Popiah at Jonker Street Melaka

at Jonker Street Melaka

or Spring Rolls are quite popular through out Malaysia and this posting I am featuring is located in Jonker Street at Melaka. Operated by a lone old Chinese man with an almost run down mobile stall, he is usually found around Jonker Street in UNESCO City Melaka during weekends.

Popiah originates from the Fujian province in China and brought to this region by the migrating Chinese back in the day. This popular thin paper like crepe stuffed with an assortments of cooked meat, vegetables, egg and other ingredients is found almost everywhere in Malaysia and Singapore. Sold by stalls in coffee shops or hawkers by the roadside, they are available in either raw or deep fried and costs anywhere from RM1.30 to RM3.00 per roll. That would be US$0.37 - US$0.85. Some people have even brought this delicious dish to the shopping malls in the cities. Sisters Popiah and Just Popiah are some of the names I know off that sell popiah in the shopping malls.

Popiah at Jonker Street - Crowd waiting for their order

I arrived at Jonker Street on a Friday on my way back from Singapore and while walking around exploring this beautiful street, I chanced upon a fairly large crowd gathering around this mobile hawker stall. Without any questions, I was there before you could say 'Jack Sparrow'. Curiosity kills the cat they say so I guess it runs in my blood.

Jonker Street Popiah - Serving fresh and deep fried popiahs

The crowd must have been holiday makers as everyone seemed so impressed by the fact that this old man is making popiah in a run down mobile hawker stall. The trouble with Malaysians is, when they see something old and creaky, it must be good! Seriously, this is a habit that as been passed down generations to generations.

Anyway, the women were busy taking pictures of Uncle Popiah while other nosy tourist quickly nudged their way in to get what everyone wanted. Some even ordering more than they can finish. It's a culture I tell you, a Malaysian or Singaporean culture. If something is good, they will try to buy the entire stall out. Taking it home for relatives and even for the neighbors 2 roads away.

Jonker Street Popiah - Uncle making one after another

I must conclude, I had my fair share of getting what everyone wanted. However it took me a long walk and then to turn back when the crown was less. I ordered just one single fresh roll to try it and the conclusion...... it was normal. Malaysians would say 'ok only lah'.

There are many well known popiah stalls or hawkers throughout Malaysia and I hope to bring you more of my popiah escapades in future postings.

If you have never tried a popiah, I suggest you give it a try. You can ask them to not have the chilli spread if you cannot take spicy foods. It is well worth the experience while in South East Asia.

Jonker Street is now called Jalan Hang Jebat if you should know and it in the heart of Melaka's tourist spot. Rows of heritage buildings line the roads here with many restaurants and antique shops. This place is a popular day trip for many tourist, mostly from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

Best time to get here is around 10 in the morning where you can explore the many tourist sites and then head over to Jonker Street to finish your day there. An evening at the night markets would be a great ending for your Melaka outing.

Map to Jonker Street

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Popiah at Jonker Street in UNESCO site Melaka is one of the must-try food when you are visiting here. For a full introduction to the unique spring roll, you can visit the link in Wikipedia on Popiah.