Mount Kinabalu Climbing Permit and Entrance Fees for 2023

New Price for Climbing Mont Kinabalu

For those planning to visit Sabah, you should note the Mount Kinabalu climbing permit and entrance fees for 2023.

This was announced in early November 2022 as the news had gone viral on social media. Sabah Tourism Minister Datuk Jafry Ariffin confirmed the new Kinabalu Park entrance fees.

Mount Kinabalu Climbing Permit and Entrance Fees for 2023

With rising living costs and wages for workers, it was mentioned that the price increase was unavoidable in the last couple of years. There have been rumours about the increase, and it's now happening.

Most locals will complain that the prices are too high, but for the visiting foreigners and the weak Malaysian Ringgit, the price is relatively low compared to climbing other well-known mountains.

As always, many will complain about the price increase, but over time, this matter will be forgotten, and people will still climb this mountain in the Kinabalu National Park.

According to the Sabah Tourism Minister, all Sabah Parks will also see an increase in entrance fees by May 2023.

Kinabalu Park New Entrance Fees and Prices 2023
The new prices were announced in November 2022.

Mount Kinabalu Climbing Permit for 2023

  • Foreign Adult Climbers - RM400
  • Foreign Children Climbers - RM200
  • Local Adult Climbers - RM100
  • Local Children Climbers - RM50
  • Mountain Guide (Up to 5 pax per guide) - RM350

Kinabalu National Park Entrance Ticket Fees 2023

  • Foreign Adults - RM50
  • Foreign Kids - RM35
  • Local Adults - RM10
  • Local Kids - RM5

For those leisure visitors to the park, please note the above prices for 2023. Even if you are there to do birdwatching at Kinabalu Park, you still need to pay the entrance price.

If you want to find out about the porter fees, how high some of the peaks are, and even climbing insurance, it's all there.  

Sabah Parks manages;

  • Kinabalu Park
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Park
  • Crocker Range Park
  • Tawau Hills Park
  • Turtle Islands Park
  • Pulau Tiga Park
  • Tun Sakaran Marine Park
  • Sipadan Island Park
  • Tun Mustapha Park

Earthquake Memorial Mount Kinabalu Sabah
The Earthquake Memorial at Mount Kinabalu National Park.


For the record, back in 2007, the total price to climb Mont Kinabalu was a mere RM600 per person. This included the climbing fees, porter, entrance fees and so on.

Then in 2016, it was priced at around RM1,500, and in 2019, it was around RM2000. For 2023, I am still taking a wild guess, as it could be about RM2,500 for everything.

Just take a look at the old prices in the photo below;

Mount Kinabalu Climbing Permit Entrance Fees Old Price
The old Mount Kinabalu climbing permit fees from 2011.

2023 Harga Permit Mendaki Gunung Kinabalu
The 2023 prices for climbing Mt Kinabalu.

For those visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mount Kinabalu, take note that you can no longer drive into the area. Also, the Kinabalu National Park is one of the 10 natural wonders of Malaysia.

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