Louis Vuitton Bag in Shanghai Picture of the Week

Louis Vuitton Bag in Shanghai is my Picture of the Week. Looking at the picture, I still cannot come to terms on how certain things are in life. I mean, was this bag machine washed or hand washed? Was it spun dry or left to drip dry? Only you and I can imagine how it was done. This picture was taken in the Taikang Lu district of Shanghai when I was wandering around the interesting back lanes here. Notice the undergarments hanging in the back? Such an interesting combination that this was one of my most memorable images of Shanghai, China. 

I guess it is true that every other girl or woman in China owns a LV Handbag, just that is it the real one or are people so well off that they can simply hang their bags to dry. I also visited Paris in June 2011 and took another beautiful picture of Louis Vuitton Handbag Wheel Picture. Here is another article about the new Louis Vuitton Island Maison Store in Singapore which opened on 18th September 2011. I am pretty sure that those hard core bag addicts would be able to tell the difference if this is a real Louis Vuitton Bag in Shanghai.