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Hole In The Wall Floating Restaurant and Fish Farm in Langkawi

Hole In The Wall

Restaurant at Kilim River

Geopark Langkawi

The Hole In The Wall floating restaurant and fish farm is one of the must visit places when in Langkawi. As strange as it sounds, I was pretty much impressed with the catchy name of the place. This attraction is located along the Kilim River where the Eagle Feeding and Geopark tours are conducted and is a major tourist attraction here which is also known as the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park.

Hole In The Wall - Main entrance

Most tour operators will take you to the small village jetty where you board a 10 seater boat and head out into the beautiful Kilim River. First stop would be Eagle Feeding and then for a fish farm visit. Hole In The Wall, a unique name for a restaurant cum fish farm where guests are treated to a show of exotic sea fishes. On how they named it Hole In The Wall, one of the workers replied 'The boss got the name from an actual opening or hole in one of the limestone walls by the river estuary.'

Hole In The Wall - Boat parking

The boat would stop by the side of the restaurant and you will be greeted by one of the locals which would take you on a tour of the farm. There are about 40 or more man made cages submerged with nets that hold all kinds of sea fish. The star attraction of this place are the huge pet stingrays there.

Hole In The Wall - Submerged cages (kelong)

As you are guided by the local guy or girl, they will introduce you to various types of sea fishes from Groupers, Bat Fish, King Crabs, Snappers, Archer Fish (spitting fishes) an Electric Eel and even lobsters. I must say, I was very impressed with this entire Hole In The Wall fish farm attraction.

Hole In The Wall - Guide playing with the pet stingray

The guide then leads you to the favourite Stingray cage and he starts to tap the side of the cage as in calling the stingray. With little pieces of fresh cut fish, the sting ray comes up, not one but two of them. As big as a coffee table, they look playful and hungry. Each time the sting rays surface, he rewards them with pieces of fish. Even putting a piece directly into the mouth. Amazing sight and have your camera or video cam ready for this. You are even encouraged to try and feed these beautiful stingrays.

Hole In The Wall - A live seahorse

Walking around the Hole In The Wall, the guide picks up a smaller submerged cage and takes out a live Seahorse! There were about 6 of them in the cage. I was pretty amazed with the sea horses as they looked really cute and like a toy.

Hole In The Wall - A puffer fish

At another cage, a little Puffer Fish was taken out and showed to me. There are many species and this was just one of the funny looking ones. Square in size it did not puff up when put on my hand. At one of the submerged cages, there is this really large grouper which weighs in more than 50kgs. I wonder if it is still there.

Hole In The Wall - Restaurant area

The Hole In The Wall Restaurant and Fish Farm also serves one of the best amazing local seafood dishes. From crabs, lobsters, king crabs, groupers, abalone and many other choices, this place is open for lunch or dinner. There are about 15 tables available and large groups are not a problem.

Apparently the owner buys the fresh stock from returning fishermen and one more special experience is the owner lets the guest fish from the submerged cages and they are cooked immediately. That is how fresh the food is here.

Hole In The Wall - Special seafood fried rice

This being my 3rd visit to this restaurant, I could not hesitate but to order my favourite Special Seafood Fried Rice. Prawns the size of bananas with deep fried pieces of chicken and prawn crackers, this was one excellent dish. By the way, most of the cooking style here is Malay cooking.

Hole In The Wall - Fresh prawns for sale

The Hole In The Wall also serves a variety of fresh prawns, from Tiger Prawns to Giant Prawns, they are weighed accordingly or sold by piece. You pick your prawns and then tell them which style you want it cooked. Besides seafood, they have a selection of other items like chicken and vegetables. Cocktails and beer is served here as majority of the visitors are foreigners.

Hole In The Wall - Yachts anchored along the Kilim River

As you sit and enjoy the beautiful views of the Kilim River from the floating restaurant, you will see many yachts which are anchored here. On asking my personal guide, he tells me that the estuary is the safest place to anchor the yachts and catamarans as they are protected from the rough open seas. Most of these boats belong to travelers who return back to Langkawi a couple of times a year. Good life if you ask me. I wouldn't mind living this kind of life.

Hole In The Wall - An anchored yacht

Finally after having your exciting tour of the Hole In The Wall restaurant and fish farm, you will continue with your journey to explore the mangroves and see the beautiful limestone rocks around this Geopark.

A shuttle service via boat from the Kilim River Jetty to the Fish Farm and Restaurant is provided for free if you are having lunch or dinner there.

If you take the full Geopark Kilim River tour, there is no charge to visit the farm. All boats will make a stop here and depending on the tour company, there are actually 2 floating restaurants at the Kilim River now. One recently opened in 2007. So, if you want to visit Hole In The Wall, make sure you ask the tour company which fish farm they are contracted with.

Journey from jetty to restaurant - 7 to 10 minutes via boat.

Safety - Keep a good eye on children. The walkways in some of the areas are pretty narrow with no rails. So keep within the main walkway.

For more information, you can visit Hole In The Wall website as there are directions to get here by land or even by sea if you own a yacht.


Hole in the Wall Langkawi - Floating Restaurant & Fishfarm
Kilim River
Langkawi Geopark

Tel: 604 - 9675301
Mobile number: 012-562 0015

~ jrhogan


Unknown said...

My wife so wanna go here and will be one of our place to go next time we go Langkawai

Anonymous said...

Your post makes me want to plan for a trip to Langkawi. I have never been there before and often people will tell me there's nothing really much to see on the island.

Stingray fishing and holding a live seahorse will be stuff I would like to try.

Thanks for sharing. Love the photo of the seahorse. I have only seen dried dead ones in a Chinese medicinal hall. Sad.

Malaysia Asia said...

Khairul, great to know that. The Malay style cooking here is one of the best! Just look at the fried rice. I 'tengok' also 'lapar' man. (I see it and I am hungry)

Mei, wow, you never been to Langkawi? You have to go. At least for the weekend would be a good start. Trust me, you will love Langkawi. Sadly, people do consume dried seahorses, what a pity though.


Anonymous said...

I was there in January, we've been looking for floating restaurant since my mom saw it in JJCM.Accidently,we saw some poster on notice board mentioning the restaurant. We call the no, and they send a boat over to fetch us. We had lunch there and it cost around $300 for 5 person(quite cheap). Its a very nice area, you will feel very relax while having your lunch and its one of best malay seafood restaurant. I will difinetely come again next time

eunice said...

hi David!

the way another person (me) describes abt Langkawi makes me feel like going there during my next Penang trip. Is it easy to travel around Langkawi? One day is enough right?

p.s: dried seahorse is considered TCM, u know right?

eunice said...

not (me) is (you) =/ typo...

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Eunice, yes, one day is enough, but to see a few places only. After grabbing the morning ferry, you need to rent a car quick and then move around. Oh, and the seahorse was alive :)