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Kadazandusun Girls from Sabah, Borneo

Dusun Girls from Sabah
Kadazandusun girls from Sabah are a common sight to see when you visit this part of North Borneo, and this series of photos were taken when I went to the Monsopiad Cultural Village, which is a living museum of the Kadazandusun culture.

The Monsopiad Cultural Village or MCV is a really great place to learn and know about the local lifestyle, heritage and culture, and offers live performances, dances, a restaurant and also workshops on bead work.

Sabah Kadazandusun Girls

Traditional Rungus WomenRungus girls pose on a bridge

These Kadazandusun girls are found throughout Sabah and are the largest ethnic category with about forty (40) sub categories under this group.

The most popular tribes being the Kadazan, Kadazandusun, Rungus, Murut and Bajau people of Sabah Borneo. 

Sabah Rungus GirlsRungus girls with full attire

Rungus Girls

Some of the ethnic girls I came across were not camera shy and willingly posed for me with their beautiful Rungus attire.

The Rungus people are mainly found in the Kudat district of Sabah. The local name for the Rungus top is banat tondu while the knee length skirt is called tapi rinugading.

The Rungus people are also well know for their bead work and costumes and the Rungus Girls wear them beautifully here.

Sabah Murut Costume Murut girl wearing a traditional Murut top and knee length skirt

Penampang Kadazan GirlGirl wearing a Kadazan Penampang top and skirt doing some intricate bead work

Sabah Dusun GirlsThree lovely girls wearing Murut designs

If you enjoy seeing ethnic cultures, Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia would be the best place to start. I always enjoy going back over and over as there is so much to learn about the Kadazan Dusun culture in Sabah.

These local ethnic groups are also great to photograph especially when they are in the full traditional attire, usually during major festivals here.

One of the best times to do this is during the Sabah Fest or during the Kaamatan Festival (Pesta Kaamatan) which is the Harvest Festival for Sabah usually during the entire month of May.

If you are ever visiting Sabah, make sure you spend some time to visit some of the interesting places where you can see the cultural heritage and also for a chance to see the local Kadazandusun Girls from Sabah Borneo.


TheJessicat said...

theyre pretty in their very own authentic ways. very tribal though!

:) cheers

Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Jessica, thank you for the visit and comment. Yes they are. I totally agree with you. I find them interesting compared to the city life we are used to. I do have more tribal women in pics which I will post soon.


Hencik feraRi said...

this is interesting. can i use it for my assignment sir?

Leoni said...

ummm hello, i know this is a little bit too late, and not sure if you ever read this comment but you have the pic of the Rungus and Kadazandusun girls switched up.