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Redang Island Marine Park

Redang Island Marine Park

Redang Island Marine Park is located on one of the smaller islands called Pulau Pinang (not Penang Island) and is  gazetted as a full marine park under the Establishment of Marine Parks in Malaysia. There are a total of 9 other islands in this marine park system at Pulau Redang or Redang Island. Getting here is a quick and easy boat ride from most resorts in Redang and for most snorkeling trips, one of them would most likely be here.

Redang Islands Marine Park Clear waters and blue skies

A beautiful island with no resorts, chalets or villages, this place caters to mostly tourist or holiday makers who come here to enjoy the natural beauty of the island and also the snorkeling activities. When I came here, the skies were amazingly blue with puffy white clouds. On looking at the waters, I was in awe when I saw how clear the waters here were.

Taman Laut Redang GambarMain jetty of the marine park

When you sign up with any of the tours with your resort in Redang Island, this would the one of the places that they will bring you too. Well, for me, I just hired a boat all to myself to explore the islands around Pulau Redang. The boat rental cost me RM250.00 per day (US$70.00) and my friendly boatman took me anywhere I wanted to go. Of course, most of the time, I asked him for his professional advice since he was the local one there.

Beach Photo Redang Marine ParkSnorkeling with the coral fishes

Just 15 feet from the beach, coral fishes swim freely with snorkelers and every where I looked in the waters, there were schools of colorful fishes swimming about happily. Just look at the picture above and you can see a lone tourist snorkeling about in the waters of the marine park. A good tip when visiting here would be to bring along some fish food or a loaf of bread. You can simply feed the coral fishes here and they will swarm towards any food you throw in. Remember to keep the area clean when you finish feeding the fishes.

Map of Redang Island Marine ParkMain map of the marine park at Redang

Shipwreck Redang Marine ParkA noticeable shipwreck seen here

For the advanced snorkelers, there is a shipwreck located just nearby the Marine Park and you can actually swim to it. The depth there is about 5-10 feet. Sadly, I did not have my snorkel gear so I missed this one out. There is also a visitor center managed by the government which houses additional info about the marine park and also some exhibits of sea life. A map of the entire island is available there too.

Redang Island Marine Park mapRedang Marine Park map

There is a ticket charge to enter the Redang Marine Park, RM5.00 (US$1.45) for adults and 50% for students, senior citizens and children under 12 years of age. The ticket validity will last you a full 5 days upon purchase. The tour operators that bring you here will usually give you a timing of 2-3 hours. Do not forget to get your goggles, snorkel and fins from the tour company or hotel sports center.

Beach at Redang Marine Park Beautiful beach here

Some hotels and resorts offer picnic packages to the marine park so if you plan for one, do check with your hotel. The beach here was absolutely peaceful when I visited as it was a weekday and there were about 3 people when I was at the visitor center.

The Redang Marine Park offers tourist and guests camping sites on the beach complete with barbecue pits, benches and chairs. Toilets are available inside the visitor center and there is an open air showering area. Walking around the visitor center at the Redang Marine Park, you can access the back portion which also has a beach. Not white sand but it is also beautiful as you can see the other nearby islands in the distance.

Photo of Redang Marine ParkBehind the marine park

Naga Dragon Fish Photo MalaysiaNaga Dragon fish

One of the exhibits that caught my attention was the legendary Oar Fish or Dragon Fish as some call it. Thinking it was just a myth, I could not believe my eyes hen I saw one being kept here. Not alive but the actual remains of a baby Dragon Fish or Ikan Naga.

Oar Fish Photo MalaysiaOar Fish (Ikan Naga) at Pulau Redang

Being a baby, it was an estimated 5 feet in length and kept in an aquarium. Seriously, I have seen pictures of this Oar Fish in magazines and in the internet. There was one famous picture of US Marines holding one of these Oar Fishes somewhere at the Mekong River in Thailand back in the 70s, that Oar Fish measured over 50 feet in length.

OarFish informationOar Fish information

Also in the Marine Park visitor center, there were a few containers with baby turtles being kept. They were absolutely adorable and cute. Swimming happily and waiting to be let back into the sea. These little turtles are rescued by locals and brought to the marine park for safety reasons as the park authorities would look after them.

Gambar Pulau RedangBeautiful turquoise waters

After my visit to the Redang Marine Park, I was quite satisfied as I saw the Oar Fish, beautiful skies and clear waters, happy coral fishes, quiet ambiance and also live baby turtles. I just wonder what this place would be like during the holidays or weekends. Then again, let's not spoil my imagination.

Things to bring when visiting the Redang Marine Park;
  • Snorkel equipment
  • Fish Food
  • SunTan lotion
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Change of clothes
For more information on the Redang Marine Park, you can email: utlterengganu@nre.gov.my

Main Office:
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
11th Floor, Natural Resources Building
No 24, Persiaran Perdana, 62574 Putrajaya
Tel: +603 8886 1111
Fax: +603 8888 0489
E-mail: tamanlaut@nre.gov.my

Please note that Pulau Redang Island observes the monsoon season which takes place from October till February. The best time to go to Redang Island is in March and April. 

If you have the chance to visit the East Coast Islands of Terengganu, you should also consider making a visit to Pulau Redang and also to visit the beautiful Redang Island Marine Park.


Adelina said...

Ahh... sweet sweet paradise! :D

Thank goodness the Ikan naga is a dead specimen.. the tank's way too small for a live one :(

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Adele, yes. When I saw it, my eyes popped, then I took a good look. amazing species.


Ken Wooi said...

woah.. nice..
i was there too during my recent trip..
you said there is a shipwreck?? i didnt know about it.. or else i would dive in to see it!! lol..
it was amazing snorkeling there.. looking at corals and fishes.. ahh.. i so wanna be there again...
one day, one day.. =)


Stanley said...

I really like the beach shots. So serene, I wanna go there. The sky and water is so blue!

Stephanie Ee said...

I've been there before.. It's really nice =)


Cutie's Owner said...

Redang Island!!
I love it. Especially during the snorkeling session. I maanged to feed those fishes with Gardenia Bread soak in water and it's sooo much fun!! It's a place that i wouldlove to visit again.


Malaysia Asia said...

Ken, yes, it is just after the cove. The boatman should know, next time around, you should check it out. I will for sure.

Stan - You need a serious beach holiday!

Xiaopei, make plans for one! No regrets.

Cutie, nice that you've experienced it before. Do inform if you make another trip there!


Unknown said...


Can I know where do you rent the boat? You rent it after you reach there or you already book it before?