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Halal Bento Delivery Service in Japan

Japan Halal Bento Delivery

Who would have thought that a Halal Bento delivery service around Japan would excite Muslim travellers in Japan? I for sure was clueless when I first heard about this unique food delivery service for Muslims.

While Muslim travellers to Japan have been growing strong over the last five years, it was only right for a company to offer this specialized service.

First of all, Halal food in Japan is still in its growing stage, and there is a huge demand for this.

Popular destination life cities may have Halal eateries, but because the metropolis is so huge, they may be out of the way for some travellers, hence a Halal Bento delivery came into play.

Halal Japanese Bento Delivery
Malaysian-Japanese Halal Bento Food

Jaha Halal Bento Delivery in Japan

One company in Tokyo called Japan Halal Kitchen or Jaha, which runs the Japan Jaha Bento delivery, started this unique service in July 2017. 

The news of this Halal food deliver in Japan has also been the talk of Muslim travellers and has been receiving raving reviews from Malaysia, Singapore Indonesia and around the world.

The concept is very simple and straight forward where you order in advance from them, and they deliver the bento to where ever you are in Tokyo or around Japan. How easy is that? 

Let us take a look at how they run this operation. Japan Jaha Bento has an operations kitchen in Tokyo which is certified Halal.

All the food is prepared and packed at this central kitchen located in Omori-Kaigan, Shinagawa district of Tokyo.

Menu for Japan Halal Bento
The daily menu of Japan Halal Kitchen

Japan Halal Kitchen (JAHA)

The main company is called Japan Halal Kitchen (JAHA), which is set up primarily for the increasing number of Muslim travellers to Japan.

As the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are getting closer, the strong increase in Muslim travellers will see more demand for Halal food. 

With the anticipation of the Muslim traveller growth, Japan Halal Kitchen also plans to with travel agents that cater to Muslim travellers to Japan. The company also plans to work with hotels and event venues by providing catering for Halal food. 

JAHA is also founded by a team of passionate chefs and businessmen and has obtained the Halal certification to operate their kitchen. The managing director of the company is also Mr Martin Foong, a Malaysian. 

Plans for the near future include running a mobile catering service, but there is no information on this project. Currently, a local Japanese company operates Samurai Kitchen, a Halal food truck in Tokyo that moves around popular places. 

The company has also recently won the Best Asia Halal Brand Award in Japan for 2017/2018, making Japan Halal Kitchen an award-winning company.

Japanese Self Heating Bento System
Instructions for self-heating bento box

What is the Self Heating Bento System?

JAHA also provides a revolutionized self-heating bento system where all you need to do is just pull a sting, wait for three to five minutes and your bento is nice and hot, ready to be eaten. 

This self-heating technology can last about 10 to 20 minutes, hence if you are a slow eater, the food will remain hot or warm throughout your meal. 

The self-heating bento can also be put in a freezer for storage, but you need to remove the food container for this.

Do not put the whole bento into the freezer as it will not work after that. Just remove the paper cover, take out the bento tray and put that tray in the freezer. 

However, you must take note of the self-heating bento and how to operate it. First, do not store the bento box any other way than flat.

Next, do not allow children to operate this as they could burn themselves. Always let the adults do the self-heating process before passing it on to the children.

Halal Bento Delivery in Tokyo
JAHA delivers their Halal Bento to anywhere in Tokyo City

Where Does Japan JAHA Bento Deliver To? 

JAHA Bento delivers to around Japan, namely the popular tourist destinations that Malaysians and other Muslims travel to. They started within Tokyo and eventually moved on to other major cities around Japan. 

Currently, the halal bento deliveries are to places like Osaka, Mount Fuji, Toyama, Hokkaido, Yokohama, the two Disneylands and Tohoku.

You simply need to visit the website and make your booking according to the area you are at. A delivery fee is applicable based on the area.

For deliveries out of Tokyo, the Halal Bento is delivered only to hotels which you are staying at. They do not do deliveries to landmarks at places out of Tokyo. 

What Are The Halal Bento Delivery Charges? 

