 highly skilled percussionists and musicians as its core members. A.P.U has performed at many local and international festivals including the Rainforest World Music Festival and Penang World Music Festival.

More of Aseana Percussion Unit

Aseana Percussion Unit My Music Festival Malaysia
Aseana Percussion Unit

• The Strollers 2 featuring Vijay David
Formed in August, 2008, this is a must watch act if you love all things classic and evergreen. Called The Strollers 2, this powerful Malaysian live band performs mostly Number 1 Hits of an era gone by and thus ‘Bringing on Back the Golden Memories of Yesteryears’ for you. The Strollers2 have a repertoire of songs from the '60's and '70's featuring The Beatles, Bee Gees, Eagles, Rolling Stones, C.C.R., Santana, The Shadows, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Rod Steward, Bad Company, Queen  and many more. Definitely an act to catch live as the band always does an amazing performance.

More on The Strollers 2 Website

The Strollers 2 featuring Vijay David
The Strollers 2 featuring Vijay David

• Smokie
Originally called "The Yen", then "The Sphynx", and later "Essence", the band Smokie was formed in 1965. The English rock band from Bradford, Yorkshire was actually spelt as Smokey before renaming it to Smokie and is well known for their Brit-Rock music with their most famous songs which include "If You Think You Know How to Love Me", "Don't Play Your Rock 'n' Roll to Me", "Lay Back in the Arms of Someone". Living Next Door to Alice, peaked at No. 5 on the UK Singles Chart and, in March 1977, reached No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Now on their 40th Anniversary World Tour, Smokie is the main act for My Music Festival 2015 here in Malaysia. This is the second time that the band will be performing here for the Smokie Live in Malaysia concert.

More on the Smokie Website

Smokie Live in Malaysia My Music Festival
Smokie Live in Malaysia 2015
*All the images of the Malaysian Bands and Smokie have been obtained from the organizers with permission to do promotion for MMF2015. 

My Music Festival 2015 Information

• Date: 8 March 2015 (Sunday)
• Venue: Surf Beach at Sunway Lagoon
• Time 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm
• Organiser: OX Entertainment, a division of Memories
MyMusicFestival Facebook

Ticket Information

• The event is FREE and Open to Public.
• International tourists are required to register at the venue entrance.
• International school students and tourists will have a dedicated entry lane.
• A limitation of 15,000 visitors will be observed for this music festival therefore it is recommended to come early.
• Drinking Zones are open to those aged 18 and above only and limited to only non-Muslims.

For the first time in Malaysian history, a massive live band music festival called My Music Festival 2015 will showcase the many well known and even up-and-coming musicians in the country. The festival is free entrance giving Malaysians and also visitors to Malaysia a chance to catch these musicians perform in a one evening event here at Sunway Surf Pool in Petaling Jaya, Selangor for the Malaysia Live Band Music Festival - MMF2015.

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