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Hanoi Old Quarter at Night

Night time at Hanoi Old Quarter
Hanoi Old Quarter at night is a collection of travel photographs taken during my trip to Hanoi in May 2010. All pictures were taken using my little Nikon D60 DSLR camera with a 18-105mm lens.

I have to admit that the Old Quarter is one of the very interesting places of Vietnam worth exploring on foot as there is so much to see and do there.

As night photography is quite challenging, I did not bring my tripod on this trip so I made do with anything I could use as support in taking these pictures.

To sum it up, I had a field day snapping photographs and here is a picture post of the Old Quarter in Hanoi at night.

Hanoi Old Quarter Night photography

Hanoi Night Photography
 One of the buildings at a cross junction

City View Hanoi
 Taken from City View in Hanoi's town center

Old Quarter at night
 Walking along the Old Quarter in Hanoi

Photography in Hanoi
One of the alleys at the Old Quarter 

Hanoi Night photograph
 KFC Building at Old Quarter, Hanoi

Night photo of Hanoi
 Traffic from all directions at night

 Shop at Old Quarter selling masks

Old Lady in Hanoi
 A favourite of mine, old lady selling fruits

 Get yourself weighed and measured by the roadside

During my Hanoi trip, I stayed at Impressive Hotel at Old Quarter and it was one of the interesting boutique hotels that I have experienced in my hotel stays.

Read my article to find out more about this hotel. You can also find more of my Hanoi and Halong Bay articles below;
If you plan to visit Vietnam or Hanoi, make sure you have some extra time to explore the Old Quarter of town in the day and also in the night as it is so different. 

One night would not be enough, so I would recommend you spend at least two nights around Hanoi. If you love travel photography, this is one of the places where you would have a great time shooting Hanoi's Old Quarter at Night. 


Caz Makepeace said...

Hanoi is one of my favorite cities. I loved getting up early and riding around the streets on my bicycle or spending time at the lake watching the Vietnamese do their morning Tai Chi

Malaysia Asia said...

Caz, thanks. Unfortunately I did not have the pleasure of cycling but I did catch them doing the Tai Chi at the lake. Really nice sight.


Ayngelina said...

Amazing photos, I was so tempted to take very similar ones but I had just been robbed in Saigon and while I immediately bought a new Canon 40D, I didn't want to lose it!

Migrationology said...

I just came back from Hanoi a few days ago and caught some of these exact same sights. Exploring Old Quarter is an entertainment overload!

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Migrationology, it is a lovely place if you have time to just sit and observe life passing by there. I hope to re-visit Hanoi next year, especially for the coffee.


Martin said...

We loved staying in this area, there are many hotels and restaurants to pick from. We walked most of the time exploring the area, with some of the best places to eat and drink. The Green Tangerine has the best steak my husband has ever had. International Beer Corner was a highlight for us - sitting on little stools on the sidewalks - or in the street - drinking Tiger beer with hundreds of people sitting or walking by us. An incredible experience. We always felt safe walking...once we got used to the traffic! The traffic was something we could sit at a sidewalk cafe and watch for hours - orchestrated chaos. The people of Hanoi were wonderful to us, we were there off and on for a month and didn't get bored.