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Visit Selangor Year 2015

Tahun Melawat Selangor

Visit Selangor Year or VSY2015 has been launched with a theme called 'Discover Selangor' due to the three main elements identified as Nature, Sports and Heritage.

Known locally as Tahun Melawat Selangor or TMS2015, the state of Selangor will be showcasing multiple events and festivals throughout the entire year and is hoping to target a total of 7 million visitors for 2015.

Visit Selangor Year

If you did not know, the state of Selangor is also known as the main gateway into Malaysia as all the main airports are located in this state.

Even Kuala Lumpur city, a federal territory is located in the middle of Selangor, therefore, visitors and tourists coming to Malaysia will have to go through Selangor.

The mission statement for Visit Selangor Year 2015 is to promote Selangor locally and globally to boost the state's economy and also to set the bar and standards in the state's tourism industry to further improve products and services. 

Visit Selangor Year 2015 Events Calendar
Visit Selangor Year 2015 Events Calendar 
Why Visit Selangor? 

While many may think Selangor is a full-scale city, you are wrong. The state is actually balanced perfectly with a modern developing city in the middle.

All over Selangor, you can find nature parks, traditional fishing villages, plantations, kampungs or local villages and forest reserves for those who love the outdoors. some interesting adventure sports like white water rafting and rock climbing are available all over the state too. 

Selangor offers visitors and travelers a complete experience of shopping, family fun, outdoor adventures, heritage experiences, Ecotourism adventures, beach vacations and many other interesting things that tourists can indulge in. 

Food is on top of the list in Selangor as the state boasts of some amazing local and international dishes found throughout the state.

Local Malaysian dishes from Chinese, Malay and Indians can be found all over the state. From local hawkers to night markets and from cafes, restaurants right to five-star hotel dining. 

Thaipusam 2015 Photos

Heritage is not forgotten as the royal town of Klang sits about 25 kilometers from Petaling Jaya city. Here you can explore old town Klang to see the old buildings and how some traders are still doing things the old way.

Exploring Little India in Klang on foot is also a great cultural experience. Food is equally awesome in this part of Selangor however, you need to get information for this. 

Shopping is one of the highlights in Selangor as there are a number of world-class shopping malls in Petaling Jaya, the main city of Selangor.

Most of these shopping malls rival those in Kuala Lumpur, therefore, you can get almost everything that KL city has here in PJ.

Some of the malls are themed and require a full day just to explore them. Sunway Pyramid is one of the popular malls that is adjoined to the Sunway Resort Hotel and also Sunway Lagoon, a very popular theme park. 

Batu Caves is actually in Selangor and not Kuala Lumpur as many perceive. The district is actually Gombak which is under Selangor but it is close to KL city, about 13 kilometers.

However, this is one of the star attractions of Selangor as hundreds of thousands of people visit this Malaysian attraction all year through.

The best time to visit Batu Caves is during Thaipusam 2015 which falls on 3 February. Over a million visitors will come here to witness this amazing festival.

I have also published a Batu Caves photo with some information in one of my previous articles. 

Visit selangor Year 2015 Mascot - Mat Kelip
Visit Selangor Year 2015 Mascot - Mat Kelip
Visit Selangor Year Mascot 

The official mascot for VSY2015 is a firefly named 'Mat Kelip'. The name is also derived from the Malay word for Firefly which is Kelip-Kelip.

The reason the firefly was selected is that Selangor is rich with fireflies as a tourism product in the districts of Kuala Selangor.

Every year, thousands of international tourists make their way there to observe the beautiful fireflies that dominate a number of rivers here. 

This year, the country is all out to promote tourism to the world and states around Malaysia are also participating by running their own state level festivals and celebrations.


For additional information, I have also done an article on places to visit in Selangor, especially if you are a first timer here.

Note that the state is huge and moving around requires planning or engaging a tour company service. For those coming here, welcome to my home state and hope you enjoy the Visit Selangor Year. 

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