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Berjaya Hills Resort Japanese Botanical Garden

Japanese Botanical Garden at Berjaya Hills Resort
The beautiful Berjaya Hills Japanese Village or Japanese Garden is located minutes away from Colmar Tropicale and it is only a short drive there if you prefer not to walk. 

Not to worry as there are many signs along the way there and on reaching the foot of the Japanese Village, there are three car park areas available. 

If you are going on the weekend, I suggest you park in the middle car park and wait for the shuttle or walk up as the entrance car park would probably full. If you go on a weekday, just go to the entrance of the Japanese Garden.

Berjaya Hills Resort Japanese Botanical Garden

Japanese Garden at Berjaya Hills ResortBerjaya Hills Resort Japanese Garden

The monster bus service to the entrance of the garden

When you reach the Japanese Garden entrance, there are about six to eight parking lots for cars or vans.

However, you must note that on weekends, they close the road to the top of the entrance and you need to park a little further below.

There, a shuttle bus is provided to ferry you to the Japanese Garden entrance. If you walk, it would take you about 5 minutes or less but it is a steep walk uphill.

Berjaya Hills Resort Japanese Village visiting hours

Malaysia World's First Japanese Tea HouseWorld's First Japanese Tea House in a Rainforest apparently

Walking around the Japanese Garden is a soothing feeling as the air is fresh and the landscape is averagely acceptable.

Do not expect blooms of colorful flowers and Japanese people strolling about. There are streams with live Koi Fish and small waterfalls with ponds in the Japanese Garden.

Trees with scientific and local names

Paths will lead you to different areas of the Japanese Garden. One leads to the Tatami Spa and through a back way coming out at the main entrance while another path will take you one round.

One thing educational about the Japanese Garden is that they have signboards on most trees showing the scientific and local names. So if you are a nature lover, the Japanese Garden is a great place to pass time.

Advisory tip from the management

Botanical Gardens and Restaurant entrance

Seriously, if you really want to enjoy this place with some peace and quiet, I would recommend you visit the Japanese Village and Botanical Gardens on a weekday.

Imagine on the weekend or holidays you get a crowd with kids and adults all over the place, noisy and people appearing all over your beautiful pictures.

On a side note, the entrance to the Botanical Gardens was closed off to the public (16th May 2009) as there had been some damage to some of the structures on the way in.

No notice was put on when they would resume it. So, you get to walk in about 200 meters from the entrance and then back out. If anyone has been there lately, do comment about this.

Malaysian Tiger Orchid information

Tiger Orchid Malaysia

One thing that caught my full attention at the Bukit Tinggi Botanical Garden was the full bloom of Tiger Orchids.

Some of you may know that Tiger Orchids or Orkid Harimau is one of the rare orchids that flower in captivity.

The Tiger Orchid is also the largest orchid flower in the world. I was absolutely amazed at the number of flowers that bloomed.

Never before have I seen such a huge bloom of the Tiger Orchids in my life. It was a rare occasion for me and I really enjoyed it there. I must have taken about 4GB of pictures just on the Tiger Orchid flowers.

Malaysia Tiger Orchid PhotoTiger Orchid (Orkid Harimau)

You see, I have a special love for Tiger Orchids. About 5 years ago in 2004 on a trip to Cameron Highlands, I bought a medium-sized wild Tiger Orchid plant from an Orang Asli (indigenous people of Malaysia) man for about RM80.00.

For 5 years, I grew it in my mother's garden and never saw anything bloom. It grew from 2 miserable stems to 7 stems in 5 years. and over a height of 6 feet from just 2 feet.

Then one day in February 2009, my mother called me to give me the good news. There was a single flower stem growing with buds from the Tiger Orchid.

That made my day and I visited my mum almost daily to see the progress of the flowering. Cut a long story short, the Tiger Orchid flowers only lasted about 10 days.

Gambar Orkid HarimauPicture of the Tiger Orchid in a pair

Malaysian Tiger Orchid PlantTiger Orchid flowers full bloom

I guess this will explain my fascination with the Tiger Orchid pictures here. So, if you are an orchid lover, you would understand this.

But if you are an exotic orchid lover, you would know my excitement in seeing this! Imagine there were like hundreds of flowers blooming when all I saw from my own Tiger Orchid was a mere single stem of maybe 20 flowers.

Photos of Flowers at Berjaya Hills Botanical Garden

Malaysia Tiger Orchid FlowersTiger Orchids in bloom

Lovely flower buds

Lavender colored flower

A beautiful Magenta flower

Souvenir shop at the botanical gardens

Ryo Zen Tei Japanese Restaurant

The Ryo Zen Tei Japanese Restaurant looked pretty nice and relaxing but I never did try it, even after 3 visits to the place.

I wonder if the food is as good as the environment around the Botanical Garden. If someone has tried it, please do leave a comment below as I would love to know the outcome of the food here.

Berjaya Hills Resort MapMap of Berjaya Hills Resort


Overall, my visit this time was scheduled after lunch and the weather was averagely cooling. It was a Sunday but strangely there were not many people seen here at the gardens.

I guess this was pure luck. If anyone is planning to visit here, you can also read about my story on the Berjaya Hills Colmar Tropicale Resort.

From a local point of view, I believe the management should invest much more to have this place publicized, especially with social media and digital media on the rise here.

This would probably assist in increasing the visitors back to the Japanese and Botanical Garden here at the Berjaya Hills Resort in Bukit Tinggi.


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