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Hanoi Street Life at Night - Picture of the week

Night Life of Hanoi
Hanoi Street Life at Night is my picture of the week. Taken at night during my trip here in May 2010, The photo shows the busy streets of main Hanoi city at night with cars, bikes and buses all zooming pass by.

Doing night photography in Hanoi is one of the fun things, especially during the weekends when the town center gets really busy. You simply pick a place and just look for interesting subjects to photograph here.

I managed to walk around the city to take some Hanoi night photos which were rather interesting. Locals were quite friendly, but again, not everyone will allow you to take photos, so either you get permission or do it discreetly.

For anyone heading to Hanoi in Vietnam, do take note that one of the best places to take photos is also around the Hanoi Old Quarter area just by the main lake here. This is also probably the best place to photograph the Hanoi street life at night.

The trick is to get high up at one of the cafes, ordering some Vietnamese coffee and taking a table by the balcony. This is exactly what I did for this photo of Hanoi street life at night. 


CathJ said...

serious???? wow...

Darren Francis said...

Looks similar to Ho Chi Minh. I was there a few months back. You can view my pics from here:


Thanks for sharing!

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Cath :) Looks like you need to visit Hanoi too.

Darren, thanks for sharing your pics. Will take a look at them.


RyukyuMike said...

Cool shot. Thumbs, Tweetes and a Ping to Linkedin on ya!


Malaysia Asia said...

Hey Mike, thanks for that and appreciate it very much.


gbeejipp said...

I've always loved Hanoi. I think it is a place where you have to be very very good in riding a motorbike to be safe enough on the road. That's why the ladies are not worried.

Malaysia Asia said...

Jipp, you are absolutely correct with that statement. It's a wonder how they control their bikes there.


nateniale said...

Nice photo! The amazing thing about Vietnam is the sheer amount of motorbikes and people who seemed to be able to navigate themselves properly amidst all the chaos.

Fish said...

Street food in Vietnam. Nice picture

Malaysia Asia said...

FM Radio & Fish, thanks for the comment and visit to Malaysia Asia.

Nateniale, thank you and Hanoi is one of the places where you put your road fears to test. The trick of going with the flow seemed to work when I tried it out.