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Tanjung Rhu Resort Review

Review of Tanjung Rhu Resort in Langkawi

After almost two decades of visiting Langkawi Island, I finally found a second opportunity to re-visit one of the most prominent luxurious resorts here.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you my Tanjung Rhu Resort review as I stayed there in November 2019 on a quick working trip.

You may have heard about popular places like Pantai Cenang or luxurious properties around the Datai Bay area, but many have overlooked the Tanjung Rhu area.

This article will highlight the resort and what makes this property so special in the Tanjung Rhu area.

Review of Tanjung Rhu Resort in Langkawi

Langkawi Tanjung Rhu Resort
The main entrance to the resort

Tanjung Rhu is located in the north most part of Langkawi Island and is only 25 minutes drive from popular places like Pantai Cenang, the airport, and Kuah Town.

Most people who head to Langkawi will usually want to know where resorts are located and more importantly, the accessibility to move around the island.

If you are heading to Langkawi for a shopping and lifestyle getaway, then you would just stay at one of the smaller resorts or hotels around the main commercial areas.

But, if you want a proper beach holiday that is not commercial and with lots of privacy, then the Tanjung Rhu Resort is a place that you can consider.

Why I like it here is because of the location of the property, hidden deep away from the main roads or other hotels and resorts.

The surrounding area is also filled with trees and mangroves creating a kind of rainforest oasis or nature escape. 

To me, the ultimate relaxation is being away from the noisy budget holiday-makers, or the commercial tourists that just want a cheap holiday and at the closest place to popular beaches. 

The beautiful beach at the resort is known to be the best in Langkawi

What Makes Tanjung Rhu Resort So Special?

This would be the most important question many will ask and let me just share with you why. I have personally stayed at many other resorts in Langkawi over the last 20 years and this is my observation. 

1. Location

Location of Tanjung Rhu Resort
Tanjun Rhu is located way up north of Langkawi Island

Overall the resort is located in a private area that totals over 200 acres of land. There are no other resorts in the immediate vicinity of Tanjung Rhu so you can expect serious privacy.

While many other resorts may boast of similar reasons, Tanjung Rhu is actually well balanced in terms of the beach, nature, privacy and yet quick access to other areas.

In total, the Tanjung Ru Resort sits in a massive area of 1,100 acres of land, all owned by the resort and this is one of the reasons why people love to stay here. 

2. Beach

Beach Tanjung Rhu Resort
The signature beach chairs of Tanjung Rhu Resort

You really need to experience the Tanjung Rhu Beach as it is noted to be the best beach in all of Langkawi Island.

I am not kidding as I have personally been to most of the beaches around the island and not one comes close to the quality of the sand and landscape found here.

For the serious beach lovers, you know what a good beach is all about, and it is always the smoothness and colour of the sand. So when they say white sand, it needs to be white and sandy.

The main beach in front of the resort also stretches for a whopping 2.5 kilometres, and this provides guests with unlimited privacy along the coastline.

Other beaches like Pantai Cenang or Pantai Tengah may be popular, but the quality of the sand is not comparable to Tanjung Rhu beach. 

3. Privacy and Security

Beach at Tanjung Rhu Resort
The peaceful and quiet beach at the resort

I guess this is one of the most important factors for anyone who wants to have a nice and peaceful vacation without having to run into neighbouring resort guests on a beach.

Often when you want to sunbathe on the beach or on a deck-chair, you will find it difficult when there are many people around you, especially with your belongings.

And when you travel with kids, you always need to be keeping an eye out for them, especially in crowded areas, but at Tanjung Rhu Resort, you can be assured that the level of privacy and security is very high.

4. The Food

Malaysia Champaign Breakfast Langkawi
Champagne breakfast served daily at the resort restaurant

To be very honest, I can be very particular when it comes to food, and during my stay here, I found that they have an amazing executive chef that has come up with many creative dishes ranging from local to fusion-international.

The kitchen is certified Halal, hence Muslim travellers will be pleased to know that they have created many localized Chinese dishes. For example, they have a special Beef Ku Teh dish, which emulates the Bak Kut Teh (Pork Broth Soup).

Breakfast is always the most important meal of the day and when you are here, you will be spoiled with a local and international array of dishes. This also includes the luxurious champagne breakfast.

Overall, this is not a Michelin-star restaurant and they don't try too hard, but the selections, the presentation, and the taste are beyond my regular expectations. I won't give it a 10 over 10, but I'm giving the food here an 8 over 10.

Langkawi Fine Dining Restaurant
Chef's Table, the resorts fine dining restaurant

The resort also comes with a fine-dining restaurant called Chef's Table, serving Asian modern contemporary with Mediterranean cuisine and with an open-kitchen concept.

The restaurant is located in a stand-alone building away from the other restaurants and a dress code is required. Meaning that guests are required to dress up to dine here and also make reservations in advance.

There is a very decent wine list available for those who prefer to pair their foods. The main courses are well worth a try and of course, the desserts were my favourite when I dined here.

For beach dining, you can always request the resort to arrange something special, like a honeymoon or anniversary candlelight beach dinner as they are able to provide this.

A beach barbecue is also available for guests and this too needs to be pre-arranged with the resort front office. 

5. The Swimming Pools

Adults Only Pool Langkawi Malaysia
The Sands Pool is an adults-only pool at the resort

Yes, I must highlight this as they not only have one or two pools but three swimming pools at the resort. Two of the main pools are for kids and adults where one pool - Sands Pool is only for adults. 

Travelling alone or with a loved one? No worries, just use the Sands Pool where privacy is highly observed and minus the loud screaming kids. The Sands Pool is a 50-meter ozone-treated private pool with a bar serving cocktails and drinks.

