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Hanoi Beer Junction Travel Photo and Video

Hanoi Beer Junction Photo
Hanoi Beer Junction or Bia Hoi Junction is a very popular place at the Old Quarter in Hanoi. This unique place is also located at the corner of Ta Hien and Lương Ngoc Quyen Street where foreigners and locals alike sit on stools and drink local Hanoi Beer watching the traffic pass by.

During my trip here in 2010, I made it a point to check it out since I had quite a number of days to spend in Hanoi. The result was fascinating, as I have never seen so many travelers and locals sitting on little stools drinking beer at a junction. 

There are three shops at each corner serving Bie Hoi (Cheap Vietnamese Beer) so take your pick. A must-visit place for backpackers and travelers who come to Hanoi.

I couldn't help but sit in for a quick beer here sitting on one of those cheap plastic stools watching travelers catch up with traveling stories and hoards of motorbikes pass by in all directions.

If you are afraid of noisy traffic and crowds of bikes and people, then  you best avoid hanging out here. For those who love drinking beer, this is one of the best places to enjoy the local lifestyle is here at the Hanoi beer junction.

Video of Hanoi Beer Junction or Beer Hoi 
Hanoi is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Vietnam and my last trip here was back in 2008. If you have never been here,I totally recommend visiting this city as it is filled with a lot of culture and heritage. And do not forget to check out the Hanoi Beer Junction when you are here. 


Kenny Mah said...

The Hanoi version of the bar in Cheers! :D

Malaysia Asia said...

haha, in a way, yes. But much more open :)


Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Adam, I already miss it 24 hours after coming back :)


superwilson said...

How cheap are the beer? It must be cheaper than KL.

shloke said...

Communal beer joint :) Looks and sounds good!

What will happen if some patrons become drunk? Worst case scenario...reminds me of HK Young & Dangerous. It's just a joke :)


Todd said...

Brings back great memories! Are they still serving Bie Hoi by the liter and in old Gatorade plastic bottles?

Malaysia Asia said...

Wilson, so much cheaper than here.

Mylo, hahah when I hung around, didn't see any drunk peeps. So no idea.

Todd, haha no more. Modernized a little now.