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Chocolate Ville in Bangkok, Thailand

Chocolate Ville in Bangkok, Thailand

Chocolate Ville in Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most impressive places I have visited where the attraction is located at the Kaseth Nawamin area, about 30-45 minutes drive from Bangkok city. This unique attraction is created and based on traditional European-American architecture too while the overall place resembles a classic traditional township with a mixture of architecture which attracts thousands of locals and tourists. Yes, thousands on a weekend!

Just take a look at the pictures I managed to take during my visit there. Again, note that the architecture of Chocolate Ville is all a mixed-fusion classic style with wood and concrete.

Chocolate Ville in Bangkok
The town square area of Chocolate Ville
Chocolate Ville Night Photo
The beautiful landscape in the evening here 
Chocolate Ville Restaurant in Bangkok
One of the classic restaurants here
Chocolate Ville Photos Bangkok
An old American style wooden cafe in bright red
Brought here in August 2014 for a visit by Tourism Authority of Thailand Kuala Lumpur (TAT), I never expected such an amazing location for dinner. Apparently, the place gets super crowded on weekends and public holidays from 6.00pm. We arrived just after the rain which was about 6pm and there was already a huge crowd here already. Luckily TAT had arranged for one of the house sections to be reserved for our large group.

The rubber ducks in all sizes seen as you enter
while the Dutch Windmill is is the front of
the Chocolate Ville Entrance

As I walked in the main entrance, what welcomed be was a traditional Dutch windmill, an exact sized one too which is done to the detail. Further in, rubber ducks in all sorts of sizes (some over sized) were seen in the decorative pond before I passed the main Chocolate Ville arched gateway. Passing this arch leads you into a historical American or European town complete with a wooden clock tower, railway station, barn, lighthouse, church and even the local grocery shop. 

A number of restaurants occupy the area so you can choose the type of cuisine you want to have. Outdoor tables are in the hundreds while there is a covered old style airbase open aired garage which serves as a restaurant too. The details on all the decorations and structures are precise therefore for photographers, this is a jackpot!

Chocolate Ville Food Photos
My dinner at Chocolate Ville - A beautiful medium done Rib Eye Steak
As for the food - by looking at the menu, I almost fell off my chair. There are over 300 dishes to choose from and they are prepared by the speciality team of Wine I love You. You name it, they have it - from local Thai to classic American or even German, it's all in the menu. Prices are pretty decent, not expensive nor cheap, more of an in between so it's well worth it if you ask me. For the experience and food that is. 

Chocolate Ville Buildings in Bangkok
A classic American barn and liquor shop here
For drinks, Chocolate Ville offers over 200 wines and a wide selection of beers, including Thai beer and also international beers. Desserts and kids meals are also available here. My tip, make sure you don't eat anything before coming here. The journey here from Bangkok will take about 30-45 minutes depending on traffic too. 

Restaurant at Chocolate Ville
Inside one of the open-aired restaurants here
For the crowd, they start to arrive here from 5.00pm therefore I recommend you leave Bangkok at about 4.00pm, latest 4.30pm to beat the Bangkok traffic jams. Come early, walk around, take photos and then have a wonderful meal here. It's very straight forward. For travelers or foreigners, I suggest you take a taxi here and back. Not to worry as Chocolate Ville staff will call you a taxi if you request it from the cashier. And they do speak English here, simple English that is. 

To view the complete album of photos, please check out my Malaysia Asia Chocolate Ville Photo Album. Putting too many photos here would make this odd therefore, feel free to go there to see more food and area pictures of Chocolate Ville. 

Chocolate Ville Information
Address: Kaset Nawamin Km. 11 Rd, Kasetnawamin Rd. Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 083-077-3738, 081-921-2016 or 081-921-0661
Nearest Train: MRT Lat Phrao - Then taxi here
Website: Chocolate Ville (directs to Facebook)
Opening Hours: Everyday 4.00pm till midnight
Cuisine: Fusion/Thai/International
Payment: Cash/Credit Card
Open Since: December, 2011
Chocolate Ville GPS Coordinates: N13 48.621 E100 39.830 

TAT dinner at Chocolate Ville in Bangkok
The TAT group having dinner at Chocolate Ville in Bangkok
Overall, I had a fantastic time here with the media group and Tourism Authority of Thailand, even though there was not enough time to fully explore the place, I managed somehow to capture the photos above. If I do visit Bangkok again, I will sure make my way here on my own to fully experience this novelty entertainment spot.

You can also check out my other article on the Secret Art Garden just outside of Bangkok which I visited during this trip. For anyone visiting Bangkok and wishes to explore the outskirts for something different, you can easily take a taxi and make your way to Chocolate Ville in Bangkok, Thailand.

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