Travelling with kids or a large group? Head over to the Sunset Pool or the saltwater pool located within the resort area. The Sunset Pool is a massive 60-meter freshwater pool that comes with a cafe and bar. 

6. Non-Resident Package (NRP)

This is one of the unique offers to visitors who are not staying at the resort, but who want to experience the luxurious property and its services.

The NRP comes at a price of RM200 per person (50% for children of 6 to 12 years old) and is valid for an entire day.

The price includes the usage of the resorts multiple pools and includes a 3-course a-la-carte lunch or dinner with two drinks.

This simply means that if you are staying anywhere else on the island, you can still come to the Tanjung Rhu Resort and purchase this package to spend a day enjoying the facilities and food. 

7. Open To Public Bar (Sands Pool Bar)

Langkawi Pool Bar
Sands Pool Bar is also open to walk-in visitors

If you did not also know, the Sands Pool Bar is open to the public and you can just walk-in for drinks here. Plus, the bar serves probably the cheapest 5-star resort beer on Langkawi at RM8.00 a draft.

The resort does not have a no-outsiders policy hence if you stay elsewhere, you can still visit the resort to utilize the bar facilities here.

Just inform the security post that you are going to the Sands Pool Bar and if you are driving, just park at the visitors or guest parking.

Rooms at Tanjung Rhu Resort

Room at Tanjung Rhu Resort
What one of the suites looks like in wide-angle

There are overall five categories of rooms available at the resort and each of them catering to different styles of travellers. The rooms are;

Damai Suite - This is the most common room in the resort that totals 50 square meters, living room, king-sized bed, full amenities, and a garden view.

Cahaya Suite - These 60 square meter rooms come garden facing and with king-sized beds complete with full amenities. The wooden flooring gives the room a very rustic feeling.

Bayu Suria Suite - With two balconies, this is another popular suite having both garden and sea view from the room.

Bayu Senja Suite - The second-largest suite with a total space of 80 square meters and with an unobstructed view of the Andaman Sea with the tall French windows and sliding glass doors.

A king-sized bed, walk-in bathroom with a jacuzzi and full amenities will pamper those who seek a memorable vacation or even a special event like an anniversary or honeymoon.

Anjung Suite - This is the presidential suite and of course the most luxurious suite at Tanjung Rhu Resort. Filling up 100 square meters, the suite is located on the top level of the resort overlooking the Andaman Sea and also the resort garden from the back.

The Anjung Suite is massive and is the only unit that has direct lift access to the suite. Inside, you will find a common lounge area, a dining area and the bedroom area with tall French windows overlooking the sea.

The suite also comes with a king-sized bed and two balconies that face the open sea and also the garden area. You can expect full amenities and pure Indian cotton fabrics

Facilities at Tanjung Rhu Resort

The main view of the resort from the lobby area

For facilities, you will not be disappointed as there are many available for all walks of life. Below is the list;

Mandara Spa - A resort without a spa is unheard of and over here, the world-class Mandara Spa will provide guests with much-deserved pampering. The spa also offers a retail boutique, manicure-pedicure area, outdoor jacuzzi, and steam room.

Experiential Center - A one-stop centre that provides guests with all kinds of tour activities that range from mangrove tours, nature walks, sunset cruises, fishing trips, and even various adventure experiences like cave exploring, bird watching or jungle trekking.

Library and Cafe - Overlooking the Andaman Sea lies a two-story cafe and library for those wanting to just chill out with a book or smartphone. The cafe offers coffee, cakes, pastries and ice cream with indoor and outdoor seating.

Kayaking and Biking - At the sports centre of the resort, you can rent kayaks or mountain bikes to explore the vicinity of the resort. This can be done solo or with a guide.

ATV Course - This is the only resort in Langkawi that offers an in-house ATV circuit where guests can explore the beach and mangrove track located away from the main resort.

Meeting Rooms (MICE) - There is one hall called the Pavilion that can accommodate up to 100 pax for any kind of meeting, launching or function. Great for small to medium companies to have their get-away meetings or events and 50 to 80 pax would be ideal for this space.

Babysitting Services - Yes this is available for those who travel with kids or infants. The resort offers well-trained staff to babysit your kids up to 12 years of age. 

Promotions at Tanjung Rhu Resort

If you did not already know, there are numerous promotions available at the resort, and you can easily find them by visiting the Tanjung Rhu Resort Website.

How to go to Tanjung Rhu Resort
Directions on how to go to Tanjung Rhu Resort from the Langkawi Airport

How To Go To Tanjung Rhu Resort?

From the Langkawi International Airport, it only takes you 25 minutes to reach the resort and if you book a stay with Tanjung Rhu Resort, you will be chauffeured by the resort limousine.

Singles or couples will be picked up by a luxury saloon while families or large groups will be driven by the resorts luxury Vellfire van.

Obviously, from Kuala Lumpur or other major cities, there are direct flights into Langkawi Island via AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air and Firefly.

For international, Qatar has a direct flight into Langkawi three times a week and those in Europe and the Middle East can easily visit the island.


Recommended Resort Langkawi
The resort photographed at night

To be very honest, if you are truly looking for a peaceful and quiet vacation, the Tanjung Rhu Resort is one to consider. It provides luxury with a charm like no other.

The great thing about the resort is that they do not try too hard to please guests here and being the pioneer resorts on Langkawi, you can expect no less from the newer properties.

I hope you have found my review of the Tanjung Rhu Resort in Langkawi helpful and that it has provided you with some major updates of this place.

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