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Durians at Pekan Nabalu in Sabah

Pekan Nabalu Durians Sabah
If you are heading up to Mount Kinabalu, you must stop to try the Sabah durians at Pekan Nabalu, just before reaching the Kinabalu National Park.

For me, I had the opportunity to sample some of the world's most unique durians here. And the best part is that they are really small, compared to the standard durians. This also depends on the season too.

Durians at Pekan Nabalu

At Pekan Nabalu, you will most likely find the famous Sabah red-colored durian, which would be the Sukang or Tabelak from the Ranau area of Sabah.

The entire contents of the red Sukang durian are in deep red color and are highly sourced by the locals. 

Nabalu Town - Local Kadazan Dusun vendors selling handicraft

Located along Jalan Ranau, the town of Nabalu is the last stop before reaching Mount Kinabalu and it is more of a tourist stop.

But locals always make a stopover, especially to catch the view of the mountain, and usually in the mornings or evenings.

At Pekan Nabalu, the local Kadazan Dusun people sell their local handicraft here and there must be at least 20 over stalls available.

The best time to visit this interesting place is also on weekends or holidays when more tourists and locals are traveling.

Pekan Nabalu Rest Stop

Mount Kinabalu in the morning 7am

At the rest stop, there is a dedicated area serving some food and drinks by local people who live around the area of Nabalu.

You can get very simple local food there and also canned drinks, or you can opt to try out the local coffee and tea here. A basic and clean toilet is available around the area.

View of the Kinabalu Range

For those who travel up here early in the mornings, you should take advantage of the incredible views from Pekan Nabalu.

The view of Mount Kinabalu from the viewing platform is one of the best I have seen and on a clear day.

If you want to get really nice sunrise views, I suggest you arrive there just before 6.00 am. The platform area is large therefore you can do our selfies or take photographs from different angles.

The road to Kinabalu

Durian King or Raja Durian

Well, since we are on the topic of durians, I would like to share one durian experience at home. I once bought a super large Durian which cost me RM45.00, from a local durian stall in SS2, Petaling Jaya.

Just take a look at the size of it compared with a common cigarette box. The guy that sold me the durian told me it was Durian King or Raja Durian, the largest durian in the family. And, I sure had a time of my life trying to finish it. 

Map to Nabalu Town in Sabah

View Nabalu Town in a larger map


Durians at Pekan Nabalu are seasonal so please check with the locals or your tour guide on when is the full fruiting season. 

To my knowledge, July and August are the fruiting seasons for the red durians. But I was also told that they fruit twice a year nowadays, or even three times.


EVo said...

HEYY david i was a pekan nabalu!but didn't spend much time there yo..was rushing to get to kk park n climb mountain hehe. when was this trip?

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi Evo! I was there in 06,07 and 08! This durian was in 07. We went to explore the area including Kinabalu park but never did climb. Not fit enough.

Went to Kundasang and took the other way back to KK. Meaning we drove one big round.


Ihsan Khairir said...

I visited Pekan Nabalu last year, didn't see the mini Durians because I was too busy chasing my baby brother who was running all over the place... too bad eh

also when we were there it was cloudy so we could not see the top of Kinabalu... sigh

Manji Tan said...

bad...bad....Ive been passing that Nabalu since I was 3 but never had the chance to see that mini durian also. Sigh sigh..currently studyong in kelantan some more..

YChien said...

woah that's a very cute durian. I wonder if it tastes as nice as well.

Malaysia Asia said...

Hi all, thanks for the comments.

Ishan - Probably it was not the Durian season when you visited. :) But next time, do check it if you go.

Manji - Hehe, one day Manji...one day you will.

Chien - It is cute and the taste was really really nice. Better than the Durian Kampung in Semenanjung side. I would consider the taste better than D24!

Unknown said...

hey david..your blog content doesnt appear in BU coz ur feed is password protected.

lovely travel blog, im browsing thru n thru

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Rei, thank you for the visit, how do I unlock my feed? I am still new at blogging :)

fufu said...

wow i want durian!!

eunice said...

the long spiky thorns of the "smallest" durian look like those of a red Sabah durian but it has yellow flesh n the shell is green. How does it taste like? Anyway, red durian suckx... I don't smoke but I guess it's like smoking a cigarette without nicotine? haha

Malaysia Asia said...

Fufu, I want the small durian now...

Eunice, haha what a way to describe your experience! Anyway, these tasted reallllly good. I was surprised myself. Even better than some of the local ones.


CathJ said...

yey...Durian.. I never tried the smallest 1 before.. looks yummy...

Lilian said...

Thanks for sharing! I have never seen such a small durian before.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Cath and Lilian. You must try the smallest durians when you have the chance.


Chekie said...

I miss DURIANS!!! :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Chekie, I miss them too, been 2 months since I last had a good durian :) I think I will start sourcing as the season in Malaysia has started.


Heather - the Kiwitravelwriter said...

I'm off to Sabah next april will have to try these if its the season ... i LOVE durian!

Malaysia Asia said...

Heather, that's great news! Hope I am also there in April so we can meet up :)