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Louis Vuitton Handbag Wheel Picture

Louis Vuitton Handbag Wheel is my Picture of the Week. I took this picture when I was exploring Champs-Elysee in Paris while I attended the Paris Air Show in June 2011. As it was my first time in the city of love, I had to see this city on my own and took a long walk from day to night. Arriving at the famous street, I noticed the Louis Vuitton Flagship Store with a fairly huge crowd outside which were mostly Asians. I crossed over and watch in amazement on how the women were spotting smiles from ear to ear. At the side of the building, I saw the famous hand bag wheel showcasing the many Louis Vuitton or LV Bags. As I took this photo, a number of other Asians started to pose and take their picture there. I have to say, the sheer madness in owning one of these bags simply amazes me.

Louis Vuitton Flagship Store in Paris, France

Overall, people from all over the world, especially Asians love owning if not one, a few of these designer bags. Well, in Paris, this is the mother of all stores and I am told that each person is entitled to purchase only one or two bags using their passport in order to curb mass buying. Someone also told me that if you were a husband of boyfriend waiting outside, a local person would approach you and ask if you had bought anything from the store and if you did not, they would give you a list of a few designs and some money to go in and buy the LV bags. After that, you give it to them and get a nice commission. How about that? 

You can also check out my other classic funny photograph of a Louis Vuitton Bag in Shanghai Picture. If you are non Asian who happens to pass this place and love these designer bags, do check out the amazing Louis Vuitton Handbag Wheel on display outside of the store.


Henry Williams said...

I enjoyed this nice photos

Jen said...

*SIGH*...i wish i could get a LV...but then that would take away from my travel money! :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Henry.

Jen - Its one of the other, but there is always hope or working extra hard to achieve this :)

Kay Louis Jee said...

With God's will I wish to go to Paris and purchase one LV handbag to give myself a special treat..Oh God pliz fulfil my wish....hehe Kay.