Silverlakes Village Outlet

Perak Silverlakes Factory Outlet

The all-new Silverlakes Village Outlet at Batu Gajah is one of the latest attractions in Perak for those who plan to shop and travel here.

This integrated shopping and lifestyle place opened in September, but the official launch has yet to be done.

Silverlakes Village Outlet

This is also Perak's first premium outlet mall, which was supposed to be completed before the COVID-19 pandemic and was eventually completed in mid-2023. 

As of November 2023, the Silverlakes Village Outlet or SVO has a total of 100 retailers who have taken up almost 60% of the retail lots here, which is about 160 stores.

Batu Gajah Silverlakes Outlet Park
The main entrance to the West Village. Photo from Facebook.

The overall project sees an estimated 300,000 sq ft of retail lots and F&B outlets, with a vision to make it an international standard outlet mall for Malaysia.

With this new Perak premium outlet opening, visitors can spend longer days instead of just heading to Ipoh for food and sightseeing.

Now, Ipoh is supported by Gopend and Batu Gajah with this premium outlet opening here and plans to include a Hop-On Hop-Off bus route for the Gopeng-Batu Gajah tourism cluster toute.

Themepark at Silverlakes Village Outlet
One of the outdoor theme park rides. Photo from Facebook.

What Else Is At Silverlakes Village Outlet

Like any other multi-integrated theme park and mall concept, Silverlakes promises a mixture of everything that will suit all walks of life. Let's see what is offered.

Silverlake Premium Outlet Shops - This is the main pulling factor for shopping, and if they can pull off something like JPO or GPO, then I will surely be impressed. I always wonder if it is hard to attract interesting and good brands; hence, we shall see how this works out.

Dinosaur Encounter - This dinosaur exhibition is called Dinosaur Encounter and uses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and animatronics. It's nothing new, but maybe those around Perak and the north will find it amusing.

Karnival Karosel - This looks like the outdoor theme park section, where rides and attractions are located by the main lake. 

Emporio Food Festival - A massive food court called Emoprio Food Festival is also one of the attractions, and it looks like it is sub-let to another company. I hope they get quality vendors like the food court in KLCC or Pavilion.

Weekend Bazaar - On weekends, the management has organised a general bazaar to attract crows. Sometimes, you may find a collectors' bazaar there.

Boat Rides - Because the location is next to the massive lake here, there are boat ride services throughout the day, even at night, where they call it an LED Night Cruise.

Longest Floating Bridge in Malaysia - Apparently, they created one for the Book of Records, which is 180 metres long.

Birdwatching at Silverlakes - Several trees are home to the grey herons that roost here during the migratory period from September to March. So, if you are walking around the lake, look at some of the large trees, and you may see these Grey Herons.

Photos of Silverlakes Village Outlet

Below are random photos from the SVO in Batu Gajah, Perak.

Silverlakes Batu Gajah Perak
What the shoplots look like.

Collectors Bazaar Perak
Collectors Market Bazaar held at the venue.

Premium Outlet Silverlakes
The premium outset shopping street area.

Emporio Food Festival
Inside the Emporio Food Festival, which is a massive food court.

How to go to Silverlakes Village Outlet?

From Kuala Lumpur or Penang, it takes about two hours to drive here; from Johor, it can take around five hours. But good news is that a KTM station is located just outside the SVO.

From Ipoh City, it is about a 20 to 30-minute drive on a normal day, and if it is the weekend, it could take a little longer than usual.

Silverlakes Village Outlet

  • Address: Google Maps
  • Call: 053651202
  • Tickets: 
  • Hours: 10.00 AM to 11.00 PM, weekends till midnight

Batu Gajah Silverlakes Village Outlet
An artist's impression of the project.

Drone Photo Silverlakes Village Outlet
A drone photo of the village outlet in Batu Gajah.

Perak Silverlakes Village Outlet Park
An aerial view of the village outlet here in Batu Gajah, Perak.


The Silverlakes Village Outlet is Perak's latest tourism attraction and opened just in time for the Visit Perak Year 2024. You can also see my other article on the many other factory outlets in Malaysia.

I hope the management does not stinge on funding because it can end up like the failed MAPS Theme Park in Perak, which was a disaster. 

Malaysia is well-known to be half-heartedly opening and operating attractions, and because of the inexperience in world-class management, things tend to go wrong.

I hope that the Silverlakes Village Outlet does not go down that road, and wish the management all the best in a successful operation.

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