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Marudi Photowalk in Sarawak

Sarawak Photo Walk Marudi

This is a recap of my Marudi Photowalk in Sarawak, which I did back in 2018 as I stopped here to get to the Mulu National Park via a wooden longboat.

While Marudi is one of the lesser-visited destinations in Sarawak, it is probably one of the most natural townships home to the Orang Ulu.

Marudi Photowalk in Sarawak

Marudi is a very small town located by the Baram River in the interior of Sarawak and borders the Kingdom of Brunei.

The best way to get here is via road from the city of Miri, which is a 90-minute drive using the local roads and crossing several riverways.

Car Ferry Marudi Sarawak
People used to take the car ferry system before the bridges were constructed.

Once here, this township can be a total juxtaposition of what you have seen in general towns and cities across Sarawak because it is still underdeveloped.

This place is a gold mine for the avid photographer as there is so much natural lifestyle that can be photographed. But one needs to know when is the best time to explore Marudi town.

I was only passing by, but I had some free time to explore the main town area and felt that I needed to come back here again for more photography.

Marudi Photos

Below are random photos taken during my short time at Marudi when I walked around the main town area;

Marudi Photography
A shopkeeper still maintaining his classic Drug Store.

Marudi Baram Regatta
The famous Baram Regatta statue in Marudi Town.

Miri Boat from Marudi
Boats at the Marudi jetty travel up and down the Baram River.

Photowalk Marudi Sarawak
Old wooden shophouses in Marudi.

Photography Marudi
Take a time travel experience at this hair salon.

Pekan Marudi
Baram Chinese Society Building.

Sarawak Old Coffee Shop Cafe
Inside one of the classic coffee shops in Marudi.

Malaysia Old Singer Sewing Sign
A classic Singer Sewing Machine signboard.

Marudi Pekan Sarawak
One of the old shop-houses on the main street.

Marudi Photowalk in Sarawak
A local lady selling vegetables in Marudi town.


I have to say, spending just two hours walking around Marudi was not enough, but the sheer natural lifestyle here kept me very impressed.

Locals are extremely friendly, and street photography here would be the best thing to capture. However, I may even plan another Marudi Photowalk in Sarawak in the near future.

And if you are interested, you can also view some of my other Malaysia Photowalks I have done over the last few years.

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