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Secret Art Garden

Secret Art Garden Thailand

If you love all things art, craft and garden, the Secret Art Garden in Thailand is one of the places that you must-visit. It has been many years since I came across a very interesting place like this and a huge thanks goes to Tourism Thailand, who organised our exploration of outer Bangkok which brought us to visit this amazing place among many other places here in Khao Yai. 

The Secret Art Garden in Pak Chong was created by owner Surindr Sonthirati over 30 years ago when the land was a barren empty space. He painstakingly took his time and converted this plot of 10 acre land to become one of Thailand's hidden secrets - The Secret Art Garden. This of course was done with passion and love from him and his family. 

Secret Art Garden Korat
As you enter the place, these guys greet you
His objective was plain and simple, the share his passion of art and garden in one place here in Pakchong, Thailand. Over the years, Khun Surindr dedicated his effort in planting over 1000 trees while his wife and three children assisted in the art, crafts and decorations of the entire place.

If you walk around the compound, you will be easily mesmerized by the little details that they pay attention too. This is something that not many people look into nowadays. 

For those into art, there are a number of art workshops and shops found here. Creative art using antiques are also displayed around the garden where all of the work is created by the family members.

Walking over wooden bridges above man-made ponds takes you through a journey similar to Alice in Wonderland where cute garden clay dolls and other craft figurines are seen all over the premises which are un-noticed if you do not keep an eye out. This is also before you journey into another world of the secret garden here.

Entrance to the Secret Art Garden
Entrance to the Secret Art Garden
The secrets unfold as you slowly enter the main archway where a wooden sign hangs above the iron cast black gate. This is where the 'secret garden' is located and hidden from the naked eye. What you see outside the premises is the basic art and decoration where the full experience is found behind the iron cast doors.

As you go for the Secret Art Garden Tour, Khun Surindr will walk you through the many sections of his wonderland showing you the many different art styles and decorations he has collected and created over the decades.

Secret Art Garden Nakhon Ratchsima
Some of the beautiful and cute art decorations here
Owner and his wife
Some of the decorations are very impressive as they are life-sized while many of them are too cute to miss.

He has art in the form of paintings, plants, clay, mosaic, metal, stone and even the prized Petrified Wood where a huge life-sized elephant is made from it.

A restaurant and cafe is available for anyone wanting to have an authentic Thai meal here while local Thai coffee and ice cream is also available at the cafe.

Khun Surindr once used to run a 'stay program' at some of his showcase private cottages but he no longer offers this service.

One of them is also called the Writers Cottage overlooking a beautiful landscaped pond where staying here is supposed to inspire you for your writing.

He obtained the idea from a visit to the United States over 20 years ago and dreaming to own a cottage like this came true for him when he made his own private cottage here. 

Asking Khun Surindr, what inspired him for the Secret Art Garden, he calmly replied "It was my dream to have a secret garden, and now you're here in it". The businessman is semi-retired now and spends most of his time here entertaining and educating visitors about art and garden together with his wife and children. 

Thailand Secret Art Garden
Art created by flower pots and plants
Secret Art Garden Craft
Small sheep figurines laid on the grass
Along the tour here, you will also come across a Japanese themed house, a very English garden and also a unique rainforest garden. The tour lasts about an hour or so while Khun Surindr speaks good English too. I love the way he also uses some antiques to blend in with nature and his art. Very creative if you ask me. 

Most of all, it was the little sculptures that caught my attention as every where I went, there was something to spot, in the grass, on the trees, they are just about everywhere. For those wanting to participate in classes, you can do so by arranging with the owners. They offer clay pottery, painting and a few other art classes here. 

Writers Cottage Thailand
View from the Writers Cottage
Secret Art Garden Khaoyai
Some of the cute art spotted along the walk here
While I was overly impressed with this place, I took too many photos here therefore to see more beautiful pictures of the Secret Art Garden, see my Malaysia Asia Facebook Album

Secret Art Garden
99 Moo 9 Soi Tesabarn 28 Klangdong Pakchong
Nakhon Ratchsima, Thailand
Telephone: (66) 044993939-40 
Opening Times: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Opening Days: Open every day except Wed
Entrance Fee: 60 Baht

Secret Art Garden Map 

Located in a very quiet area of Pakchong in Nakhon Ratchsima, this beautiful place is about two hours from Bangkok. This trip is also part of the Tourism Authority of Thailand's initiative to promote tourism products around outer Bangkok and Thailand.

You can either self drive here or use a tour company service to get here. The Secret Art Garden is also close to the Khao Yai area. Again, this place is highly recommended for anyone who loves art, craft and garden. 

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