Quiet Zone on AirAsia X Flights

Quiet Zone on AirAsia X Flights is a new product that the airline recently launched in February 2012. This means, there is an allocated area in the front of the plane which is child-free. There are a total of about 63 seats dedicated to this zone too. Recently, I visited Korea on an AirAsia X flight from Kuala Lumpur in mid February and was booked on this zone. As I frequently travel around Asia, I expected the worst as it was indeed a budget airline. The flight was scheduled to take off around 1.30am and arrive in Seoul at 8.30am local time.

This meant after boarding, food service and so on, I would be able to catch about five hours sleep and based on my past experiences flying long haul, I would always be awakened by some kid kicking the back of my seat or some baby crying five seats in the front. This time, I was speechless as I slept like a baby for five whole hours until we arrive at Inchon Airport. Even with a full flight, I was unawakened for that entire duration.

Another bonus is that you can also book the Empty Seat Option or ESO in the quiet zone, giving you the entire row of three chairs to make your own personal bed. Think how peaceful your flight will be with this additional service. If it was a 5-6 hour flight, I would most definitely book this for my future trips.

Quiet zone of AirAsia X Flights

What is the Quiet Zone again?
The “Quiet Zone” cabin area features a new ambiance with soft lighting, offering a more relaxing cabin atmosphere, which will ensure a more pleasant journey for all passengers traveling on board long haul flights on AirAsia X. For frequent business and leisure travelers, this is indeed revolutionary in the aviation industry.

How to book the Quiet Zone? 
Basically it is just like paying for the 'Pick-a-seat' option when you are in your booking page. Just choose the seats from rows 7 to 14 or the first section after the premium flat bed seats. The system will not allow a child or baby to be booked in this section giving passengers a hassle free quiet long haul flight. The system only lets young adults of ages 12 and above to be booked there too. There is NO additional charge for this. Just the normal pick-a-seat charge. 

You can now book the “Quiet Zone” on all AirAsia X long-haul flights across China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Nepal and have a peaceful sleep or quiet time during your journey. This goes to show how times have changed since the days of common flight where many have been complaining about their sleepless flights, so the next time you need some peace and quiet, check out the Quiet Zone on AirAsia X Flights.
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Anthony said...

Looks like there is a market for these - that's why they've brought it in! Like the flat beds on Air Asia too.

David Jr said...

Thanks Anthony, yes I totally agree. In this current day, there is a market for many things as the demand for flights keeps growing.

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