Visit Malaysia Year 2014 Video

Visit Malaysia Year 2014 Video

The all new Visit Malaysia Year Video 2014 which was produced by M&C Saatchi and Carrot Films Malaysia showcases the original edit of the 5 minute video for VMY 2014.

This is the promotional video to the campaign for Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and launched on the first week of January 2014, and to be aired worldwide.

Visit Malaysia Year 2014 Video 

The Visit Malaysia Year or VMY2014 video shows a couple on an escapade throughout Malaysia featuring the many unique tourism genres available here.

Promoting heavily on Eco Tourism, Culture, Shopping and Adventure, this video is targeted to those who want to see the unique side of Malaysia.

You can also view the re-edit of this version featuring Malaysian singer Yuna which is 7 minutes long in the all new Malaysia Truly Asia 2014 Video and also the official Grand Launch video of Visit Malaysia Year 2014 which was taken on January 4th 2014 at Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur.

To anyone who is planning to visit Malaysia, I hope this Tourism Malaysia Video will serve the purpose in convincing you with our variety of endless Eco-Tourism  and many other interest.

Malaysia is located along the earth's equator and is a tropical country which has lush rainforest, white sand beaches and a cosmopolitan multi-cultural society which is divided in a modern infrastructured country, hence known as Malaysia Truly Asia.

I hope you like this edition of the Visit Malaysia Year video, and if you are planning to visit this beautiful tropical country anytime, please do subscribe to my travel blog as I cover a lot of articles on Malaysia. 

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