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Empire City Party of the Month You Mean?

Empire City Party of the Century or Month

The Party of the Century at Empire City is currently the talk of the town, especially on social media where recruited bloggers have been tasked to promote this massive event to start 2015.

In general, Empire City in Damansara Perdana is set to be the latest lifestyle hub and set to be Malaysia's largest shopping destination. 

Empire City is also set to be an integrated lifestyle commercial development with thematic malls, retail shops, serviced office suites and SOHO offices as well as studio suites.

International brand hotels are also planned here which include the Marriott International Hotel and Autograph International Boutique Hotel though it was claimed that there will be 4 or 5 hotels here. 

With all the hype the group is creating, they have come out with a plan to launch this massive project with a bang - Party of the Century with the theme of The Great Gatsby era.

And by doing so, they have included a list of artists, bands, and celebrities to launch the grand opening with a theme of The Glamorous 1920s which takes place on 23rd January 2015 at 7.00pm. 

Party of the Month you mean? 

Now, here is the fun part - "Party of the Century". When you claim a title like that, I would be expecting artists like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and the works.

We are talking international A-list artists to claim such branding. And for DJs, I would expect no other than David Guetta, Armin van Buuren or even Avicii to perform on the decks for a party of the century. 

However, for the Empire City Party of the Century, the organizers or event company have come up with a list of performers comprising Paris Hilton, Taboo (who?), 2AM (Korean K Pop), Mark Vincent (Australia's Got Talent Winner) and DJ Ken. So, you do the math on this. 

My general concern is clear - when you claim 'Party of the Century', please live up the international standards.

This is not a company's annual dinner party, you are talking to the world when social media is involved.

What we are going to have is a Party of the Month, judging from the list of performers. I hate to say it but these are an artist who is no longer hot or at one time, popular. 

Malaysians being Malaysians

As always, we talk much but when it comes to doing, we fail miserably. Always wanting the best and most spectacular but always no budget.

I spoke to someone about event organizing and she shared with me that most clients would not fork out the artist booking fees and a lot of it is last minute confirmations which result in not being able to confirm the artist slot or date. 

We clearly want the best, but never seem to achieve that target. Then misleading the consumer tactics is used.

Yes, maybe Malaysians are always too simple, even when it comes to international standards - "aiya .... can wan la, as long as got international name, people will come wan". 

Since I am involved in Social Media Marketing, I couldn't help but notice that a number of 'Lifestyle Bloggers' in Malaysia were engaged to hype up the event in the social world.

Well, I guess that is a great movie, but again, was it a paid campaign? Because if it was not, you would most likely get the lesser-known bloggers where traffic and engagement are far from the A-list bloggers out there who will charge a fee.

So with that said, this is what will be said "Ahhhh.... bloggers also want payment? I thought bloggers are free publicity what???? Just get those free bloggers who want to come la...... I'm sure their friends will support them what."

As for the Malaysian crowd, I would love to see how the spectators come dressed for the theme.

I am sure you know how Malaysians do not spend money for themed functions and parties, they simply improvise on what wardrobe they have, unlike overseas where people go all out to dress for the theme.

That is why you always see themes like Black or White or Red or Beach themes as this is the only way to get people to dress, but even with that, there are those 'fail' ones who attend parties and not come in the theme. "Malaysian marr..."

David Guetta, the world's top DJ 
What could have been done

Personally, I would have themed it differently, if the client really wanted to make it glamorous and the talk of the town, then that could be achieved by having current top A-list performers.

It's not like Empire doesn't have the money. For example, look at YTL, when they do a show, they bring in super top-notch quality performers like Pavarotti (RIP) and that makes the industry talk, for a while too.

I understand that Empire wants the younger generation crowd to be their loyal customers. If so, then why have 2AM? They should have just got Super Junior or Big Bang and why DJ Ken?

I would have just got David Guetta or Avicii to perform as that would have commanded a very strong branding presence.

And Paris Hilton? Seriously? To launch her perfumes or bags, maybe, but to sing? I would have brought in Adele or Taylor Swift to really stir up the international buzz.

After all, the world is listening and watching through social media nowadays, wouldn't you want to look good to the world? 

Super Junior, top Korean K-Pop band and internationally known
Think about it, when you have a-listers and top performers here in Malaysia, the international gossip channels will be abuzz with the news. But seriously, Taboo?

I have no comment on this however, a better selection would have been Will.I.Am instead of him, or even Avril Lavigne to sing her 'Hello Kitty'. That would have appealed to the younger generation 10-fold!

One more thing is the confusion of the address. The main website claims that Empire City is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia when the location is in fact in Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Someone should correct this as it is quite misleading too. 

Avril's Hello Kitty 
Well, I have said my views on this topic and you may or may not agree with me but someone has to voice out these issues or we will never learn and always be the Malaysians we are, thinking 'we-know-it-all' but in reality, we simply never learn. 

More importantly, we are always wanting 'cheap but good', spending little money but wanting the ultimate package. So clients reading this - please learn how to move on from our current 'cincai' or 'anything also can la' attitude.


Anyway, for the Paris Hilton, 2AM, and Taboo fans, you can find out more about the Party of the Century at Empire City in this general posting.

If you are going, have a great time there but don't expect to take a selfie with Paris Hilton or meet her (edit - she showed up! I'm surprised) at the Empire City Party of the Month. 


Henry Lee said...

This is just so hilarious bro, u have some really good points there. Now we probably could have realised that party such as these with not so great act will need a lot of marketing but sadly i have not heard of it on the radio or ads, mainly just from influencers or lifestyle bloggers.

Get Avicii or Steve Aoki to come, the fans will do the marketing for you. 2am? Not so much unless it's 2PM instead. So no one bising about them coming to Msia to spread Christianity and molest Muslim girls? How ironic...

Catch up with u soon! :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Henry, thanks. Just wanted to state the obvious and how things are done in Malaysia. It's sad but true and I hope things will change for the better. We all know digital media is the strongest medium nowadays, just a matter of when the clients or agencies will start paying for this medium.

Tenshi Chn said...

sad to say, you sounds really bitter.. like a kid crying to mom coz you were not invited to the party.

don't say it out so loud if you are not too sure of things. i saw a selfie of a girl with Paris Hilton :) Just Fyi.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Tenshi, you know I could have just ignored this comment or marked it as spam..... right? (go figure)

However, I choose to be transparent and no, I never go for lifestyle events like this as it is always for the younger bloggers, like you. Anyway, happy blogging!