Pulau Rawa Island - Excellent beach holiday in Malaysia

Rawa Island
Pulau Rawa Island is one of the few places in Malaysia that has the best beaches and waters that I have been to. If you are looking for a perfect beach holiday, I suggest you give this place a try.

I also have another posting about Rawa Islans Resort but that was about the place in general with accommodation with contact info for those interested.

Pulau Rawa Island

Traveling to Pulau Rawa or Rawa Island is via boat from the Mersing jetty. It is also half way to Tioman Island, which is a very popular destination.

Normal boat operators will not take you there so you need to book the Rawa Safaris boat. The office is at the left side of the Mersing jetty area. Some tour operators at the jetty have packages too.

Rawa Island MalaysiaThe beautiful views and white sand beaches

So this posting will be about what to do and where to go while staying at the Rawa Safaris Resort. Again, if you have not read my other posting, I suggest you read that posting before reading this or vice versa. This is one of the last few almost-perfect paradise places left in West Malaysia.

Photo of Rawa Island Jetty with water propelled slide

Pulau Rawa Island also has one of the most unique jetties I have been on. Made from wood, this jetty at Rawa Safaris has a water slide which is water propelled. Heck, even I gave it a shot!

The picture above shows the slide during the low tide so not advisable to try it then. When the tide comes in, the water reaches to about waist level and is perfect for that landing. This is a kid winner!

Rawa Safaris Island Resort also has a sports shop catering to all non-motorized activities. They have scuba and snorkeling gear for rent. We did not go diving as the both of us do not dive so snorkeling was what we did.

Mind you that if you dive, you need to be well experienced to do so there as there are no in house dive masters. If not, there are darts in the restaurant bar.

Picture of Rawa Island Coral fish at the jetty

The picture above was also taken from the jetty. Schools of coral fish in a myriad of colours will come around looking for food.

I had brought along some bread to feed them and was I impressed. Not only the small coral fish came, the larger ones too.

Malaysia fish feedingFeeding coral fish by the beach at Rawa Island

Then we tried to see if the fish were really that hungry. Lilian stood on the beach and put some food in her hand. We were both shocked to see that the fishes actually made their way to the food. How nice.

Hammock to just chill out

Other than enjoying Pulau Rawa on foot, you can just chill out at the hammocks found around the resort and read a good book or just watch the sun go down.

Crocodile at Beach Crocodile sand sculpture

After we checked in on the arrival day, we obviously could not wait to walk around the resort and we saw some creative sand work done by some of the guest staying there. I must say it was really nice work.

Malaysia WW2 TorpedoWWII Torpedo at Rawa Island, Malaysia

Exploring around Rawa Safaris Island Resort, I came across this World War II Torpedo resting along the walkways to your rooms. And yes, I touched it out of curiosity.

Trek uphill to lookout point

Again, Rawa Island is very small with only one side of the island used for the resort. The back of the island is all cliffs and rocks.

They have a small hill which I trekked up to explore at the look out point. Can be dangerous if you are drunk. So be careful.

View of Rawa Island
View of Rawa Island from the hill
And I saw this, most amazing colours for the sea, sand and forest. You may notice that this is the main picture I used for my blog header.

On reaching the top after a 5 minute trek, the view was simply breath taking. You could see almost all around the island and the surrounding islands there.

Back of the island from the hill

At one part of the hill, you get to see the back of Rawa Island which is all rocks and cliff. Nature at it's best I would say.

If you are bringing children there, please be advised to keep an eye on them as this place is a trek and there are no safety barriers except for a small stretch of chrome barrier. One wrong move and you would be seeing a close up of the bottom.

Resident peacock on Rawa Island

At the compound of the resort, you will come across a few beautiful peacock birds who are residents of Rawa Safaris Island Resort. Some of them are not camera shy but when you try to get too close, the will move off.

Rawa Safaris Island Resort Jetty

Another great way to spend the evening just before the buffet dinner is to just sit at the jetty and watch the amazing sunset. Benches are provided and the jetty is actually so huge that you could throw a sunset party just on the jetty.

Sunset Rawa IslandPulau Rawa sunset

And the sunset came. Imagine this - Peaceful, no kids running around, no groups of teenagers partying, no bar music playing away. Just you, the wind and the sunset.

Night photography MalaysiaRawa Island Jetty at night

Walking back to the resort restaurant for the excellent buffet dinner, I could not help but take the jetty picture as it was all lit up so nicely.

Beautiful formation of clouds in the sky

Pantai Pulau RawaJust do nothing all day but relaxing on the beach

Crystal Clear waters

On the journey back, I turned around to see Rawa Island one last time and this is what I saw in the picture above. Clear waters with paradise in the background. If you ever make it there, I trust you will enjoy yourself.

If you are the city type of person, there is no cell phone service, no TV, no Astro, no other bars, cafes and no nothing except for the resort and it's beauty. Remember, this is one of the few private islands left to cater to those who enjoy privacy with a price.

Pulau Rawa Island is definitely a place to explore if you want a beautiful and wonderful holiday minus the crowds. It is also an excellent choice for a Honeymoon Holiday in Malaysia.

For those seeking a nice and quiet get away from the normal hectic island life, this place is the perfect place in Peninsular Malaysia and nothing comes close to a beautiful vacation at Pulau Rawa Island.
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Anonymous said...

wow great pics!
the sea water is crystal clear!
i was at redang in april this year!
this post totally remind me of redang.. haha.. =D

nesca said...

woah so nice. i hope can go there for the upcoming sem break

David Jr said...

Hi Ken, thanks for the visit and yes, the water is the best there! Wait or my Redang posting too :)

Nesca, make sure you pre-book your trip there! No regrets if you love the peacefulness on islands.

Lena said...

oh my god. Looks so beautiful. I will make my way there. your blog is fantastic for discovering malaysia.

Johnathan Oh said...

Nice shots! Thanks for the info.

fatboybakes said...

gorgeous! hey, but isnt the resort here very the expensive hor? i think it was on this island the johor royalty or something had a big party creating some big ruckus right? i presume u can scuba dive here too?

Michela said...

my first visit to Malaysia was in '91, managed to visit KL and Penang! I think it's high time for me to go to Malaysia again, I also want to go to Rawa island and feed the coral fish !! that's so cool :) Thanks for sharing this great information !

ahsai 88 said...

nice place for family holiday..so coll..

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