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Teh C Peng Special or Three Layer Tea Sarawak

Teh C Peng Special or Three Layer Tea is the local favourite drink that you can find throughout Sarawak, land of the Hornbill which some still call Borneo. Other known names for this unique drink are Teh Si Ping Special  For the record, Teh is the local work for Tea and pronounced as Tey.

Teh C Peng is a unique combination of brown sugar, evaporated milk and red tea which is a local specialty at cafes and coffee shops throughout the largest state in Malaysia. It is now becoming a common drink served throughout Sarawak and recently hitting the other states in Malaysia. Especially in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya where it is commonly known as Three Layer Tea (Teh Tiga Lapis in Malay).

Teh Si Peng - What it looks like in general

How did this this craze start? Not an accurate answer but from what I read and asked around my Kuching friends, they say it started at the 7th Mile food court at an area known as Taman Sentosa. The time line for this drink is still uncertain. However I understand that some states like Penang are trying to be different and have 5 Layer Tea and so on. Oh well.

Then......F&N Malaysia decides to market this drink here in West Malaysia. I suspect someone in F&N is from Sarawak. Who knows. But again, let me just tell you that the F&N 3 Layer Tea is really not up to the mark. They supply the formula but the mamaks, restaurants or coffee shops make them and there is absolutely no consistency at all. So, I just do not bother ordering it here in PJ or KL in Malaysia. Most of the time, it is just too sweet or the tea is too light.

Special Pandan 3 layer tea

Throughout my travels around Sarawak, I had the pleasure of trying out many types of tea and the best was found in the town of Miri. I forgot the name of the coffee shop, but it was near the wet market. They served an awesome Teh C Peng Special with Pandan Sugar so the drink has a nice greenish colour and pandanus taste when you mix it all up. The overall taste is simply mind blowing as not as sweet as you may think.

Teh C Peng Special with Cincau (black jelly)

Also in Miri town, I was taken back at another coffee shop where they served me Teh C Cincau Peng. Ok, sounds gross, but it was really nice. For the foreigners, This is tea with evaporated milk and black jelly. Talk about being creative with the teas in Sarawak.

Lachau special

The tea above is from a place called Lachau Town. It is a small Iban trading post where if you blink while you drive pass, you will miss the town completely. I always make a stop there for my fix of Teh C Peng from the end coffee shop. Though it doesn't look grand, they serve one of the best in Sarawak in my opinion. Simple and down to earth while it is not over sweet as some places may tend to make them.

Hot Teh C Peng Special

And last, we have the Teh C Panas Special. Without the ice and gula melaka (brown sugar) but with a nice froth, warm tea drinkers will love this! If I do come across any other unique teas, I will sure to post them here. So, if you are out there looking for a nice tea drink, do ask if they have anything special as you never know what they might create. If you love all things tea, you should try these and they are only found here in Malaysia or Singapore. For the best selections, you should try the Teh C Peng Special or Three Layer Tea in Sarawak


Malaysia Asia said...

Hello Rethnaraj, thank you for the visit.

Yin Teing said...

Hi David, These drinks taste really heavenly. I've found your site when looking for writeup on the special 3 layer tea. Hard to find around Klang Valley. I want to write about these drinks- I would really hope the version with cincau will be made available in KL. Izzit ok if I were to post your tea pictures on my site www.life.yinteing.com with clear labels that the pictures were from your blog?

Yin Teing

kayakmama said...

OMG, I have not thought of cincau in ages. I have to go get some from the Asian supermarket this evening.Kayaker.

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

my favorite! droooool! now i'm craving for a glass. sigh.

Nate @ House of Annie said...

Pandan sugar, huh? I thought the greenish syrup was wheatgrass syrup.

Where did you get the Teh C Panas special?

jasonblue said...

That Hot Teh C Peng Special look so nice.
Many people said it was originated from the Fresh food court at Kota sentosa and many still feel that their 3 layer Teh C peng is the best.