Naga Jolokia - The worlds hottest chili found in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Naga Jolokia
Naga Jolokia is not too well known around this region but a recent trip with a friend of mine to taste the hottest chili in the world, ended up with a mouth full of Iced Chinese Tea. Nine cups of it! There it was, a shabby run down looking shack somewhere in Jinjang Utara district where they serve this chili with Yong Tau Foo.

I was at first not too sure what to expect, but my friend Kenny kept telling me 'You sure explode wan la, sure you can take it?' and I kept thinking to myself, it is really going to be that bad? Well, anyway, this is an amazing experience everyone must try once in their lifetime.

Edit: There has been an update on the Naga Jolokia Chili in Kuala Lumpur below. Please read that at the end of this story. 

Jinjang Yong Tau Foo Stall ShopThe roadside shack selling Yong Tau Foo

So as it was quite easy to find, the shack is located along School Lane in Jinjang Utara (If you know where this is). Sorry no GPS coords, Kenny from Riblees brought me here by instinct of remembering the way there. Old school if you ask me as these days, many depend on GPS and Google Maps for directions. The shop is open from 8am to 6pm from Tuesday to Sunday and closed on Monday.

KL Naga JolokiaNice layout

Locals chilling out

Yong Tau Foo with Naga JolokiaSelection of Yong Tau Foo

On walking in, you will be greeted by the selection laid out on the table for you to pick and choose. Also, ask for the daily special as they have something different every day.

Malaysia Yong Tau FooYong Tau Foo - What the both of us had for lunch

Photo of Yong Tau FooYong Tau Foo

I just want to add that after eating the food here, I would gladly say that it taste better than a lot of other Yong Tau Foo places. Well, so much more better than the famed Ampang Yong Tau Foo.

Yong Tau foo stuffed with Naga Jolokia
The Naga Jolokia stuffed in the Yong Tau Foo
Costing RM1.30 per piece and consist of 2 chilis wrapped, I would say the price is really a good deal considering how exotic and rare this chilli is. Right now I understand that only 2 places in KL that serve Naga Jolokia Chili with Yong Tau Foo. (Again, this was based in the year 2009 when the article was written)

Malaysia Naga Jolokia ChiliNaga Jolokia Chili cut up into pieces before eating

The trick here is to cut up the naga jolokia chili into a few pieces and then try it. Well, for first timers, it would be wise to keep this for the last after finishing the other items.

Here's my eat log - I put one piece of naga jolokia cut chili in my mouth. The initial taste, was blank. I was speechless for about 10-15 seconds.......then it hit me! Right there. Never before in my life have I tried anything this hot and spicy. I could not believe the spiciness, my nose started to water and leak, followed by some eye tear.

The stinging effect lasted a good 1 hour. By then, me and my friend had downed 9 glasses of Ice Chinese Tea! So, gain to try some? Man or woman enough? As for me, no Naga Jolokia chili for a long time. Long long time! Yong Tau Foo, sure. Anytime!

Chili Spiciness is measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHU)

Normal Chili - 1,500 SHU

Habanero Chili - 200,000 to 300,000 SHU (3rd hottest in the world currently)

Naga Jolokia - 850,000 to 1,100,000 SHU

Jinjang Yong Tau Foo Business Hours:
8am to 6pm from Tuesday to Sunday
Closed on Monday

Map to Naga Jolokia in KL

View Jalan Sekolah in a larger map

Edit: After much discussion and comments made here, I have conclude that this is indeed not the actual chili but a branch of the jolokia family. For the avid chili lovers, this is no where near the real one but for the normal chili lovers, this is still considered to be super spicy. I mean, in local terms, it's still hotter than the normal chili padi or birds eye chili found in KL. I guess I am still on the hunt to find the original Naga Jolokia Chili in Kuala Lumpur.