Takuapa Old Town

Takua Pa Sunday Market

One of the places to visit in Khao Lak is Takuapa Old Town, a charming nostalgic place that totally blew my mind when I set food here in mid-February 2023.

This place is even more unique because it shares similarities with Malaysia, namely the Baba-Peranakan ethnicity spread here. It is also recommended to visit the Takua Pa Sunday Market, which is the highlight of this article. Fascinated? Read on.

Takuapa Old Town

Apart from the general beach lifestyle that Khao Lak offers, there are many other things to do in Khao Lak, and visiting the Cultural Street in Takuapa old town was one of them.

Since it was my first time visiting Khao Lak, 90 minutes north of Phuket, I researched to see what I could do around here. 

Takua Pa Old Town
The old pre-war shophouses in Takuapa remind me of Penang and Melaka.

Thai Peranakan
One of the Thai Peranakan shops that sells traditional fabrics.

Little did I know that the Baba and Peranakan culture had spread north and settled in Takuapa, namely in the old town part.

The Cultural Street in Takuapa Old Town is open throughout, but Sunday is the best time to visit this place due to the Takua Pa Sunday Market that takes place here from 3.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Old Pre-War Shops Takuapa
Inside one of the pre-war shops of Takuapa, it looks like it's in Melaka or Penang.

On other days, the place is just another old town where you can walk and admire the beautiful pre-war architecture and old businesses still operating.

Some of them are so old that they have not conformed to today's modern concepts, and this was one of my highlights here.

The Thakuapa Sunday Market occupies the entire street, which stretches about a kilometre long, and vendors operate all kinds of stalls along the street. There must be around 50 or more vendors here.

In the middle of the street is a junction where massive street art dominates both ends of the buildings, which is a great photo opportunity.

What to See at Takuapa Sunday Market?

Night Market Takuapa
The entrance to the Takuapa Sunday Market at night.

As mentioned, Sunday will be the best time to visit Takuapa Old Town because the Sunday Market will be the highlight here.

While you may have been to Bang Niang Market in Kaho Lak, let me assure you that this Sunday Market is much more interesting and not as touristy as Bang Niang.

Below are some random photos of the Takuapa Sunday Market with random food stalls.

Satay Thailand Takuapa
Satay Takuapa is a local favourite that spells the food word like in Malaysia.

Food Street Takuapa
A local selling some Toddy Cakes, among other Peranakan cakes and food.

Peranakan Food Takua Pa
A vendor sells Siu Mai and Pau along the cultural street of Takuapa.

Takua Pa Phang-nga
A Takua Pa vendor sells some interesting drinks.

Peranakan Food in Takuapa
Chinese-style puddings and jackfruit custard cakes.

Khaolak Takuapa Old Town
The general scene at the Sunday market in Takuapa.

You will see a lot of art and craft vendors promoting handmade products on Takuapa, which I found very interesting compared to the general Thai tourist products you see everywhere.

Other than that, there are a lot of local Thai food stalls and some fabulous local coffee cafes. The list of stalls found here is random;

  • Thai local food
  • Thai desserts
  • Handmade bags
  • Local Takuapa t-shirts
  • Drink vendors
  • Coffee vendors
  • Thai souvenirs
  • Baba fabrics
  • Baba sarongs, dresses, scarves and pario
  • Baba traditional cakes

Kopi Kuapa Takuapa
Kopi Kuapa Cafe in Takuapa is one of the exciting coffee cafes.

Culture Street in Takuapa
A billboard in Thai about the Takuapa Culture Street.

Food Street Market Takuapa
A typical scene on Sunday along the food street here.

Souvenirs from Takuapa
There are also several stalls selling interesting souvenirs.

Peranakan Thai
Inside one of the Thai Peranakan shops that sell the Kebaya dress.

Map of Takua Pa
A map of Takua Pa, painted on the side of a building.

How to go to Takuapa Old Town?

You can hire private transport from Khao Lak's main town centre or get your hotel to arrange a special tour there. 

No buses travel here, and for foreigners, I recommend you take a tour service from the hotel or any tour counters around the town area.

Where is Takuapa Old Town? 

It is north of Khao Lak town centre and will take 30-40 minutes to drive there. This also depends on the traffic, as when I went on a Sunday, it took me around 40 minutes.

If you are going to the Sunday Market, it only opens around 4.00 p.m., so leaving at 3.00 p.m. would be sufficient.

If you plan to visit the old town, you can go anytime as they will be open, but try to go before 4.00 p.m., as most of the shops will be closed.

Sunday Market at Takuapa Old Town

  • Open: Sunday only
  • Time: 3.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Culture Street Takuapa
What the Sunday Cultural Street looks like before it gets dark.


My experience in Khao Lak was immensely fascinating as it has been a long time since I visited a place to only see Westerners dominating the tourist scene.

There were no other Asians, especially Malaysians or Singaporeans, seen around here, and this was indeed a surprise to me.

While I have heard some Malaysians have been here, those are mainly the serious tourists seeking quality travel, unlike Phuket or Samu, where mass tourism is abundant.

I stayed at La Vela Khao Lak, a 5-star resort by the beach that is the most modern and impressive in terms of accommodation, facilities, food and beverage.

And for those planning to visit this part of Southern Thailand, you can also see my Khao Lak at night photography series, where I used a smartphone to take all the pictures.

For anyone planning to visit Khao Lak, include Sunday as part of your trip, and you can then visit the Sunday Market at Takuapa Old Town.

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