Kampung Bukit Tinggi Garden View Restaurant

Garden View Restaurant Kampung Bukit Tinggi

Yes, that little Chinese village on your way downhill after you pass Genting Highlands to go to Karak and Kuantan along the east coast road, next to Selesa Hill Homes, it is called Kampung Bukit Tinggi. It is relatively a very small Chinese village off the Karak Highway which most people pass by not knowing what they have to offer is some great Chinese food. And those who know of this village will stop over for some food.

Apparently the Garden View Restaurant is a branch of the famous restaurant located inside of the village. So the owner decided to open up a bigger restaurant catering to the bus loads of crowds. Therefore, we made this eventful trip after our Bukit Tinggi Hill Resort visit. We also decided to stop by at the main branch to have our Chinese dinner here.

Restaurant at Kampung Bukit TinggiStalls selling local produce outside the main town area

At the restaurant there is ample parking and there are also a few stalls selling local produce. Once can buy fresh kampung chicken (village chicken), vegetables, sauces, hand-made noodles, local fruits and a few other items of kitchen interest. I recommend you buy the Asam Sauce they sell there. It is absolutely tasty and amazing with your cooking. There is a mini farm there if you want to explore. I did not as I was too hungry when we reached Kampung Bukit Tinggi. Straight to the food it was.

Kampung Bukit Tinggi Picture Outdoor view from the open area

The view from the outdoor section of the restaurant is quite refreshing. You can see the garden and a stream runs through. They have about 3 to 4 tables outside for those who want this experience.

Malaysian 4 type vegetable dish4 type vegetable dish

We ordered what was recommended by the server as they are quite well known for some of the dishes. So, for starters we had the 4 type vegetable dish stir fried. Perfectly done with no complaints.

Malaysia Steamed Patin FishSteamed Patin Fish with chee yau char

Next we had the steamed Patin fish with their special asam type sauce with chee yau char (fried pork lard). Never had fish with chee yau char before in my life and the sauce was so different. Moreover, I just do no like pond fish because of a certain fishy pond smell. Usually the local restaurants in town have a lot of these fish with that smell. It just turns me off tasting it. Surprising that this steamed Patin fish was actually fresh with no smell at all.

Asam seafood dishAsam seafood with 4 angle beans

Also on the menu was the asam seafood dish consisting of some sotong (squid), fresh water prawns and 4 angle beans. The asam sauce here is really different compared to the normal restaurants serving it in town. The sauce taste is a notch above the general sauces. They sell it at the stalls outside the Garden View Restaurant when you exit. Get a bottle for yourself, family or friends who enjoy cooking.

Malaysia Deep fried pork slicesDeep fried pork slices

And the famous deep fried pork slices with sauce. The pork was well cooked and delicious. It was crunchy and the taste not too sweet. My personal favourite dish here as it seemed that everyone also liked this. 

Chicken ginger herbal soup PhotoChicken ginger herbal soup

The chicken herbal ginger soup was also tasty. With a lot of ginger added, it was a little gingery spicy but really good. Especially the chicken was abundance compared to what I usually get served in KL. 

No GST The bill for the four of us

After a great meal and no complaints with everything wiped cleaned by the four of us, the bill came to RM133.90 (2009 price). For a restaurant in this small area, it was cheap if you ask me but I must say, the flavor and taste was way above average compared to any of the city restaurants.

So, if ever you are on the way back from the East Coast, do make a stop by here to try it. There is a sign on the left to Kampung Bukit Tinggi and when you turn left, just keep right and drive about 100 meters and the Garden View Restaurant is on your left. You will not miss it.

If you are coming from the city, head towards Colmar Tropicale at Berjaya Hills Resort or Karak town, after the Genting tunnel, you will go downhill for about 1km. On seeing the Selesa Hill Homes on your left, there is a left turning to get to Kampung Bukit Tinggi. Follow that road.

My personal ratings for this place: 7.5/10

For those who want to experience this, just drive into the Bukit Tinggi village and you will pass a few restaurants on your left. On reaching the main town junction, keep left and the original Kampung Bukit Tinggi Garden View Restaurant will be on your right. You cannot miss it. Enjoy!