Empty Seat Option ESO on AirAsia X

Airasia X Empty Seat Option

The Empty Seat Option or ESO on AirAsia X is one of the best ways to fly long haul, and if you do not know what this is, do read on.

I used to just get the normal seats but after this ESO service was introduced, I gave it a try and from now on, for any future long haul flights I book, I will definitely include the ESO option.

In October 2012, I had a business and leisure trip to Beijing, China, and choose to fly on AirAsia X. Because of the night flight schedule, I decided to give the ESO a try as it did not cost much at all.

By the time I got into Beijing, I had enough rest and even managed to sleep for a few hours during the flight there.

Even for couples, this service is great as both of you will have more privacy and space to stretch out during the flight.

One of the things travelers dislike is getting someone in your row that always has to go to the washroom, therefore, booking the ESO will eliminate this issue. 

Empty Seat Option ESO on AirAsia X 

Three empty seats ~ Row A, B & C on AirAsia X

As most travelers would not know of this service, I would recommend you look into this. Below is information about the ESO service from OptionTown and AirAsia X.

What is ESO or Empty Seat Option?
  • 1 Passenger can choose to reserve two seats next to him/her to have the whole row of 3 seats to him/herself.
  • 2 passengers can choose to reserve an additional seat to have the whole 3 seats for themselves, or
  • 2 passengers can block 2 seats each such that they have two rows of 3 seats to themselves.
How to get your Empty Seat Option (ESO)?
  • Click on the link provided in the invitation email or go to OptionTown prior to departure.
  • Enter flight details.
  • Pay for a signup price and price quoted for an empty seat.
  • Empty seat price will be refunded if request unsuccessful.
  • A notification email of request status will be notified 1-2 days to departure.
Benefits of Empty Seat Option (ESO)
  • More freedom to move about.
  • More space for personal items.
  • More privacy.
  • Elevated travel comfort on long haul flights.
The ESO seats and me giving the thumbs up after waking up from a 2-hour nap

Overall, my flight to Beijing in October 2012 was smooth even with a full flight. I had the luxury of stretching out over the 3 seats throughout my five-hour flight there.

Because it was a night flight, I managed to catch some sleep and as most of you know, sleeping in a sitting position can be a real pain especially when the flights are long.

When I got out of the aircraft, I was feeling really fresh and rested, unlike my usual long haul flights where I really need to stretch. 

In-Flight magazines on AirAsia X
In-Flight magazines and information

Nasi Lemak Park Nesser
Pak Nasser's famous Nasi Lemak on AirAsia X

For those who frequently go on business trips or leisure, you can also consider the AirAsia X Premium Flat Bed Seats apart from the Empty Seat Option.

The service costs a little more but one tip if you are buying last minute flight tickets, you should simply upgrade to the premium flatbeds as the prices are about the same as the normal flight tickets.


Having said this, my next long haul flight on AirAsia X will never be the same after trying out the additional services offered.

It is different when you do a 2 to 3-hour flight, but anything more than 4 hours requires comfort while flying and now everyone has the choice to choose the Empty Seat Option ESO on AirAsia X.

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