As for each order, there are delivery charges and they vary from different areas, and Tokyo is central, which will be the cheapest. There is a minimum order of six boxes for the delivery charges, which are;
  • Within Tokyo - ¥800
  • Tokyo Disneyland - ¥1200
  • Tokyo Disney Sea - ¥1200
  • Narita Airport - ¥2500
  • Haneda Airport - ¥1000
  • Yokohama - ¥1000
  • Kyoto - (Hotel Delivery Only - Contact JAHA)
  • Osaka - (Hotel Delivery Only - Contact JAHA)
  • Mount Fuji - (Hotel Delivery Only - Contact JAHA)
  • Tohoku - (Hotel Delivery Only - Contact JAHA)
  • Hokkaido - (Hotel Delivery Only - Contact JAHA)
Halal Bento at Supermarket
The National Azabu Supermarket which sells Halal Bento

Where Can I find Halal Bento in Tokyo? 

Currently, you can find the unique self-heating Halal Bento at National Azabu Supermarket in Tokyo. JAHA has made their Halal Bento products available at this special Halal supermarket where you can just walk in a buy them.

The National Azabu Supermarket is located in Minato, Tokyo, near the Hiroo Station, which is along the Hibiya Subway Line.

The supermarket is well known for selling international foods, gluten-free products and many other groceries.

For those craving for some Malaysian Bento dishes, take note of the different days that they are available. And not to worry as they come in the self-heating bento trays, so you can enjoy hot halal bento food.

Monday, Wednesday Friday, Sunday;
  • Malaysia Chicken Satay
  • Malaysia Curry Beef
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday;
  • Malaysia Beef Rendang 
  • South-East Asia Grill Chicken
National Azabu Supermarket 
4-5-2 Minamiazabu, Minato,
Tokyo 106-0047, Japan
Hours: 8.30 AM to 9.00 PM

What else is offered for the Halal Bento Delivery in Japan? 

As the company is continuously innovating on their halal menu and service, they keep coming out with special limited-time food promotions on their website and Facebook page.

In the latest promotion, they have introduced some exciting burgers for Muslim travellers.

Japan JAHA Bento started offering Chicken Halal Burger at ¥1100 and Beef Halal Burger at ¥1150 from 1st of February 2018. On how long this promotion will last, you can enquire with the company.

Halal Certification Japan
Halal certification for Japan Halal Kitchen

How to Order Halal Bento Delivery in Japan? 

The big question that Muslim travellers are asking, and it is quite simple. To book your halal bento in Japan, you simply need to visit the website, register for an account and put in your booking dates.

In the process of booking using their booking system which is six steps, you may run into an error on the payment part as when I tried to do so, it ran into an error. However, you can contact them in regards to your booking.

Alternatively, they are quite active on Facebook, so you can also use the Japan Jaha Bento Facebook page to make your booking. You can also email them to make your booking. 

Just visit their website, choose the type of meals you want and then email them. They are responsive, therefore they should contact you back quite fast. 

To do a manual order, you simply need to fill up the information and email or message them and they will process your order. You need to fill up the standard information as below;

1. Name : 
2. Nationality : 
3. Menu Selection : 
4. Order Quantity : 
5. Date of Delivery : 
6. Place/Address of Delivery : 
7. Time of Delivery :  
8. Telephone / WhatsApp / LINE contact in Japan :

Delivery time is during Japanese office hours and depending on areas around Tokyo;
  • Tokyo Area - 9.00 AM till 6.00 PM. 
  • Tokyo Disneyland - 12.00 Noon
  • Tokyo Disney Sea - 1.00 PM 
For other areas, please contact Japan JAHA Bento and they will get back to you on the information. 

Halal Bento Menu
The menu from Japan Halal Kitchen or JAHA

What is the minimum order for the Halal Bento? 

While single and couples may want to just order one or two, there is a minimum order for the Halal Bento, and it is four sets.

This means you can order a double or triple meal, and keep the extra in your freezer or fridge.

Japan Jaha Bento Information
Website: http://www.jahabento.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/jahabento
Email: jahaltdco@gmail.com
Phone: +81 80 1270 4543


For Muslims travelling to Japan, you can now order a halal bento delivery service in Japan, and this is made possible by the people of Japan Halal Kitchen or JAHA.

Even if you are going out of Tokyo to any of the places that they deliver to, you can book your Halal Bento meals in advance and have them delivered to your hotel or landmark you are at.

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