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Melaka Trishaw Ride - Picture of the Week

Trishaw Ride Melaka
Melaka Trishaw Ride is my Picture of the Week. Notice the tourist sitting casually in the trishaw? This is a common sight when you are in the city of Melaka in Malaysia and most of the time, hoards of tourist will hop on these local trishaws who will take you on a hourly ride throughout town area for a fee. 

In this picture, the trishaw rider was seen struggling to find a turning off so the traffic held behind could move along. A very pretty touristy sight but sometimes the trishaws are overly decorated as you can see in this picture of the week.

Next time you visit this historical city two hours out of Kuala Lumpur, don't forget to experience a traditional Trishaw ride in Melaka. 

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Darek said…
very nice blog !!
Wilson Ng said…
So colourful, amazing!
Malaysia Asia said…
Thanks Darek and Wilson :)

Ciki said…
i likey!! gaudy but nice eh?